Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.02.06 - 05:07PM
17: Angels Have Fallen

Am I the only one who wants the Doctor to give up on Rose and date Hal instead? I'm usually such a Doctor/Rose shipper, but Hal just rocks! I'm enjoying this story so much and can't wait to see where it goes next!

Author's Response:

Awww, thanks, JRG!

I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying Hal. I\'ve put a lot into her character. She\'s something of a chimera of multiple personalities, but I think she\'s a good match for the Doctor. If he weren\'t so focused on Rose, and her heart wasn\'t on the other side of the Void, I suppose they would make a pair. I\'m a Doctor/Rose shipper, myself, but the assumption of this story is that she\'s having problems acknowledging the \"Doctorness\" of Ten II. It\'s gonna take some tension to break through her pigheaded stubborness, and I think Hal is exactly the person to provide that tension. :)

2012.02.06 - 02:38PM
17: Angels Have Fallen

Can I just say that I absolutely love Hal and the Doctor?

Author's Response: Thank you, stlouisphile!! I\'m so happy that you\'re enjoying the interaction between Hal and the Doctor. :)

2012.01.31 - 01:38PM
16: Curtain of Iron

Another ace chapter. Love that we're finding more out about Hal and that the Doctor has promised to help her. I hope that TW doesn't end up being a villain in this. Also I'm looking forward to the Hal/Rose/Doctor scenes :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, Lousia! I doubt that TW could become the villain with Pete at the helm, unless there\'s a takeover.

2012.01.30 - 10:50PM
16: Curtain of Iron

I'm sensing things just might come to a head between the Doctor and Rose soon. Something tells me she might not see him and Hal as "just mates." Oh, and what I wouldn't give to have a Sid of my own! Does he do the cleaning too? :D

Author's Response: Somethings gotta give soon, with those two starting to orbit a bit closer and closer given his proximity to the Tyler Estate and TW1 now. We can only hope that she\'d not see Hal and the Doctor as pure \"mates\" because then she\'d have to acknowledge that she\'s interested. ;-)

And I wish I had a Sid, too! Obviously, if he can make coffee, I\'d think he could push a vacuum, too. LOL! But somehow I get the feeling he could never live up to Hal\'s standards.

2012.01.30 - 08:29AM
16: Curtain of Iron

Oh I am so loving this. I hope Rose snt really insane but I hope she sees what she is missing. I hope they dont turn on Hal

Author's Response: Thanks! And Rose is confused, but I don\'t think she\'s insane. If Hal gets exposed and TW turns against her, the Doctor will have a lot to answer for. He did promise her it wouldn\'t be a bad thing.

2012.01.30 - 06:03AM
16: Curtain of Iron

There’s nothing worse for a telepath than a room full of drunks. 

You make-a me laugh-a. LOL

Really great chapter. I am a little worried though that Rose may have gone a bit off her rocker while stranded I'm PW of Hal is worried she is going to come after her with that big honkin' Preacher Gun. I don't think that is the Rose we all know and love.

I am interested in a meeting between Rose and Hal. sooner rather than later, please, and she and Hal need to work through things and understand each other. Rose needs to be in on this plan to help her back. Really and truly.

Author's Response: LOL! Yup, a roomful of drunks is a nightmare for even non-telepaths if they\'re sober.

And don\'t worry about Rose. She is the very key to all of this, really, isn\'t she? It\'s true that she most probably hardened a bit while stranded, and she\'s a bit unstable in the sense that she\'s lost so much support. She lost the Doctor and (don\'t forget) her best friend, Mickey, who returned to Prime. There\'s no way the Doctor can achieve any of his goals without Rose, but he has to get her to accept him first. I can\'t see Hal allowing herself to get on Rose\'s bad side, either. Her fears are based fueled by the fact that she never really got to know Rose. The side that she saw was the driven, focused Rose who feared absolutely nothing and would use any means necessary to get back to the Doctor. She never got to see the side of Rose that we all know and love.

2012.01.30 - 12:25AM
16: Curtain of Iron

Oh Jackie is devious. Very devious. XD

Author's Response: She is that, isn\'t she? LOL! No grass will grow under the Doctor\'s feet if she has any say in it.

2012.01.26 - 06:42PM
15: Loner

Just caught up with chapters. I love Hal! She's very Nineish with a slight twist. This just added a whole new dimension to the story. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! Hope to have the next chapter out in the next couple of days. And I didn\'t even realize how much like Nine she was until after I finished this chapter. I swear, it wasn\'t deliberate. The original character I actually created years and years ago, so I just brought her into PW when she just wouldn\'t shut up and kept yammering to get out in the back of my head. You\'ll find out soon how she actually got there.

2012.01.26 - 04:13PM
1: Ulv Stranden - Prologue I

I was sent this about a week ago and I was just able to finish it today! Rose is infuriating me, of course I wouldn't be any better, and the Doctor is starting to get his moxy back! You've got a good Jackie going and I really am looking forward to more. I *was* a little upset about the cliffie but hey all part of a good story!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, Talia! I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying it, and I agree... Rose is rather infuriating at this juncture. Makes you want to ping her head off of something, all the while feeling sorry for her because she *has* suffered a loss. Working on the next chapter.

2012.01.26 - 02:37PM
15: Loner

Is it just me, or are these two more than just a little alike? Hybrid aliens who are seperated from their identicals by a massive void? Hal is unable to express herself and seems a little like Donna at times... it all feels very familiar... and that's me all caught up and waiting for the next... taps fingers in anticipation...

Author's Response: Hal has a lot of characteristics closer to Nine than Ten, but you are very right about that. Not to give out too many spoilers, but Hal\'s twin isn\'t an *identical* twin, either. And yes, Hal does have a similar way of expressing herself like Donna, in that she\'s a bit brash, direct and opinionated female. LOL

2012.01.26 - 02:31PM
14: Can I Tell You

OMG... there is Time Lord stuff there?? I mean... what has she got and is there any more... was/is there a Gallifrey in Kastaborous? And what the hell is she doing to him???

Author's Response: Heehee! Spoilers! And yes, I\'m sure that\'s exactly the reaction and questions the Doctor would have had on discovering an artifact from Gallifrey on PW. The question is, where did it come from? Pete verified that there had been no known hard evidence of Time Lords in PW. We can only surmise that Rose has never personally seen the artifact, or she would have recognized the Gallifreyan writing on it.

2012.01.26 - 02:28PM
13: On the Other Side

Decisions been made even before they've been made... Hal Is intriguing and the Timeline in Prime seems to be ticking over a little faster if they were looking for Prisoner Zero?

Author's Response: I think the Doctor had already up his mind that he was going to work for TW1 before he had even arrived. But we all know how he hates to verbally commit himself. And I don\'t think there\'s any doubt that Pete wanted him there and wasn\'t prepared to take no for an answer.

Everything is wibbley-wobbley, but remember that Prisoner Zero hid out in the Pond\'s house for twelve years. So technically, it took the Atraxi 12 years to find him on Earth Prime. Where all did they go during that 12 year period after he escaped. Also, when they came through the Rift into PW\'s, could it have been from the future just prior to their appearance on Earth Prime? But in general, PW\'s time runs slightly ahead of Prime\'s according to canon.

2012.01.26 - 02:16PM
12: Questions of My Childhood

Running towards instead of away... I cannot possibly pretend that I will find the other Easter Egg, all I can do is type how it makes me feel... I like the return(?) to Torchwood, it feels like a homecoming...

Author's Response: Agreed, Frin... he\'s running toward something for now. As for the other Easter egg... just a hint: Part of the main title and all chapter titles (with the exception of chapters 1 and 2) are song titles. ;-)

2012.01.26 - 01:29PM
11: Hopelessly Human

Very symbolic that she couldn't chuck the roses... methinks the lady doth protest a little too much...

Author's Response: Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!!! Frin wins for finding one of the Easter eggs! :D

Yup, I was hoping someone would notice that Rose couldn\'t bring herself to throw the roses. She knows... oh, she knows...

\'Course, there\'s yet another little Easter egg hidden in plain sight related to the chapter titles, that I\'m waiting for someone to figure out. LOL

2012.01.26 - 08:05AM
15: Loner

Awwww, this started so horrid and ended so brilliantly. Superb chapter. Love that the Doctor now has a friend in Hal. Someone who can understand him. Can't wait for more :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, Lousia! I think the two have a lot to learn from each other, if Hal can learn to let her guard down.