Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.03.12 - 06:15AM
21: Point of Know Return

Oh, how I loved that! I'm wondering if they'll ever be able to fully form a link with all that Time Lord stuff in his big brain.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Rose\'s brain may be a bit bigger on the inside than he thinks. But right now she\'s untrained, didn\'t know what to expect, and jumped in with both feet. In time, they should both feel their way around inside each other\'s heads so that they \"fit\" better in future. ;-)

2012.03.05 - 08:42PM
20: Need to Know, Part III

So many juicy developments! The Doctor and Hal are just too, too adorable together. And the friendship now forming between her and Rose is so good to see! AND the fact that Rose doesn't seem opposed to the idea of other types of "bonding" is also a very, very good thing, indeed. ;)

Author's Response: Thanks, WhoMe! I think these three will really become close during their two week camping trip.

2012.03.05 - 08:19PM
20: Need to Know, Part III

Oh wow, this was splendid! Every time you answer a question, you introduce a few more! :)

Author's Response: I know, I know! I\'m digging myself in deeper, aren\'t I? LOL

2012.02.26 - 08:15PM
18: Need to Know, Part I

I so hope things work out between them!

Author's Response: The Doctor must have his Rose, no matter which universe or dimension he is in. :)

2012.02.26 - 02:29PM
18: Need to Know, Part I

For some reason this chapter won't work for me, it skips right to part 2 :(

Author's Response: Oh dear, sounds like a Javascript issue. Can you reach it by the following url if you cut and paste it into your browser?

Author's Response: Ooops! Nope, that isn\'t it. It appears the numbering of the chapters got munged up somehow. There are now two chapter 19\'s. Not sure how that happened, but I\'m sending an email right now to the mods. So sorry about that!

Author's Response: This has been fixed, finally!

2012.02.25 - 10:25PM
19: Need to Know, Part II

Amazing chapter! The bond between the Doctor and Hal is such an intriguing element to this story. And the Doctor and Rose finally seem to be making some progress towards that bond of their own!

Author's Response: Thanks, WhoMe! I know that bonding amongst Time Lords is kinda iffy in regards to canon, but I\'m kinda writing my own way here.

I mean, if you consider the DoctorDonna, that was sort of a bond in many respects. They merged each other\'s personalities, so you could almost say they were psychically linked and a lot like brother-sister. I\'ve always thought that Donna and the Doctor interacted like siblings even before the meta-crisis. I think he lost that kind of relationship when Donna left PW, and I\'d like to see him get that back. Even if it\'s only temporary.

2012.02.25 - 07:34PM
19: Need to Know, Part II

You know how this evil three part chapter is called
"Need to Know"? Well yeah, I need to know. I need to know WHEN Rose and the Doctor are going to stop playing games and start their forever.

BUT...this chapter was fantastic. I loved the party scene. Hal and the Doctor are fantastic together. They really are siblings from different parents aren't they? And I love the idea of a sibling bond...that it was highly frowned upon on Gallifrey.

You wrote some fantastic chemistry between the doctor and rose, dear.

Author's Response: *Squee!* So glad you liked it, Who! I so, so, so apologize for the evil title, but it really is a journey of discovery for many people. Rose, Doctor, Hal, Pete...and a little guy who seems to be forgotten at the moment. But you\'ll see what I mean. ;-)

Don\'t forget, too, that the Doctor and Rose are going to have a two weeks of almost 24x7 time in the middle of nowhere soon. *evil grin* And if Hal and the Doctor actually bond, who do you think is going to feel left out?

Not to worry, a lot of PIII is written and the rest is already outlined. More to come soon!

2012.02.25 - 06:14PM
19: Need to Know, Part II

Oooo but that was a good chapter! So much development between Doctor and Hal and Doctor and Rose. Loved the ending even if it was an evil cliffie!

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! So sorry about the evil cliffie, but I could see this chapter would end up being 12,000 words if I didn\'t break it off. There\'s more development coming, as PIII is in the works!

2012.02.14 - 12:08AM
18: Need to Know, Part I

So, so glad to see Rose seems to be coming around and the three have reached an understanding. Loved this chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, WhoMe! I was afraid this chapter went a little too slow, but I wanted the storyline to unfold via dialogue.

2012.02.13 - 07:52AM
18: Need to Know, Part I

Another ace chapter. Loved the way Rose just took everything about Hal in her stride. And the way she spoke to the Doctor at the end about being friends :-) Hopefully leading to lots more.
Are you getting more sleep now and where would you like me to send the cookies ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks again, Lousia! It\'s too bad Hal never told Rose where she came from, because I\'m sure she would have embraced her then.

Trying to get more sleep these days, but I\'m pretty run down. Guess I need to make that overdue appointment with the doctor to have my thyroid levels checked again.

2012.02.08 - 07:51PM
17: Angels Have Fallen

Hmm.. sounds like a 3-way in the making!

Author's Response: LOL! Oh, I\'m not so sure about that. The Doctor is too conservative to make a move to kiss Rose, so I can\'t even imagine he would be ok with a menage a trois. And would he even have a face left if he ever suggested it to Rose? You know how those Tyler women slap!

2012.02.07 - 08:34AM
17: Angels Have Fallen

The Specs of Sex... Never underestimate their power. Did I read that Hal has "someone"? Glad to hear that. I assume that person is on they other side of the VOID. So sorry for her!

I love that Rose wants to come along on the expedition.

Author's Response: I know, Who. What *is* it about those glasses, anyway? LOL!

And yes indeedy-dee, you did read correctly. And you also assumed correctly that he is on the other side of the Void.

I can\'t imagine that Rose would even *think* about letting the Doctor go off alone on a field mission alone with Hal, whether they\'re in the same or separate tents. That would be .... well... DUH. ;-)

2012.02.06 - 10:52PM
17: Angels Have Fallen

A VERY curious artifact, indeed. This could get even more interesting! Loved the interaction between the Doctor, Rose and Hal, too.

And I have to agree with Hal. "Guh" pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Doctor and the specs. ;)

Author's Response: Heh heh. Doctor+Brainy Specs = GUH, for sure! And the canon is fairly silent on whether there were Time Lords native to the alt universes, so let\'s see where we go from here.

2012.02.06 - 05:45PM
17: Angels Have Fallen

What a lovely chapter. Ace for the Doctor to have found a true friend. Loved the interaction between Hal/Doctor/Rose. Looking forward to seeing more from the 3 of them.
Don't suppose you can write any quicker? I can send cookies :-)

Author's Response: Thanks again, Lousia! There\'s plenty more to come, I assure you. I would love to take you up on the cookies, but it\'s just come down to a lack of time. I\'m running on 2-3 hours of sleep a night to find time to write this, and my minimum is really 6 hours. Then again, I write even slower when I\'m sleep-deprived. Talk about a Catch-22! But I\'ll keep the cookies in mind as an incentive. My sweet-tooth is about as bad as the Doctor\'s. ;-)

2012.02.06 - 05:15PM
17: Angels Have Fallen

I love that you've given the Doctor a best friend again! And I literally let out a long-held sigh of relief when Rose wasn't hostile with them, hahaha. It was killing me! But I love this! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, sheanimrod! Let\'s hope that Rose is finally coming to her senses and realizes that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. ;-) Hal can be a great friend to both her and the Doctor, if Rose will let her.