Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.04.09 - 07:03PM
24: Stand Beside Me

Oh this was quite awesome! Most excellent description of the Doctor's role in the Time War and one of the best bonding descriptions I've read. Hal better just admit it now that she's gonna be living with them. I don't think Rose would take No for an answer!

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for that, KK! I was really holding off on doing the fairly detailed description of the Time War for the bonding, so I\'m so glad you liked it. It means so much to me that you think it was a good bonding! It took 24 chapters to get to it (whew), so it seemed to flow pretty easily as I wrote it.

I think Hal likes the idea of living with the Doctor and Rose more than she\'d like to admit. Maybe not so much when she discovered what a slob the Doctor is, though. He had the TARDIS to clean after him before!

2012.04.09 - 05:02PM
24: Stand Beside Me

LOL @ 'definitely not Lungbarrow'! Loved this chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, die flow! Naturally, I borrowed that from Marc Platt. Don\'t know what he was thinking. I\'m hoping it\'s phonetic Gallifreyan.

2012.04.06 - 03:05AM
23: How My Soul Cries Out For You

Great! Hope there's more soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading, schribbleknight! I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying the story.

I am buried in work right now since one of my team is retiring and I somehow inherited *all* of his work. Too exhausted to do much more than a quick chapter here and there.

BUT, I am going on a two week cruise to Hawaii starting late next week. I hope to get rested and have some bona fide leisure time to sit, read and write! Hope to get at least one more chapter out by Monday before I go.

2012.04.06 - 12:00AM
23: How My Soul Cries Out For You

This was both hilarious and hot! Well, as hot as it can get for the Doctor and Rose with a protective chaperone between them in bed. :P Love it.

Author's Response: Thanks, WhoMe! I just couldn\'t get the old tradition of bundling out of my head. It just sounds so ludicrous to our modern sensibilities, and the twist of making Hal a living bundling board was too hysterical to resist. Well, hysterical to me, that is. LOL!

2012.04.04 - 06:50PM
23: How My Soul Cries Out For You

LOL Well, it looks like the Doctor has now another fearsome frienemy XD

Author's Response: Well, I think a lot of siblings are some form of frienemy. ;-) But Hal is probably the Doctor\'s and Rose\'s biggest supporter, other than Jackie. She wants their relationship to work, and she\'ll protect them while they\'re vulnerable to making a hasty decision. Confessions should occur prior to marriage, not after.

2012.04.04 - 05:51PM
23: How My Soul Cries Out For You

You are killling me with this one! So funny!

Loved this, "living bundling board"

But, then you had to go into the hand porn! LOL! I love Hal - really really love her! Post more soon!

Author's Response: Hah, glad you got the funnies, KK! It was a little ansty, a little romantic and a little cracky; similar to my week, actually.

I just couldn\'t resist the hand porn, though. The Doctor\'s oral fixation just had to emerge, dontcha know...

2012.04.04 - 04:34PM
23: How My Soul Cries Out For You

HAL is a wet blanket. Someone needs to tell her to mind her own beeswax. Those two have waited long enough. Let em get married already!

Author's Response: Well, yeah... Hal is like that. But consider it tit for tat, considering the Doctor stuck his nose in her business first. ;-)

And patience, S! Those two just got engaged like six hours ago. LOL! Somebody needs to tell the Doctor to quit hedging about the destruction of Gallifrey, too.

2012.03.27 - 09:12PM
22: Preamble

This line right here was awesome! "Id just have to make sure that, in future, Im always by your side to convince you its not nice to blow up universes.

Oh it's going to be interesting to see if the Doctor and Rose can hold out for any length of time. I'm thinking that it won't take long for them to give in. The Doctor's last line about a petrol station was also quite amusing. Very well done my dear!

Author's Response: Glad you liked this one, too, KK. You have to wonder at what Rose has done that worries her so much, right? Did she blow up a planet? Mess with timelines? Commit genocide? I mean, obviously it\'s something that the Doctor wouldn\'t approve of, right? As if he hasn\'t done any of those himself... %-)

Oh, and what is with the Doctor\'s picking on poor Daryl before he even meets him? I can envision a very interesting scene when/if those two ever meet.

2012.03.27 - 08:47PM
21: Point of Know Return

Ack how did I miss this chapter! Loved it of course! The whole bond explanation was priceless as was Hal's slip about his wife. Poor Jackie, all that work at eaves- dropping and no reward of info! Oh, and he so put the whammy on Rose! I really loved that whole description of how he flirted with her to prove he could seduce her and then backed off. That was very true!

Giggles at he'll eat anything smeared with nutella! I also very much enjoyed the psychic convo. In particular, Rose admitting she was a bit beat up. Very romantic, the way you ended this chapt. Just loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks, KK! I\'m so glad I didn\'t frustrate anyone with the somewhat abrupt ending. I knew there was a lot more to go on that little hill (which exists in reality, btw), and I didn\'t want another mega-chapter.

Oh, and you gotta love *and* hate the Doctor\'s cat and mouse game with Rose. He\'s too lucky she was a *good* girl, because the average modern girls would probably have had her way with him long before.

Well, come to think of it... maybe a few not-so-modern girls. ;-)

2012.03.26 - 10:52PM
22: Preamble

Beautiful. This was WELL worth the struggle the Doctor and Rose went through to get to this point of where they were always meant to be. And if this is just a partial bond they have now...well...these two are going to ignite! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks, WhoMe! I can\'t say I predicted that it would take 20 chapters to get these two to the point. Oh, well. Never really expected to engage in torturing the Doctor like that, but he is so fun to frustrate. LOL.

2012.03.26 - 09:57PM
22: Preamble

I knew it! I just knew it. They formed a betrothal bond. 24 hours...hmmm... Will they be able to hold out? Yeah probably. Get them married already!

Author's Response: LOL!, Who! Yes, you were so right. Whether these two lovebirds can manage to \"hold out\" will really depend on Hal\'s chaperone skills, now won\'t it? Also, the Doctor is scared to death that he\'ll end up more committed than Rose than Rose would be to him, or he\'d throw himself off the proverbial cliff of love. Do you think he\'ll make a leap of faith before the nuptials? Or do you think he\'ll end up the blushing virginal groom? LOL! Only the Shadow knows... (evil laugh).

2012.03.25 - 08:15AM
21: Point of Know Return

Oooh lovely stuff, the bit about the "betrothal bond" was superb. Can't wait til Rose figures out her mind properly :-)

Author's Response: I think, at this juncture, Rose isn\'t too sure *what* she wants. She knows she wants to be closer to the Doctor, but she really hasn\'t a clue what all this bonding stuff is about.

2012.03.25 - 06:49AM
20: Need to Know, Part III

Just noticed I never left a review on this chapter. Loved the way that the sister/brother bond came about and the bit where the Doctor was explaining the bond to Rose and what theirs might be :-) Also interesting stuff about Tony. Off to read the next bit.

Author's Response: Thanks, T! This is all new stuff to the Doctor, who never really discussed \"personal\" matters with Rose before. Tony\'s importance will become more significant as the story progresses.

2012.03.12 - 10:59PM
21: Point of Know Return

This was absolutely GORGEOUS. You make the telepathic element so vivid and captivating and intense. Superb chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you *so* much, WhoMe!

I\'m so glad to know that it was effective. Sometimes I worry that what\'s in my head isn\'t being conveyed properly to my readers. It\'s kind of hard to explain something none of us has really experienced. Sort of like trying to describe colors to a person blind from birth, if you know what I mean.

2012.03.12 - 06:23AM
21: Point of Know Return

Well you just put the whammy on ME!!! Thanks so much for the dedication dear. What a lovely, lovely chapter. Absolutely perfect. The jealousy that Rose feels isn't so much jealousy as LONGING I think. Her memories of the Doctor putting "the whammy" on her must hurt so much now, but now she knows he will follow through. And let's hope that is sooner rather than later because the feeling of emptiness and loss is going to be overwhelming for both of them.

One question though: did he establish a "betrothal bond" as you described? Sure seems like it! ;D

Author's Response: I can\'t believe it, but I posted a response this morning that didn\'t get saved. Grrrr!

I\'m so glad you liked the chapter and I hope it put a little smile on your face!

You are so right about how Rose must have felt having her feelings played, then having the Doctor waltz away as if it never happened. It only makes sense that she would shield herself by convincing herself it was only a game. Even then, I would think it would hurt.

And you are absolutely correct! The Doctor and Rose formed a \"betrothal bond\" on the hill, although I don\'t think the Doctor was quite expecting it to happen. He underestimated Rose, not thinking that an inexperienced non-telepath (which may not exactly be the case) would actively reach out to connect with him. Silly Time Lord!! LOL!

Not to worry, because they have a strong link now. It may be just shy of a permanent marriage bond, but it will still be intense. They should now be able to contact each other telepathically in much the same way as Hal and the Doctor currently do. Now, if they can only keep their hands off of each other long enough to discuss some serious topics. :-D