Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.06.04 - 12:15AM
26: I Can Fly

I’ve just found this story and have been devouring it over the last two days. I’ve hopped from chapter to chapter so that I could just keep reading. Then I suddenly came to the end...or not end, to be precise! Thank goodness. I want more! :)

What can I say, other than that this is an amazing story! I can see how the Doctor would feel so confused and uncertain of his place in the world after he arrived when Rose rejected him the way she did. I loved watching him slowly gain confidence in himself as time went on. I also really like that all aspects of the Doctor’s character are touched upon. The fun and lighter side and the deeper, darker side that isn’t often touched upon in Ten II stories.

Hal was a bit of a surprise, but I soon warmed to her. She was just what he needed – someone that understood him and his background. At first I wasn’t so sure about the link they’d forged between them, but as I read on, I realised that it was necessary to bring the Doctor and Rose together – oh, and wasn’t that a success! I particularly liked the way the UST was playing out as they lay on each side of Hal! Phew! That certainly warmed things up a bit! And speaking of warm, those mind games they were playing on that plane trip to Cardiff...!!!

And who else could it be but Jack to cause the poor Doctor’s plans for the night to fall down around him in tatters!

Thank you for writing such a wonderful story! I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so very much for reading, reviewing and reccing!! You don\'t know how much it means to me. :-)

Hal is an old original character of mine that I pulled into this \'verse, so she almost writes herself. She does help to balance these two in a very weird way, because she gave TenII the confidence to stand up to Rose and persist in pursuing her. TenII has the ability to stop Hal from wrecking havoc, and Rose has this remarkable ability to forgive. Well, once she recognized the Doctor in TenII, I guess. LOL!

Let\'s see where things go with Jack in the mixture. I think it\'s going to liven things up a bit, although not without some angst. TenII\'s probably not going to be a happy camper for a little while.

2012.06.03 - 02:48PM
27: The Devil Game

Awwww, a bit sad about Jack and his interactions with the Alt!Torchwood Cardiff team. Bittersweet, I am sure. Maybe you said, but I don't remember. At which point in Jack's life has he come through the rift.

The interactions between the Doctor and Rose are certainly heating up. They are not going to be able to hold out much longer. Pete is being extremely rough on them! When will they tell him?

Author's Response: No one yet actually knows at what point in Jack\'s timeline he came through the Rift. You can surmise from his reaction to Ianto that it must come after TW:COE. If that\'s so, Jack is privy to a lot that\'s happened in Prime far in advance of the timeline in Pete\'s World. So, if it\'s the future of Prime, could he even cause a paradox by telling the folks in PW? Or is a paradox still possible if TenII can get back to Prime? Bwwaaaahahahahhaaa!

And yeah, it\'s pretty obvious that TenII is about to spontaneously combust if he and Rose don\'t consummate their marriage soon. Pete hasn\'t a clue why they\'re acting weird. But look at it from Pete\'s perspective: Would you want to know the Truth and not be able to tell Jackie yet? Especially considering the two are thinking of getting legally married in Arizona, it would be an absolute disaster for him. I would think he\'d consider ignorance to be bliss. LOL!

2012.06.03 - 11:13AM
27: The Devil Game

I was so tickled that you updated this! First, I loved that Pete noticed how well the Doctor manipulates emotions - that was very accurate, especially for Ten or TenII; Oh my gosh - Hal and naming the beretta for the day of the week! LOL poor Doctor had to figure it out! Loved the Hal/Jack interaction too. Very curious to see what happens between those two. Poor Jack, having to meet Alt Ianto - that must be hard. Quite excited for more! I love this verse.

Author's Response: Thanks for continuing to read this, KK! It just seems to go on and on, and I just don\'t know *how* I\'m ever going to get to the end of the story without writing other stuff in parallel.

It\'s true that the Doctor has been a tad manipulative in all of his incarnations, but probably never more so than in Ten/TenII. Ten knew he was gorgeous, and he wasn\'t afraid to use that to his advantage. LOL!

Hal and Jack have some interesting commonalities, don\'t you think? They\'re both sort of morally ambiguous as a set-point at the beginning. But due to the Doctor\'s/TenII\'s influence, they\'re both kind of reforming. In a way, they\'re evenly matched because Hal has no problem pulling the trigger while Jack negates that power because he won\'t stay dead. They\'re almost polar opposites, and that will be a source of both attraction and a point of contention for them.

Glad you caught on about Alt Ianto. Jack\'s reaction to him is a clue to the when Jack came from Prime.

2012.05.29 - 07:04PM
26: I Can Fly

So Hal does not have ice water in her veins. ;D VERY excited for her to meet Jack!!

When are those two poor newlyweds going to get to ahem actually you know, get some *alone* time???

HEE!! So I assume Rose won't be toting anymore ginormous guns?


Author's Response: Oh, I suspect Jack and Hal will have some *very* interesting interactions, one way or another. Throw in the Doctor\'s judgmental Time Lordy ethics and fierce protectiveness, and you can expect all sorts of chaos and mayhem.

Now, you know the Doctor has been rather snippy and volatile since getting called into a Torchwood investigation. You think it might be because he had some plans for the evening that didn\'t involve dealing with the distraction of Jack Harkness? Getting called away before he could procure the ring probably didn\'t leave him in a very good mood. Jack will probably get the brunt of that Oncoming Snit.

We shall see about who totes the guns. I gotta feeling the Wolf Sisters might scare the pants off of a lot of people before this story arc is completely over. ;-)

Speaking of which... this particular story will be ending *fairly* soon, but continued in another story in the series. Just sayin\'....

2012.05.29 - 06:00PM
26: I Can Fly

Woo hoo! An update! Love Hal's reaction to Rose's request and worrying that the Doctor's pacifist tendencies were rubbing off on her. Hysterical! Hee hee naught Doctor and Rose! Can't wait for more - especially Hal meeting Jack!

Author's Response: Poor Hal. Life was just so much simpler before she met the Doctor and Rose. Threaten her, she kills you. Threaten her family, she kills you.

Now, though, she has to actually *think* about stuff before she kills you. To make it worse, she\'s being instructed by Rose to potentially pull out the stops for a guy who is apparently \"family\" and who doesn\'t have the decency to stay dead. A devastatingly cute guy, at that. Talk about mixed messages. It\'s no wonder the poor girl is confused.

As for the Doctor, he\'s about ready to pop if he doesn\'t get Rose alone soon. But in all fairness, she started it. ;-)

Already working on the next chapter. There\'s probably going to be some fireworks between Jack and Hal. Literally, maybe. Both of them tend to be a bit of a loose cannon, no?

2012.05.16 - 07:20PM
25: Secret Service

Yay Jack is here. Love Jack. This is gonna make it even more fun. I hope the Doctor managed to find a ring before having to go to Torchwood.

Hope you had a nice holibobs.

Author's Response: We shall find out if the Doctor was successful in his quest. Hopefully, Rose will act all surprised. As for Jack... I can see that the Doctor may not be all that thrilled that he\'s arrived. He\'s going to add a dynamic that the Doctor wasn\'t prepared to handle. But why, and how, is Jack there???

I had a marvelous holiday, Lousia! It was wonderful to see Hawaii for the first time. It\'ll probably also be my last, but that\'s one thing I can cross off my bucket list. ;-)

Heehee! Holibobs. That\'s one I must remember!

2012.05.16 - 07:12PM
24: Stand Beside Me

Wow and woohoo, they're married :-) Loved the bonding scene and the effect of the Doctor letting go of the pain. Really well written.

Author's Response: Yup, they\'re as married according to Gallifreyan law, but of course Gallifrey doesn\'t exist any longer. Jackie Tyler, much to the Doctor\'s chagrin, does exist. Only her law really matters.

2012.05.16 - 06:53PM
23: How My Soul Cries Out For You

Hehehe, what a fun chapter. Made me smile lots.

Author's Response: The Doctor is so... ahem... uhm, *handy* at times that I just had to illustrate that in this story. Of course he would risk a basilisk\'s stare to touch his beloved Rose! Besides, he knew Hal was right that they needed to slow down, even if ever so slightly. He trusted her to know when and how to stop him.

2012.05.16 - 06:45PM
22: Preamble

Loved this chapter. Yay for the betrothal bond. Are they gonna last the 24 hrs :-)

Author's Response: Sometimes the Doctor and Rose are like a Pushmi-Pullyu, aren\'t they? It\'s an interesting \"dance\" that they do all of the time. One advances, the other retreats, and vice versa.

2012.05.15 - 05:13PM
25: Secret Service

Uh, that is so unfair, dropping the story like that! :P

Author's Response: What? ;-)

You want me to refrain from evil cliffhangers? What\'s the fun in that?!? (diabolical laugh)

2012.05.14 - 11:22PM
25: Secret Service

Oooh, you DID end that on a shocker, didn't you?! I'm sensing even more adventure in their near future. ;D

Author's Response: Oh, I\'ve been waiting a looooong time to throw that one in. Hehehehe...

So, you put together four very damaged, very unique personalities who have a propensity to get themselves into trouble. Let\'s see what we get. ;-)

2012.05.14 - 09:51PM
25: Secret Service

Gorgeous update!!! And, well worth the wait too! I was just so filled with squee when I got to the end. Yay Jack joins the party! This is going to be sooo good! Can't wait for more and hope you had a nice vacay!

Author's Response: Funny, but that chapter started somewhere in the Pacific just southwest of California, and pieces of it were written in the middle of the Pacific and through the Hawaiian archipelago, then back. It\'s deceptively short. LOL!! I had a lovely vacay, thanks... hence the lack of additional chapters. (snort)

Yes, Jack is finally hear. I\'m starting to get a little taste of what it must be like to be a Time Lord. In my head, I\'m writing out events that are six or more years into the character\'s time lines. Too bad I haven\'t been writing it out on my PC, huh? :-/

2012.05.14 - 05:20PM
25: Secret Service


He's gonna hit on Hal ;)

Author's Response:

You\'re my 100th review! Yeah!!!! :-D Thanks for that!!

Jack? Hit on the Doctor\'s sister? Now, would Jack Harkness really do that? ;-)

But come to think of it, he\'s the only man Hal can\'t kill, right? Well... permanently, that is. He\'d just come right back to life. Heehee.


2012.05.13 - 11:16PM
25: Secret Service

Woo Hoo! JACK makes EVERYTHING better!

Very fun chapter.

Author's Response: Hehehe! back! And whaddya think\'s gonna happen when Jack finds out the Doctor\'s got a sister now?

2012.04.09 - 08:15PM
24: Stand Beside Me

Ha ha! Getting married while wearing a towel around a wet head! Love it! SO them! And the vision of the time war, and his pain and her love... Just fantastic! Loved this chapter so much. Now go and have a GREAT vacay!

Author's Response: LOL! Not just married with a towel wrapped around her head, but on the kitchen floor! Not to mention, she was probably barefoot, too. ;-) A good thing they get three weddings, eh? One in a very domestic setting, one in Arizona, and another highly social Jackie operation. The Doctor won\'t know what hit him.

Ooooh, you\'ve given me a great idea for a post-nuptial conversation.... Bwwaaahahahahahhaaa!

Thanks, I\'m looking forward to being disconnected from work for two weeks. Oh, the things I can accomplish!