Reviews For Wayward Son

2012.08.10 - 10:26AM
30: A Glimpse of Home

That was such a lovely interlude in the lead-up to your next chapter. I, too, loved your description of the time lines and I could see how they twisted and split as they moved along. Excellent!

The closer they're getting to their "honeymoon", the more the sparks are starting to fly. *shivers much like Rose in anticipation* ;)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much, W!! I was hard at work on the next chapter yesterday when our power lines went down. I guess the content was a bit too hot and burned them up. LOL! Hopefully will have something ready in the next couple of days.

2012.08.09 - 07:44PM
30: A Glimpse of Home

*fans self* Ummm, is it getting warm in here, or is it just me??? We're all going to spontaneously combust if this tension doesn't get resolved soon...and thoroughly! ;D

SUCH a gorgeous chapter, though. And your vivid description of the timelines was exquisite.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, A!! Yes, I know I cheated a bit, but there were parts of this chapter that were niggling at me to be freed. The whole thing with timelines sort of burst free, in spite of my plans to introduce it later. :) Next chapter will definitely transmute UST to RST. Otherwise, I think Cardiff will combust.

2012.08.08 - 06:06PM
30: A Glimpse of Home

I was soooo excited to get home and read this! It was very worth the wait. What a fantastic chapter! Where to start on all the good little treats in this one....Gallifreyan Sex Voodoo! Giggles and loves it! Love that you made the connection of her crossing the void was some soul mate thing. Sighs a bit at that.

Oh and he so wants to show up all the prior boyfriends who were rubbish in the sack with her. Hee hee. Oh I'll bet he would want to shout it out to the universe! The whole section where she saw time lines was so beautifully written. I had such a visual of that scene. Of course, I'm very curious what it all meant too. The fixed point was Jack?

Finally, the womb falling out comment. There are no words just massive giggles and clapping.

Thank you for sacrificing your sleep to produce such an awesome chapter! Hope you got a nap in at some point today! And of course, I eagerly await the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks for such a lovely and detailed review! I\'m glad I stayed up to re-write it, because it was a bit of a mess.

As you mentioned, it had a hodge-podge of ideas scattered throughout it, including a barely-veiled reference to a Jack Nicholson anecdote. LOL! Let\'s not forget your inspirational \"shaggin\' whammy\" that gave birth to the Gallifreyan Sex Voodoo. ;-)

Some people probably groaned at a reference to soul mates, but how else can you describe a couple that all of time, space and alternate realities can\'t keep apart? And it makes sense to me that a bonding telepathic people would almost certainly distinguish couples with an extraordinary affinity for each other.

Of course, the Doctor\'s gob runs off with him as the hour of reconning approaches. It always seem that he\'s at his most \"alien\" at times of high emotions. Cerebrally, he knows he can best Rose\'s previous beaus, but emotionally he\'s as nervous as a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs worrying over the \"what if\'s\" of the moment. 900 years-old he may be, but he\'s not as experienced as one of us Terran primates would be at that age. ;-)

Glad you\'re enjoying! Hopefully UST will turn to RST by end of the next chapter.

Author's Response: Oh, I almost forgot! It\'s totally in my head canon that Bad Wolf could read timelines, because she told Nine she could see everything that ever was or ever could be. And remember his response? \"But that\'s what *I* see. All the time. And doesn\'t it drive you mad?\"

Hence, my head canon says Bad Wolf can see timelines. So... how does a fixed point look to a Time Lord? If you can\'t change it, if it\'s fixed and immutable, then might you not see if as \"hard\" and \"sharp\" in your mind? I can\'t say I was referencing Jack himself in this instance, but he could be something very like it to the Doctor. Painful, that much we know...

2012.08.08 - 12:33PM
30: A Glimpse of Home

YOU. ARE. AN. EVIL. TEASE!!! Fish 'n chips? Really???? I think you just are toying with us. I think the Doctor is SCARED. I think he is nervous about his wedding night....

BWAHAHAHAHAH! Womb falling out? I'm with Rose. Word choice, Doctor!

Author's Response: Are you saying *I\'m* a tease, or Rose? ;-) Bwahahahahahaaah!

And I think you are right on so many counts. The Doctor is definitely scared and nervous about his wedding night, just as much as he is scared and nervous about waiting. I think he\'s terrified, even with the bonding, that somehow Rose will slip his grasp if he doesn\'t make a move. Yet, in this incarnation he is essentially a virgin. Let\'s hope he has more control over the rest of his body than he seems to have over his gob. ;-)

2012.07.15 - 10:14PM
29: Stay Out of Trouble

Wow! That was incredibly powerful. The entire scene between the Doctor and Hal was so intense, and that glimpse of the Doctor's power was chilling. Awesome chapter!!

Author's Response: Awww, thanks, WhoMe!!! I was really striving for intensity without going completely and stupidly emo. :) It was sort of my intention to remind Hal (and readers) that TenII and Ten are not your average everyday blokes. They are still very powerful beings who were feared thorugh the universe. Hal likes to push the envelope a bit, so this conflict between her and TenII was inevitable.

2012.07.15 - 01:19PM
29: Stay Out of Trouble

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks, die flow! I\'m so flattered! I\'m glad you liked it. ;-)

2012.07.15 - 08:24AM
29: Stay Out of Trouble

That was...INTENSE! Everything about that chapter was amazing. The emotion and the explanation were just perfect. I love TenII's explanation to Hal about why other him left him there to get better. I think this chapt may be my favorite so far and well worth the wait :)

Author's Response: Awww, thanks for that, KK! You are far too kind...

It\'s true, though, that TenII is finally coming into his own. Every experience is reminding him of what he really is... and what he isn\'t anymore. He has to be his own man, as much as he\'s still basically the Doctor.

But he\'s also so much more, in many respects, isn\'t he? He is the culmination of all the other Doctor\'s hopes, in a way. The other Doctor wanted him to be everything that he *couldn\'t* be: A better man who didn\'t have \"blood, anger and revenge\" driving him; someone who could love and protect his precious Rose and the planet he loved the most, Earth. Maybe even someone who might, with Rose\'s help, resurrect the Time Lords and make them better.

Both Doctor\'s seem destined to carry the weight of the universes on their shoulders, but at least TenII has a five year period to prepare to take on his responsibilities.

2012.07.15 - 06:42AM
29: Stay Out of Trouble

FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC!! Taut, tense, exciting, emotional...

And you had to end it THERE???

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Who!

Now, how did I know you would say that? LOL! I ended it there or it would be at least another week before I got anything out. But rest assured, the next chapter will be exactly what you\'ve been waiting for!

By the way, why is it one finds the most glaring mistakes and typoes in the light of the next day, hmm? I fixed them this morning, but some of them looked like TL1\'s masterpieces, only not nearly so brilliant. ;-)

2012.07.15 - 05:29AM
29: Stay Out of Trouble

Wow! That was tense! Long live the Doctor! I love how he slowed time (by the way, I could do with some of that!).

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter... ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter will be the culmination of 29 chapters before it. Poor TenII and Rose... nothing ever goes easy with them! They\'re going to get a little respite from the angst for a change, finally.

And yes, who couldn\'t use a little Time Lord ability to make Time do our bidding, eh? LOL!

2012.06.18 - 05:49PM
28: Nobody's Home

For all Hal's mental abilities, it's clear she needs to learn empathy, not just use it. Poor Jack!

Author's Response: Oh, Hal has a huge capacity for empathy and forgiveness. It just doesn\'t lie with Jack at the moment. :-)

2012.06.18 - 09:08AM
1: Ulv Stranden - Prologue I

I'm afraid I'm a bit out of the loop re Torchwood (I haven't seen it), but I get that Jack went through an extremely traumatic event. :(

Hmm someone should tell Hal that threatening Jack with a gun isn't going to phase him one little bit!

Oh dear, such ANGST! That certainly put a bit of a dampener on the Doctor's ardour, didn't it?! Hopefully they won't have to wait too much longer!

Author's Response: Oh, W... you simply *must* catch up on TW because it\'s the stuff inbetween the DW episodes, in a way. :)

What Jack went through was absolutely devastating on more levels than I\'ve gone into here. The events of the 456 invasion are canon-compliant here up to the point, but not inclusive of, where Jack jumped into the black hole. He\'s definitely damaged, that\'s for sure.

At the moment, I don\'t think Hal cares one bit whether Jack can come back from the dead after she shoots him, as long as she still has bullets in her gun. LOL!! Think this\'ll teach her to not go roaming around in people\'s heads without permission? (Probably not.)

As for the Doctor\'s ardour... we shall see. That single heart of his is probably getting a good dose of adrenaline right now.

2012.06.18 - 06:51AM
28: Nobody's Home

Wow. Wow. Wow. TOTALLY worth the wait. And the end? Ruh roh, Hal is I thought they were gonna bond 'n stuff over getting trapped on this side.

Oh poor Jack! The emotions! The pain that is COE memories! (Need to re-watch.)

And the Doctor and Rose, again, have been derailed. Are they EVAH gonna get a wedding night? You're killing them slowly, aren't you? Death by spontaneous internal combustion. Painful way to go, honey.

Author's Response: Glad you thought it was worth the wait, Who! It was tough trying to condense two seasons of DW and TW into one chapter, and at the same time try to get into the head of six characters at the same time.

The events of the 456 invasion devastated Jack so much that he roamed the Earth for six months, and then ran off-world for another six months. (Aww, heck... TW:COE devastated *me* just to watch it!) He would not be in a good place at that point, so that\'s where I deviated from canon. If you haven\'t seen COE lately, I would highly recommend revisiting. It left me with a lot of questions, which I anticipate Jack exploring.

Hal can be a loose cannon sometimes, and I think she definitely miscalculated here. Pulling a gun on one of the Doctor\'s old companions when he\'s already in OCS mode is probably not the brightest thing she\'s ever done.

Hmmm. Death by UST... now there\'s an idea!!! Wonder why I hadn\'t thought of that one before? ;-) But seriously, the night hasn\'t started yet. We all know what the Doctor does when the going gets tough, don\'t we?

2012.06.17 - 11:08PM
28: Nobody's Home

OMG! I was all teary eyed as Jack was explaining the 456. That is one intense emotional chapter! You did a really brilliant job with it and I am on the edge of my seat to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh thanks so much! Sometimes I wrestled with segments of it, wondering if I was being too melodramatic. Every other paragraph seemed to involve some complex and deep emotion as Jack\'s story unfolded.

Poor, Jack. You just have to feel sorry for him. He tried so very hard during the 456 invasion to make the right decisions, and there simply was no \"right\" answer or course of action. I think he kept thinking that the Doctor would ride in to rescue them, and he just didn\'t. It must have seemed to him like some twisted and tragic poetic justice that he had to choose to give up his own grandson, especially after giving up 12 orphaned children that \"no one would miss\" the first time.

And losing Ianto was more of a devastating blow than I think he was anticipating. Jack may have been a 51st Century guy that couldn\'t keep it in his pants, but he loved deeply and truly.

2012.06.17 - 10:10PM
28: Nobody's Home

Oh, wow. Talk about an emotional-wringer of a chapter. It struck me here just what a damaged and scarred lot they ALL are, and you've captured the complexity of those emotions exceptionally well. And if the ending of this chapter is anything to go by, the intensity felt here isn't going anywhere just yet!

Author's Response: Thanks! There was so much going on in this chapter... so much that Jack needed to tell them, and none of it was going to be easy for any of them.

And you\'re so right about the complexity of their emotions. TenII/Doctor, Rose and Jack all have a long history together and deep feelings for each other. With all of the things that have happened to each of them individually, it\'s going to take a while for them to walk through all of the emotional landmines.

More to come! I simply had to stop here to prevent this from becoming another marathon of a chapter.

2012.06.13 - 03:26PM
27: The Devil Game

OMG!!!! I've been seeing this on the updated page and kept putting off reading it but NOW?!?! I can't believe I waited this long! I love it! Also, Jack and Hal? AMAZING! Seriously, loving everything!!!! Update SOON PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you *so* much for reading, L. :-) Believe me, I don\'t get to read everything I\'d like to these days, so I\'m deeply humbled that you\'ve taken the time to catch up on it. So glad you\'re enjoying it.

Hard at work on the next chapter and hope to have it out by this weekend, if not sooner.