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2016.04.08 - 04:07PM
52: Heroes

I honestly think this is the most perfectly written Twelve I have ever read or watched! I wish you were writing episodes. Hey! write a spec script and give Chris Chibnall a call! You captured all of the interactions between each individual characters perfectly through all of this and managed to masterfully show the shifting emotions, loyalties and even timelines involved. I see now why you had to take time out to get a grip on your outline. I'm so grateful you gave us this broken, ancient, but still capable of some wonder and joy Twelve. His chemistry with Hal is amazing. I'm still hoping Hal and Jack end up together. Someone as complex as Hal needs more than an android for a partner and Jack needs a lover who can help him heal the damage the events of COE did to him.

Author's Response: Oh, you have so made my day... my week, really!! Thank you so much for the extremely kind words!!
I have been exceedingly blessed that PC came along as the 12th Doctor when he did. I knew how I wanted to story to go, and I'd seeded so many plot bunnies along the way. I'd just not envisioned the 12th Doctor in the original outline, but Eleven didn't quite have the qualities I needed to fulfill the elements of the story as I wanted to. Twelve was absolutely perfect, and it didn't hurt that I fell head over heels in love with the character.
I have huge hopes for Chris Chibnall, as I would for any of the showrunners. It's a pity they don't accept scripts from people who live outside the UK, though. I'd probably make a damned nuisance of myself. Haha! But you have no idea how happy you have made me to even begin to believe that I captured Twelve's voice. I do think that he and Hal would get on like fire and petrol, but it would probably be over TenToo's dead body. His jealous nature extends to more than Rose, I think. Jack, on the other hand, is as broken as Twelve and really does need someone to help put him back together. We'll just have to see if things develop between him and Hal, but it wouldn't be easy. (Spoilers!!)

2016.04.02 - 09:21AM
52: Heroes

I think Hal would be a great companion for twelve, she'd keep him in his place :)

Author's Response:
Thanks so much!! I do think Hal would have been a good companion for Twelve, but through circumstances she ended up with TenToo and Rose. If, however, she were to somehow decide to stay in Prime, I'm sure Twelve would try to lure her away from a stodgy empirical life to adventures in Time and Space. That's just how he rolls, because he thinks nothing of stealing young women away for some fun.

2016.04.02 - 09:18AM
52: Heroes

Having ridden bareback quite a bit, I have to admire the fact that he stayed on at all! Excellent chapter, so much fun!

Author's Response:
Aww, thanks so much for hanging in there and reviewing!! I feel so horrible for the long hiatus, but I think I'm back on track now.

I'm totally rubbish at riding bareback, and I assure you I would have not stayed mounted. You have to assume that Twelve used his superior Time Lord reflexes and strength to stay on. ;-) So glad you enjoyed it!

2016.04.01 - 10:52PM
52: Heroes

Great chapter. I'm so very mixed on Torchwood, the first season was fine but by the time of the 456 I felt like I was watching it more out of obligation because I love Jack, but what happened. It slayed me and I think you wrote Jack so well. I fell so bad when it was a damned if you do or don't situation. I'm glad Twelve was at least able to shed some light. Really liked him and Hal together too.

Author's Response:
Thanks again for the lovely review, Bria!

You are truly not the only one who feels that way about COE, but like Schindler's List, there are some movies that traumatise you to make their point. I was gutted by CoE, but on subsequent viewings I found it brilliant. It should be a writer's handbook on writing morally ambiguous characters. Even Frobisher was a tragically flawed character who deserved a smidgen of sympathy, if you dig far enough into the character. Frobisher had spent his entire life working hard to be a faithful servant of the government, and when it came time for his to stand up against his masters, he didn't have the guts to do it. He recognised that what he was being asked to do was wrong, but he didn't have the courage to refuse. That is why he told Jack that he was not a "good man" like Jack. Ironically, Jack was also not a good man, as he'd followed orders in giving the first children to the 456. Jack always strives to be like the Doctor, but that puts him in the position of having to make impossible decisions, the same as the Doctor. Watch the constant theme of what constitutes a "good man" in DW. Every Doctor, every antagonist, has to ask this question. Even Twelve explicit asks the question of Clara, and finally comes to the conclusion that he's just an idiot in a box. ;-)

Hal could probably mesh well with Twelve as she did with TenToo, as they are basically the same man. Twelve is lonely as heck at this point, so in all probability he would recruit Hal as a companion, if circumstances were different. I think he was half-heartedly trying to lure her to the dark side, so to speak, even though he knows she has a role to play on Pete's World.

2016.04.01 - 10:10PM
52: Heroes

Not sure if Jack got his closure or peace of mind from Twelve regarding the 456 but he has friends/those who care for him to help him heal...Twelve's ride was brilliantly described and gave me a nice laugh...another wonderful update.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!
I don't know if what Twelve said helped give him peace of mind, or reopened an old wound. Jack had unfairly redirected a lot of anger toward Twelve for not showing up to protect Earth. Perhaps he now has a bit less animosity toward Twelve, but he has to examine his own guilt once again that led him to jump into a black hole in the first place. But you're right... he now has friends who care about him to help him heal. He'd lost them all in Prime.

So happy you were able to laugh over Twelve's wild ride! I strive to provide some levity amongst all this angsty stuff. The events of CoE is not light fare, by any definition.

2016.03.30 - 09:24PM
51: Hello, Goodbye

Can't wait to find out why Tony called for the Doctor

Author's Response: Hey there! Long time, no see. :) Yes, the Doctor can be a bit thick sometimes, and it takes a kid to straighten him out.

2016.03.29 - 07:31PM
51: Hello, Goodbye

HAHAH! It was Tony. I guessed right. :D

Great chapter. Personally speaking, I hated Hell Bent and didn't think much of Face the Raven either. But in this chapter I did truly like how you explored those episodes and the consequences/aftermatch (and honestly, I way prefer your writing to Moffat). Not surprised about Hal's decision and I'm certainly glad she'll be around for awhile. Twelve remenicsing on Jackie was a hoot too. :D

Author's Response:
Oh wow... that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said of my writing, so thank you so very much! I'm absolutely gobsmacked and humbled.

Yes, you are so clever! It is indeed young Tony, and he has something quite important to say to the Doctor. If Jackie doesn't regenerate him first, that is.

I can't say I hated Hell Bent, but there was a lot about it that frustrated me. Perhaps the thing that bothers me the most about it has to be the return of Clara after her swan song episode in Face the Raven. Neither of those stories were really strong plot-wise, except to set up Heaven Sent. Yet, the Doctor could have purged or honed his grief in the Confession Dial without later taking Clara out of time. It simply made little sense. He already *knew* that no one could escape a Quantum Shade, so why did he even try? He explicitly asked for a human-compatible neuroblock device, so why would it have worked on him (even if one were to suppose that he's half-human). It didn't seem to have worked at first, and there there was a delay, as if he was trying to think of an outrageous lie. And the most damning of all, why in heaven's name would he tell a strange woman this incredible tale, unless he knew it was Clara and just wanted her to think he was now alright and over his grief? Then finally, he didn't seem all that surprised when Clara's TARDIS disappeared around him, nor did he seem the least bit surprised when he saw her face on his TARDIS. I mean, why wouldn't he slap his forehead and say, "Oh, that woman in the diner *was* Clara!" Or something to that effect. In my head canon, it only makes sense if he was pretending like the neuroblocker worked.

And yep, TenToo will have to deal with his crazy dangerous new sister for a bit longer. Poor guy.

2016.03.29 - 04:36PM
51: Hello, Goodbye

Such a wonderfully written update with a bit more background on Twelve and possible outcomes to both universes...another fantastic update...thanks for posting.

Author's Response:
Thank you!!! I have so, so many questions after the "Hell Bent" episode. This is my way of trying to make sense of why Twelve would go to a strange woman and tell her this fantastical tale of strange planets and aliens as if he didn't care whether she would run screaming from the diner. ;-)

As for the possible outcomes, I am rapidly approaching the end of this story and setting up for the sequel. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

2016.03.27 - 06:40PM
50: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Why do I keep missing these updates? Sigh, I want Hal to be back with her sister, I don't see why they can't work on a way back and forth right now.

Author's Response:
Oh, I am so suffering from information overload with work and all, so I certainly can see how you might miss an update. I dropped out for almost two years due to RL.

I don't think anyone wants Hal back in Prime more than she and her sister, but the Doctor has his reasons for not wanting to take her back. For one, he is reading their timelines and seeing something there that he won't talk about. Another is his fear that they will inadvertently change something that could undo the events that led to the saving of Gallifrey. Yet another would be the effect Hal's early return to Prime might have on Pete's World. I guess the real question is, will the Doctor (for once in his life) actually give his friends a choice rather than give in to his inclination to make crappy choices for them?

2016.03.25 - 11:10PM
50: You Can't Always Get What You Want

You always give your enemies a choice. I’ve seen ya rush back into danger jus’ to give ‘em a chance, but never the people ya love! You make our choices for us, an’ you’re rubbish at it, Doctor!

THANK YOU FOR THAT! I understand why the Doctor did what he did in Journey's End, even though it hurts. For truly saying goodbye would've been too painful, but I also appreciated the bit about why he inferred Tentoo was dangerous. I loved all the conversation, and the part about River rang so true for me. I do like her character, but not ultimately how she's been used. I can't look at River and the Doctor as this great love affair because I just don't see that. Twelve's summary of their relationship rang true for me. I also liked the kiss (sorry Tentoo). He's not her husband or bondmate, but she will always love him and want what's best for him and for him to be happy and he can't really have/be either alone.

Author's Response:
Thank you so much for a beautiful review! I appreciate it so very much.

I don't think there was any question that the Doctor was angry with Tentoo for committing "genocide" against the Daleks, but it certainly didn't seem worthy of imprisoning him in a parallel universe. And if it was punishment, why commit Rose with him? It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

As for River, I love the character, but I mostly hate how she has been written since SotL/FotD. And the Wedding of River Song just makes me flail. There was no love there as it was written, just the Doctor being manipulative to achieve his goal of saving all of Time and Space. I've watched every episode with River in them over and over for clues, and I just simply cannot see this as the love affair that Moffatt seems to see in it. I'm not saying the Doctor didn't love her, but I can't see him doing what he did for Clara. And if he really did love her that much, why not figure out a way to retrieve her from CAL? Again, it doesn't quite add up, and I'm really afraid we're going to see her again in another contrived story next season. We'll see. I'm sure I've made some serious enemies from the River camp, but that's my slant in *this* story.

As for the kiss, I thought that the Doctor deserved that. Other than the kiss he got from Bad Wolf and from Cassandra, he'd really never been kissed by Rose. She knows where her loyalties lie, so I didn't see the harm. Of course she wants the best for him! But the Doctor also knows he has a jealous streak, and Tentoo isn't likely to have lost that. *snort*

2016.03.25 - 07:37PM
50: You Can't Always Get What You Want

Twelve's confession gave my heart and soul a sense of peace...Hal had a huge decision to make...either choice will cause her some pain...brilliant update.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you!! That confession was such a long time coming, wasn't it? And poor Hal has to make a decision quickly, or she's stuck for another five years.

2016.03.25 - 05:56PM
32: Borderline

Wait a second! I thought Hal was on the run? How did she get to be on a jet with Pete and Jack?

Author's Response: Hi, and thanks for the review! The Doctor asked Pete to give her a two day reprieve before he terminated her. She's really in hot water at this point, though.

2016.03.25 - 06:08AM
48: Come Talk to Me

Oh my God! You totally nailed Twelve! I was laughing so hard at the way he greeted Hal I nearly wet myself! I really love this series, and I'm thrilled to see it dovetail with the most recent episode. I may not be happy with some aspects of Peter's tenure but the bones I wish to pick are certainly not with him. I adore Twelve, and had to laugh again at his comment about swearing, cause um-- *snicker* Malcom Tucker! Bonus points for mentioning the characters he played in Who and Children of Earth. Christmas has come early and you stuffed everything I wanted in my stocking! Now stop reading this review and write the next chapter!

Author's Response:
Awww, thanks so much for such a fabulous review! I am very, very happy that I was able to capture Twelve (really Thirteen) as I'd hoped. I must profess that I kicked and screamed when PC was first cast as the Doctor. How in the world could Malcolm Tucker be the Doctor, right? But he won me over in spite of the spotty writing over the last couple of seasons.

I'm not sold on the explanation of why he has Caecilius' face, but it's part of canon now. Trying to explain CoE is even harder, although RTD really had an explanation for the face, but perhaps not for why the Doctor wasn't there.

Of course, the Doctor's inherent silliness (although he doesn't think he's being silly) came out in spades with the dinosaur. How could I resist? I was giggling like a mad fool when I wrote that ending, hoping all the while that it wasn't too much. I'm so glad you found it as hysterical as I envisioned it!
The next chapter is on its way. Should be done by this weekend.

2016.03.22 - 10:48PM
49: Lay Your Hands on Me

Oh, another brilliant is good! Poor Twelve, having to deal with one surprise after another...curious as to why Twelve believes he can't help but I am patient and can wait for the answer.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! It won't be long. I'm writing the whole thing in one whack, but I'm trying to break it up into smaller chapters so that you don't have to wait so long between updates.
Poor Twelve. He has a decision to make. Actually, they all have decisions to make. This is not going to be easy, and he still doesn't know why he's there or what he is supposed to be doing while in Pete's World. It's going to be a whopper! ;-)

2016.03.22 - 08:39PM
49: Lay Your Hands on Me

I swear, all these updates, it's like Christmas!

*snicker, snort* Twelve. It makes sense in fandom to use their number to differentiate between Doctors, but actually having them called that... would be rather odd so that showed throug perfectly (Rose's use of it was great ^^).

YOU DID IT! You brought up Caecilius and John Frobisher! Now I have to wonder if further connections will be made... ;)

Rose can stare at your backside for hours, but count me out.

I really loved that. Rose isn't the only one. :D

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so much! The dam has finally broken, but it's because I had two years of that story building up in my head. It was very frustrating to be blocked, but the loss of my mum really took the stuffing out of me.
I am glad that someone was as excited about my bringing up Caecilius and Frobisher as I am in touching on them. This was sort of a unique opportunity, because each of the characters have a different perspective. Ten2, naturally, had met Caecilius, but he hadn't met Frobisher because those events hadn't happened when he was born. Jack hadn't met Caecilius, but he'd definitely met Frobisher... and would not be too pleased with seeing that face again. Rose had met neither of the men, so she'd have no clue why everyone is making such a big deal of the new face. You can be assured that some explanation is going to be necessary. Poor Twelve is going to wish he'd stayed in the TARDIS before it's over.
To be honest, I was about as happy at calling Twelve by his number as he was. Yet, in order to further the conversations and not drive myself completely barmy in writing them, I had to do something. I'd briefly thought of making him "Basil," but that just seemed like a stretch.
Oh, and I'm with Jack. I'd pluck spines out of the backside of any of the Doctors, no problem! ;-)