Reviews For Wayward Son

2013.02.11 - 11:11PM
33: It's You

Yaaaaayyyyy! I loved this! So excited to read more about the puppy. What a great twist for Hal and I can't wait to hear what the Doctor has to say about this. I'm so glad you were able to update. I've really missed this story :-)

Author's Response: Soooo glad you liked it, KK! :-D Let\'s hope the Doctor isn\'t allergic to dogs, or there will be trouble. Heh! And Hal needed someone to fuss over. She probably has maternal qualities that go unfulfilled, and Six might just do the trick.

2013.02.11 - 08:43PM
33: It's You

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!! I bet you are thrilled to be back writing, eh?

Great chapter. But oh doctor, you had BETTER make good on your promise to be an unusual Time lord, because a decade? That's painful.

Author's Response: Yes, I am so pumped about writing again, Who! I\'ve missed it so much. Silly Time Lord... After focusing successfully on wooing Rose back, he just *had* to start babbling again, didn\'t he? Looks like he\'d better begin channeling his inner-ape, don\'t you think? ;-)

2013.02.11 - 08:42PM
33: It's You

So glad for the update! Looking forward to more

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! I\'m looking forward to getting back into the swing. :)

2012.10.12 - 07:36PM
32: Borderline

Finally getting to your review! I loved this chapter. Hal and Jack have such a complex relationship and I really felt Hal's conflict with her punishment of Jack. I can't help but wonder if the Doctor was aware something was going on and what he'll have to say to Hal. I can't imagine he would make her feel worse than she already does. This story just gets better and better!

Author's Response: Thanks for sticking with me, KK! I know there\'s an awful lot of time inbetween updates, but I really have a lot of material to cover just from my original outline. I\'m so glad it continues to be interesting, because I hope to kick up the action a notch over the next few chapters and we get ready for the sequel. ;-)

I suppose Jack and Hal have a lot of similarities in that neither of them had very good childhood experiences and both have a lot of trust issues. As a result, they both tend to be a bit morally ambiguous in some situations, but at the same time they have these ethical/moral hotspots where they tend to be very inflexible until pushed to the extreme.

I think there was a bit of synchronicity between them in Hal\'s extreme need to ensure justice was served for the children in COE, and it dovetailed with Jack\'s remorse and guilt that demanded punishment (which, of course, Hal was more than happy to divvy out). Neither of them, I think, was prepared for the changes within them brought on by the influences of the Doctor.

Speaking of the Doctor, I don\'t see how he *couldn\'t* be somewhat aware of what was going on, unless he\'s so busy and focused (grin) on other matters, and Hal throttled down their bond almost to nonexistence in order to give him and Rose privacy (not to mention to keep him unaware of her activities). We shall see how much he\'s aware in the next chapter. He\'ll probably be anything but pleased, that\'s for sure.

2012.10.10 - 10:14PM
32: Borderline

Wow. Talk about one heck of an emotionally-complex chapter. I hope you're already typing away on the next, because the anticipation is killing me! Your updates are always worth the wait, though. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for waiting! I feel refreshed now and my muse seems to be eager to go. I have indeed got a good start on the next chapter, so I promise not to keep you hanging too long. We\'re breaking camp a day early due to rain forecasted for tomorrow. If all goes well, the next chapter should be finished by Monday.

2012.10.09 - 08:05PM
32: Borderline

Well worth the wait, L. Splendid chapter. Emotionally complex, not clear cut, funny, serious and maddening.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks, Who! It\'s going to get faster, crazier and more ambiguous as we move along, so strap on your seatbelt. ;-) And how can it possibly *not* be funny with Jack around? He can do a joke a minute.

2012.10.09 - 06:52PM
32: Borderline

Yay - a new chapter! Whew - that was rather heavy! Lots of deep emotions being let loose there. Now I'm interested in finding out how and what Hal knows of the Face of Boe (or is it the Time Agent part?). Excellent!

Author's Response: Thanks, W!! I\'m not sure if her \"intel\" includes knowledge of the Face of Boe, but I bet she gets to pick that out of TenII\'s head before too long. ;-) She might not think Jack quite so handsome once she sees a vision of Boekind. Hehe!!

2012.10.09 - 12:33PM
32: Borderline

And everytime I see the update pop up, I hear Kansas' 'Wayward Son' go through my head... earworm for the rest of the day!

Author's Response: LOL, MM!! I have always loved Kansas, so as a tribute, I\'ve named each one of my chapters after one of their songs. Of course, I never expected WS to last this long, so I\'m clearly running out of titles that fit. Oy vey! At some point I\'ll probably have to abandon using their titles and switch to something else. It bugs me, but it seems unavoidable. And don\'t you just hate \"ear bugs\", as the Germans call it? I frequently get songs stuck in my head for days.

2012.10.09 - 12:32PM
32: Borderline

Alright! A new chapter....!
And now I want more please!
Love how you are doing Jack. I hope that you have good plans in mind for him!

Author's Response: Thanks! More to come soon, as I am a bit refreshed from a week of holiday, with a few more days left. :) Oh, yes... Jack is one of my favorite characters. I\'m not sure if everyone will be happy with what I do with him in this series, but he\'s a complex character with tremendous potential. I\'m so glad you like him so far. I *think* I\'m getting the hang of his voice, so do let me know if any of it seems OOC.

2012.08.20 - 09:58PM
31: Disappearing Skin Tight Blues

Pardon me while I melt into a puddle of mush... *Guh* This was worth every bit of the anticipation, and then some. I read both versions, and even toned down, you managed to capture and preserve the beauty and passion between them, which I know is so difficult to do when editing a love scene. And as for the full version, I repeat...guh! Passionate, playful, brimming with love and absolutely smoldering!

Author's Response: Oh, A... you have no idea what that means to me. :\'-) That is exactly what I was trying to capture and was terrified that I\'d fail in achieving; the love and the intense desire these two lovers felt for each other.

I\'m absolutely gobsmacked to have some of my most admired writers, of whom I am a most ardent fan, take the time to read and review my work. To approve of it is positively sublime. Thank you!!!

2012.08.19 - 09:05PM
31: Disappearing Skin Tight Blues

Fun, funny, sensual, sexy, emotional...perfect!

The additions were great! I loved the Doctor's recollections of Rose's teasing on the TARDIS, the summary of their joining, and finally, The Big Oops. OHYESSSSS!!

Author's Response: So glad you liked it, Who!! And I\'m SO GLAD someone caught on to the Big Oops!! :-D Guess his big Time Lord brain was starved for oxygen due to reduced blood flow. Bwaahahahahaaaah.

Author's Response: And THANKS AGAIN for your help and encouragement! What would I do without you gals? :\'-)

2012.08.19 - 01:30PM
31: Disappearing Skin Tight Blues

You did such a good job with this chapter!!!!! I love all the additions! Wonderful examples of flirting and the thing he did with time was way cool!

Author's Response: I couldn\'t have done it without you, KK! Thank YOU so much!!

Of course Ten II couldn\'t resist messing around with Time now that he knows he can, even if it meant risking sure disaster doing it on his wedding night. He can be such a pillock sometimes. Lucky for him that it worked out. The extended examples of flirting were, naturally, at AWIW\'s request, so it was fun to take it from canon and throw in a few of my own. He was getting pretty worked up over remembering those. LOL! So glad you like the little intromissio.... uhm, I mean, INTERMISSION. =8-D

2012.08.18 - 08:42AM
30: A Glimpse of Home

Ha! Oh they are so cute! "until your womb falls out..." LOL! Poor Doctor! Open mouth, insert foot :-)


Author's Response: Heee! Yes, I do love the Doctor\'s heartfelt blurting and I\'m sure TenII wouldn\'t be any different. It\'s just his way of saying \"I wanna marry you and have your children,\" but with a Doctory twist.

And yup, L... the next chapter is done! I\'m simply teasing it out into two chapters... one alternate to keep it at Teen level. And the *ahem* unedited version for those who know where to look. ;-)

2012.08.15 - 09:34AM
4: Sparks of the Tempest

YIKES!!!! That was intense, and sort of deserved. Can't help but feel sympathy for Ten2, and a bit of bile where Rose is concerned...glad to see him channeling the Oncoming Storm...fabulous chapter! :)

Author's Response: Yeah... he was channeling the OCS and a little of Rhett Butler, I think. ;-) Rose is being a spoiled, resentful little cow and got what she deserved. But apparently he slammed a little sense into her finally. I have to admit that this chapter and the next are two of my favorites. :)

2012.08.13 - 11:46AM
3: Hold On

Oh, this is a brilliant start!!! I blazed through the prologues and now here I am. I LOVE your version of favorite so line so far was where he thought of himself as a good stopwatch, but a lousy clock..that just stays with me. :)

Author's Response: Yaaay!! So glad you\'re reading this, J! I hope you enjoy it throughout, although I have to admit that poor TenII goes through a lot of angst before he gets his reward. He\'s definitely a bit frustrated and whiney at this point. ;-)