Reviews For Wayward Son

2013.04.26 - 07:51PM
36: Then She Said My Name

I love Kaster!!!! I think it's interesting that he bonded with Rose - perhaps a bit of Bad Wolf influence?

Author's Response: Thanks so much, KK!! :-D I\'ve been so anxious to get little Kaster into the story, and it just seems so hard to get the plot moving fast enough when you\'re toiling like a slave. I really don\'t know how in the world you get so many stories written with your workload.

Anyway, I\'m sooo glad you picked up on that tiny, itsy-bitsy little hint about BW. Yeah, Kaster picked up on it right away. And Rose\'s burgeoning psi powers, helped along the way by Hal and the Doctor, are going to play a big role in events to come.

But let\'s not forget the good Captain Jack, though. Things are about to get a little crazy... as if they weren\'t already. ;-)

2013.04.26 - 05:02PM
36: Then She Said My Name

How mean, picking on a little puppy about his feet. I'd bite him too. "Tact" and "the Doctor" will never go together unless it's under the guise of "tactless". I was so thrilled to see this updated when I checked the site this afternoon. Made my day!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I\'m happy you\'re enjoying this, because I\'m sort of living your lifestyle right now, camping out in the wilderness using mobile internet to load, and solar and generator power to keep my devices powered. LOL! Yesterday I uploaded with my phone, which was new for me.

Yup, there\'s a lot of words that fit the Doctor at times. Oblivious, rude, tactless... to name but a few. Rose\'ll keep him straight.

2013.04.26 - 02:51PM
36: Then She Said My Name cute! Little Kaster, I love it!
Another great chapter, anxiously awaiting the confrontation between Hal and the Doctor when he finds out the business between her and Jack! Continue soon, cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks! A new chapter is in the works. :-)

It\'s only a matter of time before Hal\'s whoopass session with Jack comes to light. It\'s probably not going to be pretty, and yet, think about how those relatives who are most like yourself are the ones who tend to irritate you the most.

Yeah, it\'s gonna be like that.

2013.04.21 - 10:01PM
35: Me and My Arrow

Oh, I'm almost wincing on the Doctor's behalf for that Tyler slap I can feel coming! Yep, he's gonna get it... Also, I think I'm totally smitten with Six! :D

Author's Response: Thanks, A! I\'m so glad you\'re falling in love with little Six. Let\'s hope the Doctor is as enchanted with him. LOL!

You have to admit, the Doctor and Rose have an *awful* track record with Jackie when it comes to running off and not coming back at a reasonable hour. I think he knows he\'s going to get it, as well. If he thought it hurt the first time, well...

2013.04.15 - 06:38PM
35: Me and My Arrow

I love love love the dog! You create the best original characters! LOL pirate ducky!!! Gotta have pirate ducky! The end was hysterical! I love that Pete was in the back hiding and didn't want to know anything. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, KK!! I do like writing original characters. Isn\'t Six the puppy you always wanted? :)

Of course, I simply had to include pirate ducky as an homage to the Dalekanian Sistah-hood, right? ;-)

Poor Pete. He lives the life of a Torchwood Director with tons of secrets to keep. He\'s more than aware of the consequences of not being discreet, but in this case the consequences are personal.

2013.04.15 - 10:25AM
35: Me and My Arrow

Oh, boy. Don't think Borneo would be quite far enough. Poor Doctor. Hope everyone keeps Jackie away from anything that can be used as a weapon and maybe handcuffing her until she calms down might save him from that famous Tyler slap. Though Pete will be in trouble too if she finds out he knows.

Author's Response: Well, there is a bit of the wild man of Borneo in the Doctor, wouldn\'t you say? ;-) But you\'re right. Even the wilds of Borneo couldn\'t hide the Doctor sufficiently from the Wrath of Jackie Tyler. He\'d better hope she cools down and is happy that he\'s finally, finally hooked up with Rose. But eloping? I don\'t think that was part of the plan.

2013.04.15 - 03:09AM
35: Me and My Arrow

Loved this chapter, Hal and Six are an interesting pair! I'm excited for her and the Doctor to reconvene, and see if she confesses to her business with Jack.
Excitedly awaiting the next chapter, cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks, andherestograce! Considering they\'re bonded and pretty much privy to each other\'s thoughts from time to time, I don\'t see how Hal could keep hidden the little incident with Jack. It goes without saying that the Doctor won\'t be too pleased about it, or that she\'s kept it from him.

2013.04.14 - 10:58PM
34: Watching the River Run

I love dream sequences and this one was soooo good! It was ver beautifully written. Oh and crazy wolf had me so giggling.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, KK!! I supposed TenII must wish they\'d find somewhere else than Gallifrey to keep popping up, though. LOL!

And \"Crazy Wolf\" seems rather fitting, doesn\'t it? Heh. I don\'t think Jack Harkness would argue that one.

2013.04.12 - 11:19PM
34: Watching the River Run

*squeals happily* Oh, how I've missed this one! And what a fantastically-gorgeous update. These two are just...well...I can't get enough of them. And you never cease to capture them to perfection.

Author's Response: Oh wow, A! I\'m so so very chuffed that you like this chapter. It was such a long time in coming that I felt pretty rusty, even though the vast majority of it had been in my head for months. Many, many months, actually.

Poor TenII is struggling a bit to get a handle on what is going on, as well as with rampant new hormones, isn\'t he? But let\'s face it; there\'s a lot of healing that needs to happen for so many. They\'re all a tad damaged.

2013.04.10 - 06:11PM
34: Watching the River Run

Great update, looking forward to the next! Looking forward to figuring out the Hal riddle.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for hanging in there, die flow! I\'m actually on it even as we... type. ;-)

2013.04.09 - 12:10AM
34: Watching the River Run

I lucked out! Surely enough, I managed to see an update on the story I just found!
The Doctor and Rose are just...quite the pair, love them!
Great addition to your story, you've got me ensnared with this business about Hal and the Lone Wolf.
Keep it coming, cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for finding and reading! I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying it. It\'s true that TenII really is the Doctor, but there\'s also that smattering of Donna in him. At times, he\'ll fall into the self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness that he inherited from good \'ol Donna, but he also gets a bit of humanity that will only help him in his relationship with Rose. The Doctor is very much a \"guy\'s guy\" in many respects, so TenII needs a touch of humilty to help temper his natural Time Lordy machismo. Not that Rose seems to be complaining about it, mind. ;-)

And I\'m sure that Hal would be rather gobsmacked and indignant over the idea that her brother and some potty Eternals-like aliens are plotting to have her married off. Whoever he is, he\'d best have very thick skin.

2013.04.08 - 02:34AM
1: Ulv Stranden - Prologue I

Holy balls. I just found this and spent hours reading it.
Please continue soon, this is without a doubt one of the best fics I've ever read.
And I've read A LOT of them.
I ship Rose and Ten till the cows come home, so I was hesitant about Hal. She's a fabulous character though, and I've truly become enraptured with her. As soon as she mentioned something off-handed about Jack being cute, I shipped it.
Don't know if you plan on putting them together or anything, but I'm not opposed in the slightest. PLEASE update soon, this is beyond fantastic.
Best of luck, cheers.

Author's Response: Oh, wow!! What am embarrassing riches of compliments in a review! I\'m floored and grateful for your kind comments. There should be a new chapter uploaded tonight. Sorry about the extreme lapses in updates, but RL has been a bear. We\'ve only just finished a 13 week move that took a lot longer than I\'d estimated. Oh, well.

I totally get where you\'re coming from on the Doctor/Rose shipping, so Hal would *never ever ever* have become a threat to their relationship. Not on my watch, anyway. ;-) But... there does seem to be a potential for a relationship between Hal and Jack, doesn\'t it? It remains to be seen if they\'ll each let down their guards long enough to allow such a connection.

Thanks so much, again, for you lovely review! There are other writers on this site whose works I think are far superior to my puny little scribbling, so I am truly flattered. :)

Author's Response: Ugh... sorry about the typos. I haven\'t started my first cup of coffee yet this morning. LOL!

2013.02.12 - 06:52AM
33: It's You

Yay! An update! Now who could resist a cry for help like that?

Oh, and I can imagine Rose's horror at the thought of waiting a decade between "drinks"! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so very much for the review, and for sticking with me!
Yes, yes... who can resist those big brown eyes? I think the Doctor is going to have a bit of competition in that regard. ;-)
And it\'s a wonder Rose didn\'t wallop him over the head for that one. Hehe! Somehow I don\'t think she\'s going to let that happen without a fight.

2013.02.11 - 11:11PM
33: It's You

Yaaaaayyyyy! I loved this! So excited to read more about the puppy. What a great twist for Hal and I can't wait to hear what the Doctor has to say about this. I'm so glad you were able to update. I've really missed this story :-)

Author's Response: oooh, three times a charm! Love bonus web-glitch reviews. LOL!

2013.02.11 - 11:11PM
33: It's You

Yaaaaayyyyy! I loved this! So excited to read more about the puppy. What a great twist for Hal and I can't wait to hear what the Doctor has to say about this. I'm so glad you were able to update. I've really missed this story :-)

Author's Response: Thanks, KK!! :-D