Reviews For Wayward Son

2013.07.30 - 10:58PM
39: Our House

What a wonderful sounding house. I want it if they don't! I'm sure it's a bit domestic for the Doctor, but he's got his little family to help him adjust. Keep us posted!

Author's Response: Thanks, Laurie! I\'m sure we all have dreams about a nice cozy home in the woods, don\'t we? What\'s there not to like, especially when Mum and Dad are paying for it, eh? LOL!

2013.07.30 - 10:44PM
39: Our House

I think the Doctor is sold. ;D And I can't blame him! The place definitely has charm and potential. I loved the bickering over space for the TARDIS versus space for Oh heck, I love the banter between the Doctor and Hal period. Those two are a pair! :D

Author's Response: You\'d think they hated each other from their constant jabs, wouldn\'t you? LOL! Not sure if the house is big enough for the three of them, a TARDIS, a sentient supercomputer, and a gigantic Rottweiler, but we\'ll see.

Of course, Sarah Jane Smith had a Xyloc supercomputer, Mr. Smith, in her den. He recessed into the wall when not needed, so who knows how much space he actually occupied. I think Hal is being a bit overly territorial and deliberately overestimating the space required for Sid. It\'ll take Rose to keep her and the Doctor under control. But with two women in the household, I don\'t think the poor dude has a snowball\'s chance in Hades. ;-)

2013.07.30 - 10:35PM
39: Our House

Sounds like a great place!

Author's Response: Well, it does seem to fit the bill, doesn\'t it? The Doctor has to get over the idea that Jackie is only a mile or so away and can trot over anytime she feels like it. I could see how that would stick in his craw.

2013.07.30 - 10:29PM
38: Time For Me to Fly

.LOL! As if they would ever get past Jackie. So, will they ever let it spill that they are actually already married? She kill them both dead!

Author's Response: What a knucklehead, to think he\'d sneak past Jackie, eh?

If they\'re smart, they will *never* ever admit that they\'re already married. Not that Jackie would accept anything but a huge society wedding complete with printed and stamped marriage certificate. Anything else would be the equivalent of jumping over a broomstick, or something. A society wedding is definitely on the books, whether the Doctor likes it or not.

2013.07.24 - 07:30PM
38: Time For Me to Fly

I read this at work as soon as it posted I was so excited! I giggled so much as they tried to sneak into the house. Ohhhh and the old house they are going to look at! I can't wait to read more about that!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, KK!! Glad you saw the humor in their stealthy access to the mansion. I was grinning the whole time I wrote it. For some reason it reminded me of a Scooby Doo scene or something. LOL!

Let\'s hope the Doctor gets over his heebee jeebees about living on the estate, and Hal gets over her reticence about living with Rose/Doctor. If they\'re going to grow a baby TARDIS at home, it needs to be secure. Can\'t get much more secure than on the Tyler estate or within Torchwood. I would think they\'d prefer to have it growing at home than in a makeshift laboratory at Torchwood.

2013.07.24 - 12:21AM
38: Time For Me to Fly

I can't tell you how happy I am to see an update! I may have mentioned it once or twice, but I LOVE this story! :D

Talk about a major "awww" moment with the proposal and the ring. That was so, so lovely. The Doctor can actually have a bit of a romantic side, eh?! ;)

I also love his relationship with Jackie. It feels so natural, how he's almost like a son to her, fond bickering and all.

I'm so glad RL gave you the time for the creation of another fantastic chapter. It was worth the wait! :)

Author's Response: So glad you are still enjoying it, A!! I\'m so sorry it took so long to get this last chapter out. It was my intention to work on it while on a short holiday, but I forgot to save it to a shared drive. Ooops! :-D

You know, it was the Doctor\'s plan to give Rose the ring at the family dinner the following Saturday. But he probably would have been much more reserved if he\'d had too much time to think about it, so the threat of obliteration by Hurricane Jackie forced his hand and probably made for a proposal much more genuine and closer to his real feelings. He pretty much is at his best flying by the seat of his pants.

Jackie, on the other hand, seems to fly off the handle at the least provocation, but I think everyone knows it\'s due to her protective maternal instincts for those she loves. She\'s as good at protecting them from themselves as she is from external threats. So even when she seems to be riding a broom most of the time, deep down they know she loves them. It\'s funny how the need to seek her approval always seems to come to the fore eventually. And well it should. As they say in the Deep South, \"if Mama ain\'t happy, ain\'t nobody happy.\"

2013.07.23 - 01:27PM
38: Time For Me to Fly

AW! That was quite adorable! Love the late-night proposal in front of Jackie, very cute family moment there. Excited for the hearing and their upcoming excursion...and for some more banter between Hal and Jack!
Hope all is well, I know real life can get crazy but I was THRILLED to see you updated! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, andherestograce! I was definitely shooting for something cute and touching, so I\'m glad that came through. There\'s action to come, so hang on. It\'s about to explode a bit with some surprises that will turn the story on its head.

And RL is almost impossible these days with work and still unpacking after a move. After seven months, you\'d think I\'d be unpacked, right? I so wish I could win the lottery or something so I can write all day if I want. ;-)

2013.07.23 - 11:50AM
38: Time For Me to Fly

Glad you are back and with such a fantastic had it all, cuteness, intrigue and Jackie at her finest!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Dreamcatcher!! You have to admit I kind of put poor Jackie through the ringer with this one. I think she cried for about four different reasons in only a few short minutes. She\'s fun to write, I think. Only Jackie Tyler could lecture a 900 year-old alien on using a little rubber thingie, don\'t you agree? :-)

2013.07.23 - 10:14AM
38: Time For Me to Fly

What a cute chapter! All that effort to sneak in and there's Jackie. Poor Doctor didn't know what hit him, but at least he managed to pull it off. Thanks for the great chapter and welcome back.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the feedback, Laurie! I was definitely trying to err on the side of \"cuteness\" in this chapter, while working in the ring. Thanks for letting me know it worked!

Of course, how ever did that big Time Lord brain figure he could sneak into the dragon\'s lair without getting caught? But in many respects he is very much a teenager emotionally. It never occurs to a teenager that parents can\'t sleep properly when they\'re out and about. They lie awake waiting to hear them arrive safely back home. Dolt. LOL!

2013.06.22 - 01:29AM
37: Don't Fear the Reaper

Hey, I wanted to let you know I left a link on my tumblr ficrec page to this! I hope that's alright, I've been enjoying it so much others should too!
Hope there's an update soon!

Author's Response: Awww, thank you, andherestograce!!! Yes, that is certainly fine with me. :-) And update will be coming soon, but it\'s been slow progress lately due to impossible work requirements and business travel. Hopefully I\'ll have something out by Monday. Cheers!

2013.05.09 - 11:12AM
37: Don't Fear the Reaper

Aw, the Doctor and Kaster had some bonding time in the pet store. ;)
Yay for dozens of timelord babies, please continue soon, cheers!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! A progenation machine would be helpful here, eh?

2013.05.08 - 11:00PM
37: Don't Fear the Reaper

*sniff* Aww, I just want to give a giant hug to Kaster. I love how the Doctor's formed an empathetic attachment to him as well.

Getting super excited with the possibility of Time Babies, too! Sounds like the Doctor and Rose had better get busy... ;D

Author's Response: Thanks so much, A!!! It does seem that I can\'t seem to write anything but angst-ridden, flawed characters, doesn\'t it? LOL! But the Doctor and Kaster need to learn to get along in spite of their rocky start. Bonding over a sense of loss is probably as good as any. As far as Kaster is concerned, his life pretty much imploded when his mother and litter-mates were sold.

As far as Time Tots are concerned, they really do need to get busy, don\'t they? Provided, of course, that Jackie doesn\'t rip off the Doctor\'s bits and bobs for accelerating the marriage process!

2013.05.07 - 08:34PM
37: Don't Fear the Reaper

Aw... Doctor and puppy bonding. Loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks, dieflow!!

Well, I suppose the Doctor needs a little time to adjust to an organic dog. I\'m sure that if he still had K-9, he\'d put the two in a contest to try to prove K-9\'s superiority. LOL!

2013.05.07 - 06:00PM
37: Don't Fear the Reaper

I did feel bad for the Doctor at the beginning but I like how you brought him around and revealed his dream. Dozens of babies!!!! Poor Rose. He's lucky he didn't get a slap!

Author's Response: Thanks, KK!! Yeah, Hal sort of pulled a fast one on him, didn\'t she? She wanted what she wanted, and she managed to spin it in such a way that it was palatable to the guy. But then he managed to rope her into helping him, so they\'re both a bit manipulative, aren\'t they? LOL.

Rose is a much better woman than I, \'cause I would have back-handed him into the next week, talking about dozens of babies. Thank goodness she never heard him crowing earlier about her having Time Tots until her womb fell out, or he\'d have certainly gotten a beating. ;-)

2013.04.29 - 04:29PM
22: Preamble

I keep meaning to log onto a computer so I can sing praises of this stories but since that never seems to happen and typing on my iPhone (ad i am now doing) is the worst, I'll be brief as I possibly can. This is the most fulfilling piece of fanfiction I've stumbled across in a long time. I've actually been putting off reading a Pulitzer Prize winning book I have on temporary loan from a library because I can't put your story down. The Doctor's internal narrative is everything I want and more. I love finding a piece like this where I can trust the author with such beloved characters and become enraptured with the complexities they've created, especially when a TV series like Doctor Who always leaves me wanting more. Anyway, thanks for sharing; this is as far as I've gotten so far and am very much looking forward to reading on!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness!! Thank you so *very* much for such a lovely and flattering review! I can\'t tell you how much it means to me. :-)

I do hope you continue to enjoy the story. Each chapter is a bit of an experiment in styles, so I hope that isn\'t too off-putting. These characters come alive for me, and it\'s really hard to do them all justice without switching back and forth between their perspectives, and they\'re all very different personalities.

There\'s much more to come, as this story is but one of a trilogy. If I can ever get to the end of this one, that is. LOL! Thank you again!!