Reviews For Wayward Son

2016.07.30 - 08:10PM
56: Digging in the Dirt

You know I've been following this one forever. Hoping for the next chapter soon, but I know what a pain real life can be. Finally finished my second run at post secondary education and moved on to my apprenticeship now. Hopefully that'll give me a little more time for writing.

Author's Response: Congratulations on finishing post secondary!!!! Yes, RL is more than a pain at the moment. Have almost thrown in the towel on more occasions than I'd like to admit. I finally have vacation coming up, so I'm itching to finish the next chapter and hopefully crank out a few more in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for hanging in there!

2016.06.18 - 09:35PM
56: Digging in the Dirt

Spent part of last night and half of today reading this fantastic story! Sure hope there's more to come. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!! Next chapter is in the works, but getting slammed by RL work right now. Hope to get it out within the next couple of weeks, though. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you like it. :)

2016.04.26 - 12:48AM
56: Digging in the Dirt

Talking about sonic screw drivers and sonic trowels. I think poor ole Rose is getting a sonic headache, lol!

Author's Response: Yeah, it's not easy having to referee two technology geeks. Believe me, I know! Haha. My Muse just had to go there with the sonic trowel. There was just this Timey-Whimey parallel thing that begged to be done, even if it was a bit disingenuous. Thanks for reading and reviewing!!!!

2016.04.25 - 09:13PM
56: Digging in the Dirt

Sorry to read about the discord but I like it's on the mend. Loved the humor. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, well surely Hal didn't think she could keep that little incident with Jack under wraps. She's lucky that Jack is sweet on her. LOL! It had to come out in the open eventually. But she hasn't yet learned to completely trust anyone. Thanks!!

2016.04.23 - 12:45AM
55: Alone

I'm crying so much right now I'm having a hard time seeing the screen. Once again, just brilliant! The scenes with so many characters are difficult to write and you do it so beautifully, making it seem effortless. Each character was pitch perfect, each bit of dialogue flawlessly written. I feel like I've just watched an episode! You are amazing, Maddie, dear, simply amazing! More soon?

Author's Response: Blushing here. :-) I hate goodbyes, as well. I think the one line about how the universe was never so kind to Twelve gutted me as I wrote it. The poor sod. ;-) Next chapter is in the works. It starts out a bit angsty, but it gets better. Look for some levity in the next few chapters. Thanks again for the lovely review!!!

2016.04.22 - 12:49PM
55: Alone

Such an emotional goodbye but one with hope for the glad Twelve realized that he has a family and a promising was the right thing to do, ensuring Twelve would look after Rose and the baby should it become necessary. An awesome update.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Dreamcatcher!! Can you imagine the weird mixture of rivalry and solidarity that might arise between TenToo and Twelve. While they're the same man on one level, they've diverged significantly on another. TenToo may not (rightfully) completely trust Twelve with Rose, but if he somehow got killed before he regenerated, Twelve would be the logical choice to look after Rose. Not, of course, that Rose couldn't look after herself, but my guess is that she would want to seek out Twelve due to their shared history.

2016.04.22 - 12:45PM
55: Alone

Wonderful, as always!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hope to lighten the mood a little next chapter.

2016.04.22 - 10:19AM
55: Alone

Lovely. I'm sorry Twelve is once again alone but all those goodbyes were perfect. *sniffles*

Author's Response: Aww thanks, Bria! I know it's hard for him, but Twelve needs to look at the bright side of life every now and then. He wraps himself up in a cloak of prickliness to keep people from getting too close for fear of getting hurt, but getting hurt is just part of life. I can't imagine what it must be like to be immortal, but what's there to live for if you don't partake of the joys? The next chapter will be a little more lighthearted, thank goodness. Like the Doctor, I struggle a bit with goodbyes. ;-)

2016.04.13 - 08:43AM
16: Curtain of Iron

I just had to drop you a note and tell you how much I love this story. It was one of the first I found way back when I discovered DW, before I was brave enough to sign up for an account lol. So I would check religiously for updates. :) Now I've pretty much migrated to AO3, but just happened to check this site a few days ago and imagine my delight at seeing this had *several* new chapters! :) Of course, I had to start it all over from the beginning and it's just as brilliant as I remember. Your writing is beautiful, and your OC's have such depth (I LOVE Hal). Anyway, thank you for such a great read- I'm trying not to burn through it too fast but it's hard!

Author's Response:
Oh, thank you so much for reading and for such a lovely review! It's funny, but I've just discovered "Aftermath" and have been astounded that I somehow missed your stories. After dropping out for almost two years, I'm afraid I've missed a lot, but I totally love your beautiful writing voice and brilliant story line. I promise to go back and review. :-)

Thank you for liking Hal so much. She is a bit special to me, as she literally fell into this story from an original non-DW story that I wrote long ago. I mean, we're all princesses living the lives of commoners, right?? Haha! This story is about to end, but the sequel will follow right behind it as part of a trilogy. I'm hoping that the next story won't be 50+ chapters, as I think that is a bit daunting for many readers. Thank you again for going back to re-read! I do hope you enjoy the subsequent chapters now that I'm updating a bit more regularly.

2016.04.10 - 03:31PM
54: My Immortal

Wahoooooo!!! Wonderful chapter. So now Tentoo's got this rengerations back and can spend his forever with Rose... though this makes me wonder more and more about their child (I have some thoughts on that...). Really like the thought of Hal possibly being an occasional companion to Twelve. He needs somebody and she'd fill that role nicely. Then there was Jack being Jack which is always fun. :) Am sad about the last bit though, this coming to an end and Twelve being on his own.

Author's Response:
Thanks so much! That one came out a lot faster than I'd expected. But then, I ignored some work (employer work, that is) to finish it.

Yes, our intrepid duo now have matching lifespans again. What they'd been tasked to do seemed frankly impossible with a single human lifespan, so something had to give. Those mysterious beings from TenToo's dream apparently weren't just blowing cosmic smoke when they said they'd send help. That didn't mean that the source of the help would have a *clue* what they were supposed to do, as Twelve experienced. But come on, can Rose and the Doctor have anything but an unusual baby? I think not.

Poor Hal would love traveling on the TARDIS, but through chance of birth, she is between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps Twelve can pop into her closet every now and then to whisk her off for a little adventure. But I could see a real clash if she is called on to perform her duties in the event the Empire requires her. Then again, don't forget that Daryl is actively searching for her and is headed for the galactic centre.

It's a pity that Jack had so much psychological baggage when he met up with Twelve, because I'm sure Twelve would have welcomed him aboard the TARDIS just as company. Instead, Jack had to be a putz about the 456 (which I can sort of understand) by insisting on staying. Yet, there is a good reason why he is around, including the aforementioned Artron energy store. Spoilers.... ;-)

2016.04.08 - 11:06PM
53: If Children Had Wings

Interesting that Rose is immortal and tentoo will be... How are they recharging his batteries?

Author's Response: That's coming up in the next chapter, and it's about half finished already. ;-) In my head canon, Rose has always been immortal since Bad Wolf. She and the Doctor simply didn't know it.

2016.04.08 - 09:13PM
53: If Children Had Wings

Brilliant chapter. I have to agree, I really enjoyed Twelve and Tony. While I sadly am not a fan of Twelve's seasons, it's not Capaldi or even the Doctor (I actually did like him most episodes), it's all in the writing and I too was dismayed about him and children. It makes no sense to me for the reasons you stated in your other responses. But you wrote it well and fitting with with we've seen. I'm VERY curious how Twelve is going to fix/help. I have two thoughts on what he meant by that but I guess time will tell.

Author's Response:
Thanks so much, Bria!

Please don't get me started on the writing the last few seasons or I may start to flail again. I try very hard not to be too critical of other writer's works, but get me started and I may tell you how I really feel about "Kill the Moon" or something. ;-)
If I am going to write Twelve, I feel compelled to fix that aspect of his disconnect with children. The Eleventh Doctor was so very in touch with children, and that is as it should be. I'm glad you enjoyed the interaction between Twelve and Tony, because I thought of it as a pivotal moment in Twelve's development. Sometimes, I'd really like to write him with Hal so she can kick his behind and teach him a thing or two. Haha! The "fix" for TenToo is in the next chapter, and I'm guessing that you'd guessed right.

2016.04.08 - 05:07PM
53: If Children Had Wings

The brilliance of this update from start to end cannot really be put to words, at least from on the other hand have such a gift with words and we are all lucky enough to benefit from your gift...thanks for update...enjoy your trip.

Author's Response: Awww, thank you so very much!! I have experimented a lot with different voices and POV's throughout this story, based on the events and what I was trying to convey to further the story. It's certainly not consistent, but I do hope everyone who reads it enjoys. Thank you so much for your kind words, and I promise it won't be long before the next chapter comes out. This story is driving itself at this point. :-)

2016.04.08 - 04:40PM
53: If Children Had Wings

Oh, I forgot the scattering of the men when Tony cried out Rose's name! I laughed so hard and so long my fantastic mother-in-law came out of her bedroom to ask what had me almost wetting myself with glee. Never let anyone tell you that you aren't a magnificent author. Damn, dear! You're Brilliant!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I enjoyed writing that scene. I can see the men absolutely terrified that Jackie would appear through the door and slap them. She is such a force of nature that even an ancient Time Lord would give pause. Haha!

2016.04.08 - 04:37PM
53: If Children Had Wings

Oh Mad! You are so flippin' brilliant! This was another amazing chapter! You hit all the right notes with it, nailing each character's dialogue magnificently! So many brilliant lines, Jack whining about them sending the immortal guy out to face Jackie, Twelve doing the "Feets don't fail me!" and damn near knocking Hal over in his race to get back to the Tardis. The conversation about the desktop and the console room decor was fabulous and again, every character pitch-perfect. When I read this story I can see it and hear it so perfectly it's even better than watching an episode because you are able to get me inside the heads of the characters. Twelve's desire to grab Rose and run, Ten.Two's dark suspicion and jealousy. Your careful use of telepathy continues to take my breath away. The interaction between Tony and Twelve just broke my heart. I wish it was in your power to give Twelve what he so desperately needs. Sadly, he is in the hands of the actual show runners. I loved his awkwardness with Tony, and his comment to Ten about making up his diagnosis about Tony's interdimensional hybrid status made me laugh out loud. I laughed harder when Ten admitted he had. I can't tell you how happy I am when you update, darling Mad! It really makes my day, possibly my entire week!

Author's Response:
Oh, thank you again for another totally awesome review!!! I am so very happy that you found it enjoyable, as it's a chapter that has been burning to be told for so very long. It's been a long journey to get to this one chapter, and the next, that I'm starting to feel relieved to get to them. I worked a bit slower for this one chapter, as this portion of our story with Twelve is rapidly drawing to a close.

I know that there are a lot of people who don't like the Twelfth Doctor, and I can understand why. It's not because of Capaldi, I think, because he is one of the best non-verbal actors I have ever seen. What he does without words is incredible, and it's difficult to capture that in writing. He has some definite quirks, fidgets, facial expressions and body language that distinguishes him from the other Doctors. But there is one thing that I find abhorrent, and that is Moffat's slant on how he seems to have a serious disconnect with children. How can that be? DW is, after all, a *children's show* for crying out loud! I honestly don't know what that was supposed to accomplish, but in my head canon, he had to make a connection with Tony. Tony is the only character in this story who had a clue what was going on, and fierce Time Lord that he is, Twelve as going to have to talk to him. ;-)

I'm very glad that you were able to appreciate the humour I try to inject into the story. Twelve is hysterically funny, I think. He is such a hodge-podge of child-like and seriousness in one wrapper. One of my favorite scenes is where he tells Clara to hold his hand. She came back with, "I'm ok, really." His next line had me in stitches. "I'm not!" The idea that the most dangerous man in the universe wanted his companion to hold his hand, because he was scared, is absolutely sublime. Yeah, I wish I could write for his character officially, but I'll settle for doing it on the sly.