Reviews For Screwed

2016.05.11 - 09:45PM
1: Screwed

On my god I enjoyed this story so much! I can't believe I hadn't read it before! And now I might need to read it again!!

Author's Response: Need to read it again?! I am absolutely grinning! Thank you Christine.

2013.10.21 - 04:40AM
1: Screwed

I know I wrote a review of this the first time I read it. Huh. There are few authors who can make me laugh out loud and you are one of the few. The smut was brilliant as well. I love the way you make this kind of story look so darn effortless when it probably wasn't. If it was, effortless, then I'm green with jealousy! Such a joyful fic, and well worth rereading.

Author's Response: First, I truly appreciate your taking the time to review again. Writers are such insecure people who need all the positive reinforcement we can get. Thank you for these high compliments. I can\'t tell you how thrilled I am that you think so, that my stories can give you that kind of pleasure. Also, that someone as brilliant at smut as you liked my smut makes me feelů wow. (Now that the series at BWR are done, I can get back to other important things I\'ve had to put aside, like giving your long stories the time they deserve).

2012.06.12 - 04:33PM
1: Screwed

No confusion here. The hot stuff was very erotic. The funny stuff was hilarious....that might even be the best part of the story for me.

Author's Response: Thanks mericat. The funny stuff definitely was the most important part of the story for me, so I\'m very happy you liked it so much and thought it hilarious...means I succeeded! jer

2012.05.18 - 12:29AM
1: Screwed

I loved it just as much this time as I did the first and it was just tooooooo yumm for words I so want a Time Lord of my own for my birthday, Christmas, 4th of July... well just about any darn time I could get one would be nice.

Author's Response: Thank you for commenting as well on the story, here; it really does mean a lot to me. I\'m happy that this gives you pleasure. And yes, a Time Lord would be fantastic... wouldn\'t he!

2011.12.08 - 10:24PM
1: Screwed

The het hotness part of the story really worked. The plot part needed a few more transitions, as things seemed to jump ahead without connective tissue.

Got a little confused when you changed from Rose's POV to the Doctor's because I wasn't sure if you were jumping back and repeating from his POV or just moving forward.

However, the hotness of the het parts mostly made up for plot confusion.
Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading. I put the story up on my lj journal in three parts over the course of a couple of weeks, so the time passage was inherent in the posting without need for transitions. I probably should have posted here in separate chapters. I\'m sorry about the confusion, but I\'m glad the hotness worked for you.