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This was completely brilliant!! I loved it!!

2014.05.25 - 12:38PM
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I didn't leave a review for this? I'm shamed. I loved every single word and every single Doctor in this. Utter crack perfection.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you!

2014.01.25 - 06:08AM
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Absolutely love this!! Favourited, without a doubt!

Author's Response: Ooh, thanks!

2013.09.17 - 01:53PM
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Oh, this was so much fun! I loved all of the Doctor names. And Rose being a BAMF. And the tasks they were all assigned. I can't believe you kept it all clear and straight throughout. What a fun story!

Author's Response: Thanks! Lol, yeah, Rose was keeping everybody in line. Glad you liked it!

2013.05.25 - 01:45AM
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So much. I can't even. My feels. It's almost 3 am I might have woken the house up laughing. Don't ever stop. :)

Author's Response: Lol, thank you! I\'m glad you liked it. And there are definitely more stories in the works.

2013.05.18 - 03:32PM
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oh sigh, you are my favorite. you even tie with cereal (the user, not the delightful breakfast food)

Author's Response: Oh, man, that\'s some high praise! (I love her stuff.) And thanks! I\'m glad you liked it.

2013.03.21 - 02:56PM
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"Everything else was just the setting." OMG! SO TRUE!! So by now you may have noticed I'm essentially going through your profile and reading everything you've written. Sorry about crashing your stories with essentially the same review over and over. I am not sure how to say it without sounding self-centered. But your stories are like the best DW fantasies I ever have. Rose and the Doctor, for one--as it should be. And Jack before he went all Torchwood and the Doctor before he went all River and the canon before it went all pear-shaped. I am late to the DW party, just finished season 4 on Netflix and started season 5. I can't imagine having to have experienced that over 5 or 6 YEARS instead of a couple of months. But I can see the storytelling progression now and respect it; I really don't have any crying or whining or fussing about canon. I really don't. But oh my goodness, nothing can compare to the first 4 years when the Doctor loved Rose Tyler. And that's what you've been writing about, and that's what I am loving reading when the shows tell me I'm supposed to trust Eleven. That's all well and good, but remember when Nine would give her that dead-sexy glare and her lips would be all parted and hshe'd stare back and the UST was so thick you could bash England over the head with it? That's what I love about your stories. They GET that feeling. Which means I get to remember it, and oh, it's a really nice memory. So there, and for the love of all that is TARDIS, keep writing so I have something to procrastinate with while the kids are napping. See? All about me. And if you ever descend into anything darker or more adult I'd follow you there too, but it's absolutely not a request. The stories are great and you should carry on. No, really. CARRY ON!!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! Lol, I don\'t mind your multiple reviews at ALL -- trust me, reviews are always awesome. I\'m actually pretty new to Doctor Who as well, since I started watching in the fall of 2011. And wow, I\'m glad you get that Rose/Nine feeling from these stories -- that\'s definitely what I\'m going for. And yes, there will certainly be more! I can\'t seem to help myself. Thanks again!

2012.10.05 - 03:40PM
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Hah, I laughed out loud in a public space when Rose commanded herself to give the emo Doctors hugs. Head canon accepted!

Author's Response: Lol, it was the fastest way to deal with them and keep them occupied. I\'m figuring that too many Doctors in the room = catastrophe. Thanks for the review!

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Brilliant!!! Love it! Well done! I love how you named them and had their characteristics down to a T. Made me laugh out loud several times. {{sigh}} I love Rose.

Author's Response: Rose is Awesome! Thanks so much!

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Omg. This is amazing. X)

Author's Response: Glad you liked it!

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You wove this possibly, no highly likely to be extremely complicated tale into a wonderfully perfect tapestry of chaos!!! I LOVED EVERY SINGLE WORD!!!

Happy Doctor - hee hee. I have this picture in my head of a perpetually grinning and shoulder bumping Ten and Rose, ten making that happy little throat noise...

The conversation with Youngest Rose (don't worry little sister) was so sweet.

Oh Jack, Jack, Jack...the Planet of Perpetually UST... His comeback was genius!

happy Rose's job was to give hug to the EmoTens... awww, that's so bittersweet! :*)

And the final reveal, Dr. Tyler? MOLTO BENE!!!


Author's Response: I\'m so glad! You know, I think \"wonderfully perfect tapestry of chaos\" may be the most happy-making, grin-inspiring compliment that I have ever received for my writing...THANK YOU!

2012.04.15 - 09:26AM
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I love Rose in charge!!! I could just see her pacing and telling everyone fingers on lips just as much as I could see her spout off the techno babble. LOL at the Doctor names - Happy Doctor! Oh my gosh and the snog with Nine - Excellent!

Author's Response: Rose definitely becomes very Doctor-like in S4 (at least in the few glimpses that we get). I\'m glad you liked it!

2012.04.14 - 08:08AM
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“Look at you, all in charge and clever,” he said, smiling. liked this line better when i thought it was the ninth doctor saying it. ;P

“You’re all my Doctor,” ^__^

“Living in that universe already, Rose, in case you don’t remember.” ^___^

’Cause you’re so impressive,” she said. It took him a moment, and then he grinned back at her. :D

“in what possible reality, in any possible future, is your mother traveling around in my TARDIS?” ^___^

It’s Dr. Tyler. Got a Ph.D. in temporal physics nope that makes her higher ranked than doctor and is a professor.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! But a Ph.D. does make you a doctor. Being employed by a university to teach stuff makes you a professor. (Technically, no doctorate required!) At least, that\'s the way it works in the U.S. and U.K. I swear!

2012.03.16 - 04:44AM
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Hehe--loved this! Cracked me up, especially with the names you gave all of their incarnations--and the part where all the Doctors found out there were now two of them! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I was picturing poor Rose trying to come up with monikers for them on the fly...not really an easy task!

2012.02.25 - 04:32PM
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Way to go! Love the differences between the Doctor's especially Nine and Martha's Doctor. And I love independent, awesome Rose.

Author's Response: Thanks, and thanks for the reviews!