Reviews For Your Hand in Mine

2012.03.23 - 07:08PM
10: Epilogue

That was a nice ending! Somehow, I think, there is more to come --- yes? :)

Author's Response: I\'m afraid not. Epilogue means finito. The Doctor and the Master next meet in the Third Doctor story, \'Terror of the Autons\', which you are welcome to view at any time on Most of their encounters after that are documented in the show.

2012.03.22 - 07:23PM
9: Chapter 9

Okay, this is getting scary now! (In a good way, trust me.) So, Theta and Koschei are now the Doctor and the Master. The struggle begins, I see. . .

Author's Response: Just one more chapter left, and that\'s the prologue. That should be up tomorrow.

2012.03.18 - 09:29PM
8: Chapter 8

Whoa, this one was intense! These chapters just keep getting more and more interesting. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Next chapter will be quite angsty.

2012.01.11 - 06:38AM
7: Chapter 7

This is so good. And it makes the jumbled conon have some sence in it. I'd like to think that this happened between them.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

2012.01.10 - 04:22PM
7: Chapter 7

That was very sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

2012.01.05 - 02:32PM
6: Chapter 6

Oh no, the first inklings of the Master are leaking through Kos! Not good. I loved how Theta hugged Koschei at the beginning of the chapter. . .too cute!! And I liked that Theta was reading Earth literature. He's loved Earth for a long time, then. :)

Author's Response: Ever since the Eighth doctor said he was \"half human on [his] mother\'s side\" I liked to think that his love for humans stems from a deep-seated need to connect with his mother.

2011.12.20 - 01:33PM
5: Chapter 5

Yay, K'anpo! I loved him in Planet of the Spiders. Nice chapter, and one of my favorites so far!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! As soon as I decided to do a story about the Doctor\'s childhood, I knew I had to include K\'anpo and \"the Daisiest Daisy\" story.

2011.12.16 - 07:37PM
1: Chapter 1

I read through all four chapters without stopping - that's how good it was! I'm surprised by how much I am growing to love stories from the Doctor and the Master's Academy years. You wrote this very well. I'm glad it's not after yet! ^_^

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very much! I\'m working on the next chapter now. It should be up tomorrow.

2011.12.08 - 10:50AM
2: Chapter 2

Awwh they're so sweet together ^.^ you write their characters so well