Reviews For Effigermus

2015.10.22 - 12:44AM
1: Sariel's Shoppe

This is one of the very first Doctor x Rose fics I ever read! Back when I was first discovering how deep the rabbit hole goes, ha. This is hot and sexy and I'll never in my entire life forget the trippy sexiness of the flower licking. O M G
And them looking at each other and telling the truth and her giving it to it. And the relationship coming together. Great stuff! Thank you!

Author's Response: Quite a treat to read your review. Thank you for the specific favorite bits, and I'm glad you liked it!

2015.02.04 - 08:20PM
18: New Beginnings

Oh, this was just lovely, I tore through this. It's so... I don't even know how to describe it... disturbingly sexy at the start (especially Lura's tactics of seduction). I couldn't stop clicking on the next chapter... really the whole story you wove together with the separated bosthinians and korwi was just excellent - better construction than a lot of novels I've read. The Doctor and Rose's telepathy was gorgeous, and everything about how they slowly came together (pun partially intended) was tender and just perfect. The hesitant admittance of wanting more, holding hands through their cell, snogging on their fugitive journey through the marshes. And the way they finally had to save the universe? Haha, brilliant. Of course, while being ridiculously sweet and really showing us how comfortable and connected they truly are at this point... and there's probably also something to be said about its potential as a metaphor for the reunion of the separated (genders, I suppose?). Off to read the sequel soon! :)

Author's Response: I\'m very happy that you enjoyed the story, and I thank you for the details of what you particularly liked about it. It is a bit metaphoric, I agree. I consider this story to be my best. While I personally love the sequel, however, I seem to have failed my audience in my choice of flavor. I hope you get something out of it, though.

2015.01.04 - 02:22AM
18: New Beginnings

Wow. What a story. Compelling and quite addicting. Thank you fer writing. I enjoyed it immensely.

Author's Response: Good to hear you made it through. I really appreciate you taking the time to drop me feedback! =)

2015.01.01 - 05:56PM
7: Fresh Air

I loved that line "my rose Tyler. Un-copyable"
I'm really in awe of how you've managed to keep Rose and tens voice in written form while adding this deep sensual feeling. This story so far is well written, in my opinion. I find myself thinking about it throught the day and lookin forward to reading more when I'm preoccupied. Thank you fer capitulating me.

Author's Response: What a lovely compliment! Characterization is the most important thing to me. I\'m glad you like it!

2014.11.06 - 09:23PM
1: Sariel's Shoppe

You capture the Doctor and Rose so well. Excellent writing. I hope you never stop. :) Thank you for this.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I\'m pretty sure I\'m hooked for life on them, so I can\'t see myself stopping. =P Slow maybe, but not stopping. I plan to get out a little one-shot for the holidays of some sort.

2014.10.06 - 04:56AM
18: New Beginnings

aww so cute, I love seeing them finally get together

Author's Response: So do I. =) Thanks for letting me know!

2014.05.11 - 03:45PM
18: New Beginnings

Someone gave me the link to this last week and I read it all in one sitting. I can't even tell you how much I love it, and I can't believe I hadn't read it before. So. Incredibly. Good. :)

Author's Response: I really appreciate you telling me so! Unlike many, you don\'t even have to wait to find out how their story continues, if you wish to keep reading. I\'d love to hear what you think of it as well.

2014.01.22 - 11:24AM
18: New Beginnings

OK, I first read this on awhile ago and wanted to read it again and review here now that I have an account. :) Awesome! I read other reviews and saw that there is a sequel? I really hope so! You did a terrific job and I can't wait to follow the continuation. Thanks!

Author's Response: You know, your review is strangely timed. I literally JUST got through editing Effigermus on Actually, I have one more chapter to go over right now. So, since this is the full version here I direct people to, you didn\'t miss out on anything you read before. =P It\'s ALSO very strange timing, because the reason I edited Effigermus on is because I\'m about to release Chapter 1 of the sequel, Tower of Eternity, tomorrow! It only took me what...two years? And I get your review the day before? Creepy. =P I did feel the need to update Effigermus to the rating system, as I value both accounts, and the release of its sequel will draw attention to the prequel, if new readers haven\'t read it yet or people read it through to refresh their memory. But yes, thank you for taking the time to review even two years later. =P And you TOTALLY don\'t have to wait as long as everyone else for the sequel. In fact, you don\'t have to wait at all. =)

2013.09.28 - 12:35AM
18: New Beginnings

Just finished this whole thing, and kudos! Great storytelling and world-building. I know how hard it is to write a long story and have it all hang together, and you succeeded admirably. Very enjoyable, and I'm glad I found it.

Author's Response: I\'m glad to hear it. Yes, a long story does take effort to keep cohesive, the more complex it is. I hope you enjoy the sequel that\'s to come. =)

2013.09.04 - 07:53AM
1: Sariel's Shoppe

Love this story. Wondering if youre going to do a sequel because you should. Great fanfic and so happy for rose and the doctor. I ship them too.

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m happy to still receive reviews after so long. I\'m not wondering IF I\'m continuing, because I definitely am, it\'s just a question of when. I actually made a lot of progress just yesterday. Just keep me alerted. ^_-

2013.05.07 - 09:44AM
18: New Beginnings

Great story!! I loved it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love receiving feedback even now.

2012.12.06 - 03:07PM
1: Sariel's Shoppe

Love this one. It is well written and I hope I'll have time to read more of your stuff at some point.
Especially the flower bit... Never look at my soap the same again... tee^^


Author's Response: Thank you, I appreciate your review! It\'s good to know people are still reading. I hope to write the sequel soon. I think about it often. =\\

2012.01.18 - 02:24AM
1: Sariel's Shoppe

Awesome job. Read it all in one go and I'll never look at a flower in the same way ;p

Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Hah... noted. ^_~

2012.01.17 - 12:52PM
18: New Beginnings

Wow! Fantastic job! I have thoroughly enjoyed this story and I'm very much looking forward to anything you write in the future. You are immensely talented!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story. ^_^ I hope you like what I come up with following this.

2012.01.16 - 07:49PM
18: New Beginnings

Yes, reviewing here too!!! Iím still applauding. You know I love every single word of this gorgeous story!!!

Author's Response: Oh, it\'s just you. Haha J/K, you\'re such a babe. ^_^ This story is a prime example of what a difference encouragement can make, and it wouldn\'t be what it is without you. Thank you so much!