Reviews For Appetites

2013.03.02 - 09:30AM
5: Chapter 5

That was terrific! Great job!!!

2011.11.23 - 02:26PM
5: Chapter 5

What a brilliant resolution! The story was great from beginning to end. I expect there will be a kind of epilogue to tie up loose ends? This was a wonderful treat. Thank you for filling my appetite. ^_~

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much. Yes, I\'m not done yet; I think there are some emotional issues to work out. I plan on doing one more chapter to wrap up, and then I might have to do some sort of sequel. Maybe. We\'ll see. Anyway, glad you\'re enjoying it!

2011.11.23 - 01:44PM
5: Chapter 5

Yay, he's free! So glad...and the thing is, if it wasn't for you writing this story, he never would have been freed. All the awards!!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Of course, if it weren\'t for me, the poor dear would never have been in this mess to begin with. I always feel so mean when I put my characters through stuff like this!

2011.11.22 - 07:36PM
5: Chapter 5

Awesome. Very lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you. So glad you liked it!