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2015.11.22 - 10:49PM
6: Chapter 6

Oh, this was beautiful! Brilliant! I adored this story so much!

2013.03.02 - 09:30AM
5: Chapter 5

That was terrific! Great job!!!

2012.08.29 - 02:40AM
6: Chapter 6


Author's Response: Thanks, you\'re very kind!

2011.12.06 - 11:37PM
6: Chapter 6

That story was amazing! To be able to see into the Doctor's mind. To see him vulnerable. It is so easy to understand why he thought the way he did. You expressed it so well! And at the end, just the most adorable thing ever. It gave me a whole new respect for Donna as a companion.
You are an outstanding author!

Author's Response: Thank you! You\'re very kind. I have mixed feelings about this one-- I really enjoyed writing it, but at the same time I kind of cringed at the awfulness of what I put the poor Doctor through. I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

2011.11.28 - 10:47AM
6: Chapter 6

I know I've already given you a shedload of reviews for this story (don't worry, I'm not a stalker), but it's just so enjoyable! Good on ya mate!

Author's Response: There\'s no such thing as too many reviews! Thank you-- I\'m very happy you liked it!

2011.11.27 - 06:24PM
1: Chapter 1

Ooooh, so good. Looking forward to some delicious hurt/comfort!

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I think it\'ll be fun to write the sequel:-).

2011.11.27 - 12:27PM
1: Chapter 1

Just finished the epilogue. It was absolutely wonderful and tragic. No reader could've asked for a more interesting story! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I appreciate the very nice words!

2011.11.26 - 07:56PM
6: Chapter 6

Yes totally need a sequel to this with lots of comforting. Poor Doctor. He really went through it. Enjoyed reading this very much xx

Author's Response: Thanks! So glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I feel like there\'s more to follow up with here, but I wanted this particular story to mostly be about It, so I figured I\'d deal with most of the emotional fallout in a sequel. H/c is always fun to write:-).

2011.11.26 - 04:05PM
6: Chapter 6

That was awesome. I eagerly await the sequel.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! So glad you enjoyed it!

2011.11.23 - 02:26PM
5: Chapter 5

What a brilliant resolution! The story was great from beginning to end. I expect there will be a kind of epilogue to tie up loose ends? This was a wonderful treat. Thank you for filling my appetite. ^_~

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much. Yes, I\'m not done yet; I think there are some emotional issues to work out. I plan on doing one more chapter to wrap up, and then I might have to do some sort of sequel. Maybe. We\'ll see. Anyway, glad you\'re enjoying it!

2011.11.23 - 01:44PM
5: Chapter 5

Yay, he's free! So glad...and the thing is, if it wasn't for you writing this story, he never would have been freed. All the awards!!! :D

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Of course, if it weren\'t for me, the poor dear would never have been in this mess to begin with. I always feel so mean when I put my characters through stuff like this!

2011.11.22 - 07:36PM
5: Chapter 5

Awesome. Very lovely.

Author's Response: Thank you. So glad you liked it!

2011.11.22 - 01:30PM
4: Chapter 4

That It is, sorry, I shouldn't say what I'm thinking. This is my favorite chapter so far! Hope you next one is validated soon! ;)

Author's Response: Heh, the site\'s taking a while to validate today. It\'s a nice long chapter, though. Hope you enjoy it, and I\'m glad you enjoyed this one!

2011.11.21 - 08:39PM
4: Chapter 4

Nooooo. Anxious for more!

Author's Response: Thank you:-).

2011.11.21 - 03:44PM
1: Chapter 1 That was incredible. I've never read a story as well-written as this before. I feel so sorry for the Doctor for having to cope with that much pain, and Donna for having to watch it all. My insides are burning like scorching sand and black coals with hate for It. This was better than was fantastically brilliantly extraordinary. It's a good sign to know that I'll be reading the rest, since I already got through the first three chapters in one go. Gotta add this and you to my favorites' lists. :) ~8~

Author's Response: Oh, dear, you\'ve just made my head so big I can\'t get through the door now. Thank you very much:-). Seriously, I greatly appreciate the very kind words. I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying it!