Reviews For Nappies

2014.03.26 - 12:34PM
1: Chapter 1

Aw, loved this! So very much in character. You can just picture the Doctor flailing about in panic. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading this, I\'m glad you liked it. :)

2013.01.13 - 02:24AM
1: Chapter 1

Hysterical :)
Please write lots more but "the bed where he had lost his virginity"? The first Doctor was a grandfather. Otherwise the story's great

Author's Response: Thank you for reading this. He was, but eleven\'s physical body was a virgin. New body new everything

2011.11.02 - 05:31AM
1: Chapter 1

Funny stuff! How was River pregnant for only a few hours? The shocker with Craig was so funny I nearly fell out of my seat! GREAT story, well done!

Author's Response: I am aorry I didn\'t repond. River was pregnant the usual time she just was gone from Stormcage a few hours. Thanks for your review

2011.10.30 - 12:54PM
1: Chapter 1

I would love to see where this goes. Can imagine Eleven, his son, Craig, and 'Stormy' off out on day trips or something, I am sure they would be a walking disaster lol.