Reviews For Happily Ever After

2012.04.20 - 06:01PM
17: Chapter 17

"Martha is a strong woman"-- is the Doctor really that clueless? This version of Tom is an angry, jealous, vindictive pig capable of any form of vengeful action--well at least River showed up.

Author's Response: So true but he is more concerned with mad scientists and there son. Besides Tim isnt really that bad. He was being brainwashed by the vanishing woman. All will be revealed soon and it will make since and we will get to the romance stuff. Cause I mean we need a romantic break right.

2012.04.20 - 03:04PM
17: Chapter 17

Okay, now River? It's bad enough the Doctor left Martha with Tom...

Author's Response: Im very confused. Is it a good thing or bad? The next chapter is very long and it gets rid of all these extra people and yet brings more problems