Reviews For Happily Ever After

2011.12.16 - 07:34AM
11: Chapter 11

Great chapter. I'm glad that Martha and Jamie both know that Julius is their son.
I just don't get why Martha thought it was the Doctor's fault that her marriage with Tom failed. It is still Tom's fault. He acted like an idiot and accused her of cheating on him without any proof. That Julius really isn't his son doesn't make his behaviour any better. He should have believed Martha.

Author's Response: Tom knew from birth Julius was not his. A big reveal comes later

2011.12.11 - 09:00AM
11: Chapter 11

Oh that sneaky Lily! I am so happy that the Doctor told Martha some of the truth. I am wondering how she will react when he finish telling her everything. I'm glad Jenny is gaining back her strength.

Author's Response: Oh yes because he has secrets.

2011.12.07 - 03:50PM
11: Chapter 11

Well, I'm confused as to who is who. Did the Doctor just tell Martha he was her son?

Author's Response: No. He looked like 11 but it was Julius in the TARDIS he was just bigger

2011.12.05 - 09:16PM
11: Chapter 11

this story is so much fun! I'm happy the Doctor told Martha the truth, at least he's still alive and Julius talked...Awww!

What is Lilly up to?

Author's Response: Lily is up to no good