Reviews For Happily Ever After

2011.11.05 - 08:44PM
6: Chapter 6

OMG I did NOT see that coming. How is Martha going to react once she finds out the truth??

Author's Response: not sure yet of her reaction

2011.10.30 - 09:48PM
6: Chapter 6

Why is Tom still breathing?? And if Jamie is not the metacrisis,nor the Time Lord, then who the F%$! is he?? Oh girl. this is so freaking good please update quick i am on the edge of my seat!!!!!

Author's Response: lol glad ur on the edge of your seat. Working on the new chapter now. Finally the showdown with the Lokni and a Master flashback.

2011.10.30 - 06:42PM
6: Chapter 6

Tom's being a bit of turd. Is he possessed or does your version of Tom belong in a Summer's Eve box? Ewww. And after talking to brilliant Tish, he still has a face. So, if this is not the metecrisis Doctor, who is he?

Author's Response: well he is but isnt. it is complicated and I think I bit off more than I can chew. Hopefully I will pull it off.

2011.10.30 - 06:10PM
6: Chapter 6

Okay, that was very confusing....if Jamie isn't the real Doctor or the Metacrisis then who in the hell is he?

Tom is so full of himself, Tish should've slap the crap out of him, please update soon, I have to know what Tom did to her and who is Jamie?

2011.10.30 - 05:39PM
6: Chapter 6

Okay, now I'm confused. It's not the metacrisis? I can't wait for the explanation.

Tom's acting like an idiot. I wonder why Martha's family is still talking to him.

Please update soon. I literally can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Wow really. Updating soon I promise.