Reviews For Happily Ever After

2012.06.12 - 09:36PM
20: Chapter 20

Poor Martha, my heart ache for her, Tom just needs to go away...Martha doesn't need him...looking forward to the sequel

Author's Response: sequel already sent off to editor. Hope it will be posted soon.

2012.05.23 - 02:51PM
19: Chapter 19

I hope Julius is going to be alright.
Martha will have to save both him and Jamie now.
Please update soon.

Author's Response: this week i promise

2012.05.18 - 12:32AM
19: Chapter 19

okay so let me get this straight, Martha is going to end up with Tom? Why?

Author's Response: OK come on really do you think i\'d do such a thing. Give me some credit.

2012.05.14 - 07:16PM
1: Chapter 1

I am so sorry it took me so long to get around to reading this. I am loving it and will keep reading it when I get time. I hope Jamie and Martha live happily ever after.

Author's Response: That will with a lot of time and through sequels.

2012.05.07 - 03:09PM
18: Chapter 18

Great chapters!

I hope Jamie will be able to save Julius. And then they need to get rid of Tom.
I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Now Tom hasn\'t really done anything since he has been back. He helped Jenny and he\'s been following instructions sort of. Only one chapter left. I started to keep it going and then i realized the story is going to be huge so i will make it a series. So one more chapter and then on to the sequel.

2012.04.29 - 07:16PM
18: Chapter 18

Oh yeah, so River is Jenny! love the twist! I hope Martha/Jenny kick Lily ass! and please get Tom away from Martha, I'm so tired of him!

2012.04.29 - 03:19PM
18: Chapter 18

Yes, the Doctor laughs at archeaologist. Smug git. Love it. I am a little lost as to whom is whose child and how though.

Author's Response: yea this story was is getting complicated but it all will wrap up in a bow and then there will be a sequel

2012.04.20 - 06:01PM
17: Chapter 17

"Martha is a strong woman"-- is the Doctor really that clueless? This version of Tom is an angry, jealous, vindictive pig capable of any form of vengeful action--well at least River showed up.

Author's Response: So true but he is more concerned with mad scientists and there son. Besides Tim isnt really that bad. He was being brainwashed by the vanishing woman. All will be revealed soon and it will make since and we will get to the romance stuff. Cause I mean we need a romantic break right.

2012.04.20 - 03:04PM
17: Chapter 17

Okay, now River? It's bad enough the Doctor left Martha with Tom...

Author's Response: Im very confused. Is it a good thing or bad? The next chapter is very long and it gets rid of all these extra people and yet brings more problems

2012.04.01 - 03:28PM
16: Chapter 16

All I know is that Lily better have her life insurance paid up, because The Doctor/Martha are going to kill her about their children. Although I don't want Tom any where near Martha, it was great that he saved Jenny's life...

Author's Response: yea it was but i guess its time for he to go. Sadly he is going to be around a little while longer

2012.03.31 - 03:42PM
16: Chapter 16

This is still very confusing.
I hope Jenny and Julius will be alright.
Please update soon.

Author's Response: It will make since I promise. Although for amoment I was confused myself.

2012.03.04 - 08:02PM
15: Chapter 15

Aren't aspirin dangerous for Time Lords?
I hope Lily didn't kill Jenny!

2012.03.04 - 02:18PM
15: Chapter 15

I can't wait to find out what Lilly is up to. I hope Jenny will be alright.

Please update soon.

2012.03.02 - 10:14AM
15: Chapter 15

OK I'm assuming the blonde talking to Tom was Lily (even though I have been wrong plenty of times in this story before) but I am dying to know what Lily's plan is and how it involved Julius.

Author's Response: Lol nope not lily. All will be revealed in a longer chapter

2012.01.25 - 04:53PM
14: Chapter 14

Wow I know that will go against everything that Martha and the Doctor stands for to let a child die. I am wonder if they can succeed. I wonder what is wrong with Jamie?

Author's Response: Thats the thing he is not The Doctor but he inserted himself where he once was. Time travel and paradox situations is not good for a metacrisis