Reviews For Mistaken Identity

2011.09.11 - 02:50PM
1: Chapter 1

No I got that part, but it's wonderful because it is very much like something the Master would try to do. Again Brilliant, and Amy's comment at the end was so spot on, especially after last night's episode. She would appreciate the Woman dashing in on horseback to save her man angle.

Author's Response: Phew, that\'s a relief! I loved last night\'s episode - I gave it 10/10 on Gallifrey Base, thought it was utterly brilliant. I hope Tom McCrae writes more DW, I think he gets the characters brilliantly and I\'d love to see how he\'d write the Master...

2011.09.11 - 12:51PM
1: Chapter 1

Brilliant, funny, although before Saxon the Master never had the slightest interest in females-- that is after the only woman he loved betrayed him and that's in the books not the show, but who cares. It is so the Master to drop in on human history and take the opposite side to the Doctor.

Author's Response: Thank you! Though if you thought it actually was the Master then I haven\'t explained it very well... because actually he wasn\'t, the Doctor just thought he was, and tried to restore him through the Chameleon Arch the Master left behind. But I agree, it would be a very Masterly thing to do, and which is probably why the Doctor assumed it was him! I may have to write that story some day... in fact there are a lot of variations on that TBH. How would you like to see my DW/CRIME & PUNISHMENT crossover? (Yes, really!)

Author's Response: Actually, I may have to disagree with you a little about the Master not showing any interest in females... Delgado Master did actually seduce Queen Galleia in \'The Time Monster\' (1972) though it\'s arguable as to whether he was really interested or if it was a means to an end... otherwise I\'d agree with you. The Book you mentioned, \'The Dark Path\' is an intriguing glimpse of early Master, isn\'t it? I know that not everyone considers it canon but its part of my personal canon for the character. Its where we got the name \'Koschei\' for the Master after all, and if you look up the name on Wikipedia i think it was a brilliant invention on the part of the author. I mean, \'Koschei the deathless\' - how more apt could it be?!? Thanks again for your review BTW, I\'m very pleased that you enjoyed it!