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Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

2011.09.16 - 04:31PM
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Author's Response: He maybe out of the deep end but he\'s far from a smooth recovery :)

2011.09.16 - 01:54PM
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Author's Response: :D Thank you for commenting, I\'ve been following all your stories for about a year now :D I feel honoured that you have read one of mine :)

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Author's Response: Hee Hee, everyones favourite ginger temp!

2011.09.11 - 08:39AM
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Author's Response: Spoilers :)

2011.09.03 - 05:07PM
4: A Twist in the Escape Plan

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Author's Response: Next chapter won\'t be up til Tuesday night but hopefully it should be longer than this one :)

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Author's Response: I was always worried about getting Donna\'s personality spot on, whilst keeping up a plot and inventing new ideas. i\'m glad you think I\'m succeeding so far and thank you for reviewing.

2011.09.01 - 10:45PM
3: Friends Reunited

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Author's Response: Donna\'s memories are going to be the least of the Doctor\'s worries in the next few chapters...

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Author's Response: I brought this chapter out early becuase I\'ll be away tonight but the next chapter will either be out on Sunday night or Monday :) Every 3 days is more of a guide line :)

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Author's Response: Then more you shall receive :)

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Author's Response: Next chapter is up Friday morning :) Promise!

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Author's Response: I will be submitting a new chapter every 3 days :)