Reviews For Two by Four

2012.01.10 - 04:02PM
1: Chapter 1

That is officially now one of my favourite phrases for describing Four's appearance ever. :-D

Author's Response: Thank you! This pleases me greatly. :) I\'m determined to make both it and \"sexy demented lizard grin\" enter the common parlance regarding Four. ;)

2011.08.06 - 03:59AM
1: Chapter 1

Four is my role model in all things, so I disagree with the previous review... anyway, cows are the true experts on time scanners.

Author's Response: I take it as a measure of Tom Baker\'s sexiness that he can look like a demented lizard and still be ridiculously magnetic and attractive. Now that\'s sexiness. ;) Cows are indeed the true experts. It\'s a pity he runs into such unhelpful ones.

2011.07.29 - 09:26PM
1: Chapter 1

a demented lizard who has fallen into a charity bin

That's exactly what he looks like!

Author's Response: Glad you agree!