Reviews For To Err is Human

2011.10.22 - 08:18PM
15: Chapter 15

Yeah! So glad to see this update- glad Donna spoke up! Oh, and pretty please for a scene of the Doctor joining Donna in the bath. :-)

2011.10.22 - 07:25PM
1: Chapter 1

I'mma POP you...more! NOW!

2011.10.11 - 11:27AM
14: Chapter 14

I want to kick him. No matter how alien he claims to be, he's so HUMAN MALE sometimes!

2011.10.08 - 11:45PM
14: Chapter 14

Oh that big dummy!!! TALK! TO! HER! And the same to Donna! Loved it - more, please! :)

2011.10.08 - 03:05PM
14: Chapter 14

Knew it, knew it. . .complete and utter prat. :-) Looking forward to the next chapter!

2011.10.02 - 11:43PM
13: Chapter 13

Oh my. *fans self* That was lovely! Nicely done, and well resolved. :)

2011.10.01 - 04:18PM
1: Chapter 1

When I see you pop up in the "Recent" list I literally squeak happily. Awww, poor Donna. They got what they needed, but will they get what they want...?

2011.10.01 - 12:25PM
13: Chapter 13

I was wondering how you were going to resolve the sex stuff - well done! I knew that some of John Smith's reaction had to be coming from the Doctor. Looking forward to seeing just how big a prat the Doctor is going to be about all this.

2011.09.17 - 10:12AM
12: Chapter 12

Wonderful!!! :) I love this story so much! This line, however, is for the win:

"I swear to god, you say 'come play with us' or 'redrum' and I will end you!" threatened Donna, inching around the wall, skillet and rolling pin held high.

2011.09.17 - 09:44AM
12: Chapter 12

Brilliant chapter - I love Donna so much!

2011.09.11 - 02:41PM
11: Chapter 11

Excellent chapter! Keep it coming! :)

2011.09.11 - 11:36AM
11: Chapter 11

Getting exciting. Looking forward to more

2011.09.11 - 02:22AM
1: Chapter 1

I ADORE this story. I hope you continue. The writing style is lovely and the way you've woven a thick veil of sexual tension, angst, pain...just beautiful. I look forward to the next update, which I can only hope will be soon!

2011.09.05 - 09:45PM
10: Chapter 10

More! More I say! :)

2011.09.04 - 12:10AM
10: Chapter 10

This is one of the best Doctor Who stories I have ever read. I can not wait for more, and I love how you portray all the characters.

Half of me wants Donna and The Doctor to stay in 1913 and for The Doctor to have a family with her and live happily ever after.

But the other half of me wants action like the episodes and can not wait for it to kick off to even more exciting levels.

Please update soon.