Reviews For To Err is Human

2015.01.31 - 03:46AM
16: Chapter 16

I stayed up all night reading this story. What perfection. A sad, but hopeful ending, too. Nicely done.

2014.08.08 - 09:26PM
16: Chapter 16

Ok, this hijacked my day it was so amazing. Wonderful writing, a great story and even a nice ending. Really wow.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing throughout! I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

2014.08.08 - 08:40PM
13: Chapter 13


2014.08.08 - 06:51PM
6: Chapter 6

Can't tell you how much I love this. Damnit, I have stuff to do but I can't help but keep reading!!

2014.08.08 - 06:18PM
4: Chapter 4

I fucking love this story. I've never shipped Doctor/Donna but this just makes sense. It's really great, and very funny. Well done!!

2012.12.10 - 07:58PM
16: Chapter 16

thought I'd check out your other stuff while I wait (sort of patiently) for you to write more of Just a Bite, and I'm so glad I did.
This is the first AU of Human Nature I've read with Donna in it, and I loved it :)

Author's Response: Well it took me a long time but I finally added another chapter to Just a Bite. :D

2012.10.29 - 03:51PM
1: Chapter 1

Took me a bit, but i read all the way through it and loved every bit of it!! I'm in the process of trading all your stories and just love your writing style! I hope you do write more soon!

2012.04.08 - 11:01PM
16: Chapter 16

You are stellar. I thoroughly enjoyed your story. The charactors were spot on. I'm glad a random click led me to find your work. Once again, you are simply stellar.

2011.11.07 - 08:19PM
1: Chapter 1

YAY! Now now, sequel time, chop chop. :P

2011.11.07 - 04:49PM
16: Chapter 16

Very sweet - especially loved the ending!!! :) Well done! I hope you do write that sequel!!!!!!

2011.11.07 - 04:34PM
15: Chapter 15

I fell off the earth for a while, but am catching up now and I love it!!!!! :D On to next chapter!!!

2011.11.07 - 01:54PM
16: Chapter 16

Ooohhh I love it! I've read the other chapters but.haven't reviewed till now. I adore your characterization and am so glad to see how this has ended. Fantastic!

2011.11.07 - 01:22PM
16: Chapter 16

That was lovely. Thank you for writing it. It was very much enjoyed. Bonus points for using the word 'glomped'.

2011.10.28 - 03:29PM
15: Chapter 15

I need more of this brain candy please?!?! It's brilliant so far!

2011.10.22 - 11:55PM
15: Chapter 15

Oh why can't I read chapter 16 right now? Please hurry. I am having too much fun. Seriously, well done. This is a pairing I don't usually care for but you won me over.