Reviews For Common Enemies

2012.05.20 - 02:41PM
1: Chapter I

Oh Dr what are we going to do with you???? CAN'T wait to see where you're going with this!

2011.07.31 - 12:25PM
7: Chapter VII

Don't delay...the Doctor can't hold out forever.

2011.07.31 - 07:54AM
6: Chapter VI

He's in trouble again, but the Wraith Queen may find him unbreakable.

2011.07.18 - 05:08AM
4: Chapter IV

I hope they make it out safely, but have a feeling there is more in store for them.

Author's Response: Isn\'t there always?? LOL Thanks for reading and reviewing! I\'m currently working on the 5th chapter so it should be posted soon.

2011.07.15 - 11:38AM
1: Chapter I

oh no, what kind of deal has the self-sacrificing idiot made this time? :(

Author's Response: :) Don\'t worry. I didn\'t actually have him make a self-sacrificing deal this time around. That doesn\'t mean that he won\'t sacrifice himself for another reason though.

2011.07.15 - 02:57AM
3: Chapter III

Love this.....and I think the Doctor is the only person who could shut Rodney up and the Wraith Queen has met her match in the Doctor.

Author's Response: Haha. Yeah I\'m sure he is. I\'m also REALLY sure that he\'s the only person who could make Rodney feel dumb and that would be SO fun to read. *winces* Not sure if I\'ll be able to write that in here since I\'m not really one for science but I may try... Thanks for reading and reviewing!