Reviews For Crumble Cake

2021.07.03 - 09:39PM
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This is do sweet & sad - the little bits of connection, the Doctor not understanding humans... being humans, trying to get them to share. And then then sleeping on either side of him... I loved this fic. Thank you so much for it!

2008.05.27 - 07:27PM
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Fantastic. I admit I'm missing huge chunks of the NA lore, most of my exposure to Benny coming from audios and most of what I know of Ace coming from TV canon, but stick these two in a trench—especially if it's the umpteenth trench—and, oh, yes, this is an extrapolation I can see. Vivid and thoroughly enjoyable, even when it isn't pleasant.

"If I step on a mine I'll be sure to splatter something icky on you," she called out

Nitpick: missing a full stop there.

Anyway, you're on Calufrax.

2003.09.12 - 08:09AM
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Really good story! Interesting choice of pairing.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it! Almost everything we saw of Ace and Benny's relationship was mediated through the Doctor, I thought I'd try making them confront each other head-to-head, as it were.