Reviews For A Time To Heal

2016.06.25 - 10:37PM
1: A Time To Heal

War Games fix it is so important and this is is such a good one! And poor Martha too, I felt so sorry for her in that first bit- she's learning that there's all these opportunities to read ahead, but time travelling with the Doctor is just always going to be trouble instead. As Jamie could now tell her! Your grasp on the characters is impeccable (like, not only does this feel like 10 it feels like Series 3 10 specifically), and so so wonderful- the Doctor kissing Jamie's forehead was particularly sweet, and his description of how brilliant Jamie was and you're absolutely right he deserves to remember that! A beautiful ending too. Thank you so much for writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your kind words! I'm really glad you enjoyed it--I always thought Jamie deserved better, and still maintain there's time for some kind of fix-it in an episode.

2012.02.20 - 07:54PM
1: A Time To Heal

I honestly cried a little. I just finished The War Games not too long ago, and I'm still really upset about it. Thank you for this fic.

Author's Response: I think even when you know the ending of the War Games is coming, it still packs a punch when you actually see it. I figured if nothing else, I could soften the blow. I actually cried a bit when I was writing this, so thanks for the touching review.

2011.09.23 - 06:06PM
1: A Time To Heal

This is a lovely piece! I've always hated Jamie and Zoe's fate with a passion, you're right it's beyond cruel-the pair of them (in my opinion) learnt the most during their travels with the Doctor and this a fantastic fix you've written, dealing nicely with Jamie and the Doctor's relationship whilst sliding in a bit more about the Doctor and Martha. All in all, Magnificent! :D

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I think everyone who has watched the War Games must have their own amended ending in their head. I\'m glad you liked my rendering of it. I agree that these two-Jamie especially-did learn the most with him, and they deserved a happier ending.

2011.06.23 - 01:00AM
1: A Time To Heal

Very sweet...

The only thing that threw me was the reference to a bench - in the middle of a battlefield...

Author's Response: In hindsight, that is a fair point...I suppose I was thinking they would need something to sit on at the camp, but you\'re right, that does seem a bit permanent. Glad you liked the rest of it, though!

2011.06.22 - 08:01PM
1: A Time To Heal

I knowwww~ Stupid Time Lords.
I am looking forward to Eleven meeting some of his olds...

Author's Response: I was so mad at the Time Lords for that. I mean, sure, send them back--the actors had to leave the show somehow--but the memory loss was just cruel. But yes, Eleven meeting some old friends should be wonderful. I\'m pulling for Jamie and Zoe--somewhat more grownup, of course.