2011.12.13 - 07:05AM
1: Chapter 1

Hooray - bunk beds for all! Was almost thrown by the bit with the trap, but no fear- it all made sense in the end!

Author's Response: That\'s the important part. Thanks for reading! :-)

2011.08.17 - 07:53PM
1: Chapter 1

This made me giggle. I for one think he knew exactly what he was doing.

Author's Response: Entirely possible. *g*

2011.07.10 - 11:25PM
1: Chapter 1

Gods, he's thick! LOL Yes, in my head, this is now exactly how it happened!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2011.06.23 - 12:24AM
1: Chapter 1

LOL. The Doctor IS an alien after all, so he's a bit thick where human sexuality is concerned.

Author's Response: Eleven in particular just seems like he could genuinely walk in on them and it would take him ninety seconds or so to catch on. *g*