2012.12.26 - 01:35PM
13: Chapter 13

I finally got around to reading this, and did so in one sitting. It's beautifully written love, and fits perfectly just after WoM, where Ten must have been quite a mess emotionally. I'll read the rest of the series as soon as I can :)

Author's Response: I\'m elated that you read it! I hope you enjoy my stuff as I have a high opinion of you!

2012.11.18 - 11:56PM
13: Chapter 13

I agree with the first review, beautifully written tale of passion and love. Some people might call it smut, I call it the previous name, altho it is explicit. The love between the characters and their caring during sex makes all the difference. AND it healed the Doctor.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! They do love each other deeply...I just wish it was canon!

2012.11.18 - 11:39PM
11: Chapter 11

Absolutely achingly sweet. Love it, tho. I was surprised Jack hadn't turned him over his knee and spanked him.

Author's Response: Patience! XD

2012.11.18 - 11:21PM
10: Chapter 10

You almost had me crying. Jack's love and assertiveness helped him. Ianto and Martha: never ever thought of that pairing. Hmmm, very imaginative.

Author's Response: Ianto needs love and Martha deserves better than Tom IMO!

2012.11.18 - 11:13PM
9: Chapter 9

Love the action, the Doctor is so bad-ass and so willing to save the day as usual. Coming back to himself. Untested brain regenerator...instead of degenerator: brilliant.

Author's Response: Thant\'s my Tenny! He\'s no dummy for sure!

2012.11.18 - 11:06PM
8: Chapter 8

Torchwood has always been a group of voyeurs. Can't believe they watched. I love the way you have written the happy Doctor. I'm waiting for Ianto to react.

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying this!

2012.11.18 - 10:52PM
7: Chapter 7

So good and so sexy. And Jack is insatiable. (As is, so it seems the Doctor)
Ianto will be good with what is happening, and since he is mortal, it's good for Jack to share himself.

Author's Response: I don\'t like Ianto acting like a stroppy 14 year old jealous girl. He\'s a *man*.

2012.11.18 - 10:39PM
6: Chapter 6

Romantic AND hot. Really nice. Did you invent the extra Time Lord organs?

Author's Response: No, The Doctor has extra pancreases and other organs as well as more brain matter.

2012.11.18 - 10:20PM
5: Chapter 5

You are such a tease, drawing all of this out so long. And Ianto--interesting that he is attracted to the Doctor and wouldn't mind bedding him as well... And, it takes 2 males to stimulate the reproductive organs on a Time Lord??? HMMMMM

Author's Response: Actually is takes to males to stimulate a Time Lady, but it would work the other way too, I imagine.

2012.11.18 - 10:10PM
3: Chapter 3

So cute, a blushing 10. And Jack so authoritative. MMMMM.

2012.11.18 - 10:05PM
2: Chapter 2

Oh, no the Doctor is keeping a bit of interesting sexual anatomy to himself while allowing himself to be kissed by Jack. No fair.

2012.11.18 - 09:59PM
1: Chapter 1

This story is just right. Jack is so himself, so adores the Doctor and doesn't want to make a wrong step. It IS difficult to tell if the Doctor wants sexual advances or not. Jack has always only wanted willing partners.

2012.02.17 - 09:45AM
13: Chapter 13

Just read the whole story in one sitting. This is so incredibly beautiful. So much love and passion. I love how you write Jack and Ten.

I'l have to wait to read the rest as I have to go to work now.

Author's Response: *is gobsmacked* You have made me a very happy writer, my friend!

2011.12.12 - 09:53PM
13: Chapter 13

aw so adorable! they're so lovey. thanks for the sweetness.

Author's Response: You\'re very welcome and thanks for the read/review! Keep an eye out for the sequel!

2011.12.04 - 07:55PM
1: Chapter 1

Absolutely superb story. Loved every part of it. Pretty hot in places as well ;-) Looking forward to the sequel. Hope you have a good christmas.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! And many happy returns!