Reviews For Falling Slowly

2019.02.27 - 10:42PM
22: Chapter 22

The end of this chapter is so darling and intimate. It reminds me of the trepidation I felt in young romances. So sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

2016.08.09 - 11:56AM
31: Chapter 31

LOL and now I'm here to say I re-read this after Duplicity and had to say I love this again and again!! Are there anymore stories from this series or are you finished? No pressure but I'd love to see a one-off story about one of their other days in Antigua (the first time they are there). Just my goofy thoughts. 😊 Anyways, thanks again also for this series. I always come back to re-read again and again.

Author's Response: That is so good to hear! Thank you! I'm thrilled to know it's still being enjoyed. No additional story plans as of now, but never say never. :) I do like your idea, so who knows...?

2015.08.08 - 08:26PM
31: Chapter 31

Wow. This whole story is pretty much how I see Ten/Rose happening. It was so beautiful, I think I'll have to read it again. P.S. THANK YOU JACK!!!

Author's Response: Aww, I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you!! And yes, thank Jack, too. ;)

2015.05.06 - 03:32AM
1: Chapter 1

Loved it. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank YOU! I\'m so glad you enjoyed it! :)

2015.02.01 - 06:37AM
1: Chapter 1

I have just read this in one huge massive feast of delight... I genuinely thought that I had read and reviewed before, but can't see that I had! I loved loved loved that. Falling so beautifully... happy sighs here. For everything that they had to go through to get to where they did? Worth it. Totally worth it. The thing that made me so sure that I had read it was the missing scene of them , walking to Jackie's flat, their firmly clasped hands swinging between them... looking soooo happy. I was sure that we had a convo of sorts about it! Garrghhh just me!! Anyway - suffice to say, that really was just perfect. And Jack? Great solution, really great solution. Need a breather and then am happily heading off to the sequel(s).

Author's Response: I am so delighted to know you\'ve enjoyed it, and I appreciate your lovely review so very much! *smiles* Thank you, dear Vicky!

2014.12.18 - 03:18PM
30: Chapter 30

Oh I could kiss you for this, my heart was breaking right along with Rose and I broke into the biggest smile when Jack appeared ... I love your fix it :)

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you! I always wished this had actually happened. I\'ll just tell myself it did. ;)

2014.12.18 - 02:48AM
27: Chapter 27

I don't know now if I want to read the remaining chapters, I just don't want you to break my heart with Doomsday :(

*deep breathe* I can do this, I can be strong for them and cling to the knowledge that everything has to work out OK with them as there is so much more to read about them

Author's Response: Hang in there! And remember I\'m a sucker for happy endings... :)

2014.12.18 - 02:13AM
26: Chapter 26

Oh my this chapter and the last one were so seriously hot but oh so romantic as well ... So glad that they got to this point and I'm looking forward to what happens next ... especially with so much more in the series to read

PS: I knew the specs of sex had to be involved

Author's Response: Thank you! They certainly took their time getting here. But they knew how to make up for it. ;) And those specs of sex just HAD to make a worthy appearance!

2014.12.17 - 06:39AM
18: Chapter 18

Gah ... Doctor what have you done ... the jeans of hotness were really working their mojo but then it all collapsed ... aaaahhhh I know what happened he wasn't wearing the specs of sex ... obviously he needs both to gets this right ;)

Author's Response: The specs of! *grins* They certainly might have helped things along. ;)

2014.12.17 - 05:57AM
14: Chapter 14

But no how could you do this to our poor babies ... that Linda is an awful woman ... and now Rose is going to cry and the Doctor is not going to know what is going on ... I can sense a whole bunch of upsetness coming over the next few chapters ... hopefully the jeans of hotness and the specs of sex will be involved in clearing the situation up

PS I'm completely hooked and so very glad to be able to plow through the cliffhangers rather than having to wait through a week of torture to find out what happens next :)

Author's Response: :D I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying it! In spite of the angst and *shudders* Linda. And gotta love no wait time between chapters. ;)

2014.12.16 - 06:40PM
4: Chapter 4

Hello WhoMe *waves*

Thought I'd start reading this series and reading this chapter just had to stop and leave a comment

I love the flirty Doctor and how you worked in the lines from Cassandra and Rose's response back was perfect ... I have the biggest smile on my face now, I'm so looking forward to reading the chapter where these jeans make a reappearance :)

Author's Response: *waves back* I\'m glad it gave you a smile! Flirty Doctor is the BEST. And those jeans just HAD to make a reappearance. ;)

2014.08.10 - 02:38AM
1: Chapter 1

I've only just read the first book but I couldn't help but write something before I start down the rest of the series.

This book was something very special for me. I've never really read fanfic before, and I'm not even really sure how I stumbled onto your story, but I'm glad I did.

I love these two characters. I've loved their pairing more than any other in all the film and tv I've watched and I thought their end on the show just was...I don't know..but it wasn't what I wanted.

I've just read this story and it was exactly what I needed from those two. It's written masterfully by someone that knows these characters inside and out and it shows all over the book. From Rose's "yeah's?" to the Doctor's neck rubbing and ear pulling. The dialogue doesn't feel stunted or forced; it feels just like how these two would react to each other.

Throughout the story I started to feel like Rose with her frustration that he just wouldn't get on board. She kept hoping and hoping and waiting, just like I did. Toward the end I was getting as frustrated as her at his reluctance. Even as he finally gave in, it still didn't happen all at once. You still pulled the strings tightly, making me wait even more before the outpouring began.

Then the big love was perfect. It was provocative and beautiful and never got raunchy. It was the kind of love scene every person in the world would hope to have one day and by the time it was over, it was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. A tremendous effort.

And finally, the thing that makes me the most happy about this story. It had a happy ending. I'm really tired of every thing these days trying to get an emotional response by being tragic. I got the big, happy ending I wanted for those two and I can't wait to move on and read more.

You've made a great thing. You wrote a beautiful piece of literature and left me needing more. Seriously, thank you for what you did here. It was one of the best spent days I can remember for a long time. I can't wait to read the rest of your catalog. Thank you.

Author's Response: Wow. It\'s difficult to give adequate thanks for such a review. But truly, thank you. Your beautiful words have reminded me why I put in the time to share my imagination, and why doing so is worthwhile. I, too, adore this one-of-a-kind couple, and it\'s a joy to share in that with others who feel the same way. Thank you so VERY much, again!

2014.05.23 - 08:01AM
31: Chapter 31

I LOVE this! And that is a good way of getting Rose back to him honestly I don't know why he never thought of it. Way to go Jack!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

2013.10.19 - 12:50PM
22: Chapter 22

Get out of town! :) I was just re-reading this one, because I was missing that 'magic' you always bring to your writing and this is one of my favorites (and one of the first fanfics I read). And then I get a new story notice! (squeals into hands)
I absolutely love this story, though; this must be my third or fourth read. I've always loved those quietly intimate moments best, where they know but haven't said, and yours are gorgeous. (sighs)
(scampers off to read your latest :)

Author's Response: What perfect timing! :D And I\'m so flattered by your kind words for this story. Thank you!! Hearing it\'s been enjoyed and re-read is an honor indeed. I\'m such a sucker for romance myself, so I\'m glad to hear you\'ve enjoyed those moments, too. :)

2013.10.05 - 02:30PM
31: Chapter 31

I love this story!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I\'m so glad to know you\'ve read and enjoyed it.