2015.11.12 - 12:01AM
1: Worst Bedtime Story Ever

Poor Master. He just can't understand what he does wrong in the Doctor's eyes, and The Doctor won't consider what motivates The Master to do what he does : love at cross purposes.

What could have been should be written on both their tombs. *sighs*

2015.08.12 - 11:59PM
1: Worst Bedtime Story Ever

A hand-wavy set-up gives the Doctor/Master story from the Master's perspective. It's allegorical form is typical Master, as is the slant he gives their relationship. I liked the throw-away line about him taking a few sheep out of spite, because from the sheperd's perspective, the sheep are important.

The interruptions were all very funny, and the abrupt ending of the story was perfect. The Master's agreement that it wasn't a good story is unexpectedly poignant -- wrapped up in a sense of what might have been.

2011.05.18 - 05:32PM
1: Worst Bedtime Story Ever

Great version of the story of the Master and the Doctor, from the Master's POV. :-)