Reviews For I Am... the Doctor

2011.05.02 - 05:45AM
1: Chapter 1

Love this. He will always be the Doctor.

Author's Response: Thank you! And, oh yes... forever... :)

2011.05.01 - 02:32PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh yes - he really is. The one and the only. Loved these so much Vicky :-)

Author's Response: Thanks so much ree! He really truly is! And we really wouldn\'t have it any other way! ;)

2011.05.01 - 01:52PM
1: Chapter 1


Author's Response: Oh! Every time... every single time!

2011.05.01 - 01:47PM
1: Chapter 1

Doctor Strange? Or did he hack into the quiz?

Author's Response: Doctor Strange?? frin just googled for me as I hadn\'t a clue who he was! Nope!!! He is the Doctor... pure an simple... that is the answer that the quiz gave me!!

2011.05.01 - 01:45PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh yes!

I've enjoyed this whole series so much!

Author's Response: Thank you... was very worried about your late nights/early mornings and migraines... but am glad that I made you laugh and smile too!

2011.05.01 - 01:32PM
1: Chapter 1

Yay, he is the greatest superhero ever! :)

Author's Response: But of course... and we wouldn\'t have it any other way... would we!!! Thank you!!! ;)

Author's Response:

2011.05.01 - 01:17PM
1: Chapter 1

Aw... thanks for the dedication SOM... I am very pleased that he is and he would be so smug about it too, wouldn't he? Loved this series and I think this was a brilliant... nay... fantastic... finarliee for it!! XXXX

Author's Response: You really are more than welcome. Loved doing this... was actually quite hard work... pretending to be that character taking a quiz... but fun too! Thanks SOM, thanks so much! XXXXX

2011.05.01 - 01:15PM
1: Chapter 1

A great finish to the story. The Doctor is the only super hero in my mind. :) He just needs a cape, and maybe the TARDIS can get one too. :D

Author's Response: That\'s really kind of you... guess that there really could be only one superhero in this particular world! And it is him! Thanks :)

2011.05.01 - 01:12PM
1: Chapter 1

YAY!!!!! Loved this one. Is it the last of this series? Not that this isn't a great series, but this seems to be the pinnacle.

Loved how he was watching from the shadows.

Author's Response: Oh thank you... I guess that it must be! And thank you once more!