Reviews For I Am Yoda

2011.04.28 - 03:53PM
1: Chapter 1

I get it! Rose is Yoda Mickey is Luke Skywalker, Jack is Han Solo and the the Doctor is Chewbacca the wookie?

Author's Response: OMG! Noooo.... the Doctor? Chewbacca? Well, only if the quiz came up with that answer I suppose!!!! Jack... Han? Mebbe... Mickey so is Luke... or C3PO!!!!

2011.04.28 - 02:22AM
1: Chapter 1

lol - I love that Vicky. Do we get to find out which character he is??? Please :-)

Author's Response: We do ree... we really do! Thank you!!! :)

2011.04.27 - 01:45PM
1: Chapter 1

"All of time and space see, can I.

"Why so disco does it look?"

"My gun, d'ya like?"

"But you he is not!"

"Turn left, you must."

I had better stop :)-

Author's Response: No... you don\'t have to... really! I did like that... much... I did! You... I will be thanking! ;)

2011.04.27 - 01:42PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh yes, which ishe? Very funny... I have a really good feeling about these... som XXXXX

Author's Response: A good feeling.... well, that\'s good!!! And talking a bit of the old Yoda there too! Fantastic! Thank you SOM XXXXX

2011.04.27 - 04:48AM
1: Chapter 1

Not that I would admit taking them, of course, but I've seen those and my burning question is who does the Doctor turn out to be? You brought a smile to my face, which isn't easy to do at 4:30am.

Author's Response: Of course not, she responds smoothly. Mmm, you\'ll have to wait... tho... personally, patently obvious!!!! Am happy to have done that... why up at that time??!!!

2011.04.26 - 08:52PM
1: Chapter 1

Giggles. Would it be bad to admit I took the which Doctor are you quiz? Very cute.

Author's Response: Nope... not at all. I could say that I have taken many in the interests of this series... but... Thank you!