2016.04.07 - 07:37PM
1: Chapter 1

Is the word he'll be choking on for the rest of his life. Love?

He doesn't love Rose, still he's going to give it a try, but even he thinks it's not going to work out?

Personally, I don't think Tentoo and Rose pairing would work out in the long run. The slow, day by day everyday life would break them apart, not bring them together. In their very last scene in J.E. (Rose/10too) there wasn't one glimmer of a hopeful smile between them. She wasn't falling in love with him, but she did look like she had bitten into something sour.

Too many of the 10too/Rose are too sweet, of what I've read. His darkness is rarely explored, in any true depth. Many are sappy Harlequin sci-fi romance paperbacks with predictable, "Happily Ever After's" in them.
By the end of Rose's story with the Doctor, she grew from a bright eyed, naive shop girl into a grown-up battle harden, willing to shoot a gun soldier, who's had seen darkness that it has (out side of the Doctor) she was starting to harden her heart.

By the way, have you ever consider doing a 10too becomes/is the Valeyard fic? I know you would do a great job on it. Maybe have Rose finally grow-up and shake off the nativity you see in her?

Author's Response: I've been writing Buffyfic lately, and I really never liked Rose much. It's hard to want to delve that deeply into her character, though I had to a bit to figure out what the Doctor saw in her. I didn't want to just DISMISS that they had something. They clearly had SOMETHING, though what that was and what it meant was... open to interpretation. For New Who (ten in particular) I actually saw Martha as being closer to devoted than I ever saw Rose. And I saw Donna as being exactly what he really needed. Rose... she just annoyed me. I never thought she and Ten-Too would actually be happy. I never thought Ten-Too would be happy on earth at all -- here he was, trapped in the wrong universe. He'd make something happen eventually, but I didn't think he and Rose would just stroll off into the sunset together, even WITH a human libido. I don't really believe in happy ever afters. Not with people like the Doctor. The universe is too big for an Ever After.

2015.12.29 - 12:24PM
1: Chapter 1

Really loved this story. I never really liked 10's solution for Rose. Too convenient. Too..."I've got just the thing!". He loves humans, but was never too good at understanding their hearts, was he?

Author's Response: No, and I really don't think this is going to make Handy ultimately happy. But hell. It's a good try.

2015.02.15 - 11:08PM
1: Chapter 1

"I couldn't say it then. I can't say what I want to now. There was only one word I couldn't say before. Now I'll be choking a lifetime of them."

This takes my breath away.

A while back I saw a drawing of Rose and Handy Doctor sitting on a couch, heads together, watching TV. The caption said, "Happily ever after."

I can't see that at all. There's no way the Doctor, let alone a version of him born in battle would be content sitting around the rest of his life - and from his perspective it's gonna be a short one.

Your take on this moment speaks his pain, confusion, frustration at staying behind so beautifully. While I'm quite the Doctor
/Rose shipper, I just can't see this ending as well as RTD wants me to.

Author's Response: You know, I am not, and never have been, a Doctor/Rose shipper, mainly because Rose drove me crazy, and expected so much devotion from a man who quite literally has been known to walk away from his companions without a backward glance, and never mentioning them again. Compared to Leela, Sarah Jane, Jamie, and for god\'s sake, Romana, she was nothing. But she was given such weight in cannon, I had to try and figure out WHY. I couldn\'t just dismiss her, as much as I would have liked to. Anyway, I\'m glad that a devoted shipper liked this story anyway. Thanks for telling me!

2014.06.09 - 08:40PM
1: Chapter 1

Wow. This was amazing! I'm definitely not a Doctor/Rose fan, and this finally articulated why, in such a beautiful way.
You are sad for him, but for yourself, this is all youíve ever wanted. And for yourself, yourself is all that has ever mattered, in the end. Your beautiful self-centeredness.
This- Yes! That's what I thought but couldn't find the right words for!
You made me say what a Time Lord cannot honestly say, spout out a word that means nothing in itself. But Iím human now. So the human word is mine.
That was beautiful! And so heartbreaking for him! I hated the fact I felt he didn't get a choice whether or not to stay with her, everyone else just assumed he wanted that.
Your single self-centered vision turned me into what you saw me as ó a hero, a strength, a force for good. You were so blind you could not see the murderer, the sociopath, the destroyer of worlds. You cut them out of the picture. And I let you, because I didnít want it. Can you see me as happy? Will you cut out of the picture everything that I have lost, how I am diminished? Will I again become what you want me to be?
Finally! Obviously, we're all fond of the Doctor, but he is a murderer and a psychopath with a serious God complex, not just the playmate Rose always treated him as!
(Side note, I'm currently revising/editing a story that deals with this situation, not that it can ever compete with this level of depth or clarity, but you basically said in less than a thousand words what is several chapters for me so far).
I just want to re-quote this entire thing and tell you how brilliant, heartbreaking, and amazing it is. Wow.

Author's Response: Thanks for the excellent review! I couldn\'t have written several chapters of this -- I couldn\'t focus on Rose that deeply. I never liked her much, but I understood her, and I eventually understood what the Doctor saw in her. It wasn\'t anything I would ever have needed or wanted, but it was what he needed, at the time. A cheerleader. Thanks again!

2013.11.11 - 01:58AM
1: Chapter 1

An interesting point of view, Iíd say. Iíve never really thought what the Duplicate might feel at this single moment of time. That didnít really matter, cozí yeah, youíre right, heís not the doctor. Heís not the better version of him, orÖ is he? I mean, come on, all the monsters, demons etc.. being transformed into humans at the end as the time passed changed into better version of themselves. I bet the Duplicate will. Actually, I think he might have children after all, start a new race etcÖ but now heís half broken, and there is only a Rose to help him to survive. Sad, isnít it? But once Rose was ready to give up on everything just because of the Doctor, now itís the Doctorís time to sacrifice himself for Rose.

Author's Response: Maybe. Mostly, I think he was just being kind. Thanks!

2012.10.07 - 12:00PM
1: Chapter 1

:O I love this! Great story! It's a refreshing change of pace from the sappy love that usually happens (although, I must admit, I'm a huge fan of the sappy love. Can't help it). Again, the ending is thought provoking and fulfilling at the same time; like a deep, hard, impact against the belly of a large drum.

Author's Response: Hey, that was beautiful. Quite poetic, actually.

2012.07.28 - 05:33PM
1: Chapter 1

This is beautiful and poignant and perfectly bittersweet. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you.

2012.05.21 - 09:44PM
1: Chapter 1

This is an interesting little fic indeed. I really like your take on the Rose/Doctor relationship, especially having read "Find Me." She's immature and utterly blind to his faults and his history, and that's probably why he likes her so well.

I like TenII's musings on the meaning (or lack thereof) of the word "love" in particular. This is an excellent piece that has me thinking.

Author's Response: I at one time wanted to write something all sweet and saccarine from Rose\'s point of view, but it became clear to me the moment I actually started THINKING about it that it\'s a really harsh reality he\'s been dropped into. (Also, Rose\'s thought process isn\'t really interesting enough to base much story on -- sorry, Rose fans.) I\'m glad it made you think. Thanks for letting me know!

2012.03.29 - 03:39PM
1: Chapter 1

The most convincing argument I heard for TenII being happy to stay on the linear path with Rose was that he had so much of Donna in him and all Donna wanted was to settle down and have a family. I'm still not entirely convinced though, the Doctor spoke of it almost as a punishment for killing the Daleks (a bit rich!). Love the story, makes ya think. x

Author's Response: I suppose... Thanks for the review! I love it when people read.

2012.03.01 - 07:44PM
1: Chapter 1

I agree...especially given your "Find Me" fic. I've had a Rose/Metacrisis idea brewing in the back of my head for a while...Rose would have to decide if she wanted the Doctor or the trips, while the Doctor would have to decide if one life was really enough.

Author's Response: It wouldn\'t be. But he has a little Donna in him -- maybe that would temper him. (Yeah, right!)

2011.07.10 - 07:40AM
1: Chapter 1

I really like this. As much as I adore a good Ten/Rose or Nine/Rose fic, I think the 'everlasting love' thing is a tad too unrealistic. Or maybe I'm not entirely a romantic at heart.

But I really do love this, the darker twist you've put to what's supposed to be a happily ever after. In a sense, Alt!Ten's got what he wanted - at the cost of everything he's ever had. And there's got to be some turbulence in dealing with becoming *human* and I think you've expressed that rather well :)

Author's Response: Thanks. The issue I\'ve always had with Rose Tyler is that she was not his first, or most interesting, companion. So how can people think she\'s the end-all and be-all of his existance? I had to think about why he would care for her at all, and when I look I can see it... but this \"Always\" and \"most important\" BS is something I just can\'t swallow. Compared to Sarah Jane or Romana or Peri, even, I just don\'t see Rose as being that important in his life. Even Donna seems more important in his life than Rose ever did. Martha went through more for him than just about anyone. It makes the everlasting Rose people seem very young and unobservant to me. Rose was written to draw in the new generation, and she did that. But that\'s all she is, in my opinion. This character essay asside, thanks for the review, and I\'m glad you liked it.

2011.03.22 - 11:48PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh my god I just got shivers. Thank you so much for that.

Author's Response: Thanks back.

2011.03.22 - 10:31PM
1: Chapter 1

That was amazing. I tried writing a handy fanfic before but I couldn't get the tone right. I always felt that Handy was doomed, rather than saved . . .

Author's Response: Handy? Okay, never heard him called that before. I just thought, compared to all the humans he has known, Rose was never the center of his universe. The Tardis was, really. So... now what is he?

2011.03.22 - 08:35PM
1: Chapter 1

This was...beautiful and sad. And brilliant and perfect. I loved it.

Author's Response: Wow. I was afraid the militant Rose fans would lynch me. This is nicer than that. Thanks.