Reviews For Hearts & Flowers

2011.04.19 - 02:45PM
1: Chapter 1

What a perfect middle name for River. Actually, it should have been her first name!

Loved this fic, though! :D

2011.03.22 - 11:29PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm so glad you found and ressurected this story - it was brilliant. The banter between them is so believable, funny, occaisionally saucy and tiny bit sad. Hope you have more up your sleeve! Cheers, Jamie.

2011.03.21 - 07:50PM
1: Chapter 1

I love that you made River's middle name Mary Sue! This was sweet, and very in character.

2011.03.21 - 05:09PM
1: Chapter 1

I really liked this one. Sweet n a bit dappy, just like Eleven.

2011.03.21 - 04:48PM
1: Chapter 1

I love your writing. This is my favourite bit:
"Age is nothing but a number, River."
"And how long have you been nine hundred years old? Must be half a century by this point."

2011.03.21 - 04:41PM
1: Chapter 1

Love your eleven, love your River. Just love it love it love it!

2011.03.21 - 01:24PM
1: Chapter 1

Eleven is just adorable here! And love the nod to the first Doctor.

2011.03.21 - 10:57AM
1: Chapter 1

Just had to say how much I love your writing. You not only capture the character voices so well, but your prose is also a pleasure to read. Always a good day when you have a new story posted.