2012.04.05 - 09:24PM
1: Chapter 1

Eve informed me that there was more of this series so I had to come over and check. This resulted in me downloading the entire series, converting it to plain text, and re-reading it one line at a time on my phone over the course of a week. The eye-strain was completely worth it. This fic series is utterly amazing. I've read it through at least four times now and I'm thrilled to see REG!Nine with a new companion. Your subtle handling of his recovery from what happened to Jasmine combined with the witty dialogue and great plots is always a pleasure to read.

2012.03.23 - 05:52PM
1: Chapter 1

Apparently it took me a little while to get back to this story. I just finished it now and oh gee, hey, I happen to be recc-ing for calufrax this week and oh gee, hey, this story and its two new predecessors (since my last rec of this series) are brilliant as always. So I gave it a shout out.

I love Angela. I also love the twist in this one, and the cameo at the end broke my heart. And “Did you just use feminine wiles on him?” and "HAI!" and the shout out to Bessie, and the horror of the Doctor having to confront all of his past mistakes, and of course Angela goes with him.

I love this series to bits. Honestly, it is some of the best Doctor Who serials and stories I've encountered, and that includes TV, fanfic, movies, books, comics, etc.

Thanks for sharing :D

Author's Response: Thankyou Eve, that made my day :-) I confess I thought I was probably done with this series since no one really remembers Scream of the Shalka now anyway. But it\'s surprising how little encouragement it takes to get me to consider changing my mind!

2011.03.01 - 09:52PM
2: Chapter 2

Oh good, I was afraid it might be the end after the previous story.

Also, loved the bit about the Brig. So sad to hear of Nick Courtney's passing and this seemed very much like something the Doctor would say... I could almost hear echoes of the Third Doctor in it.

2011.03.01 - 05:50PM
5: Chapter 5

Yipes! Creepy! PS: I am really liking Angela a lot. :D

2011.02.27 - 08:00AM
2: Chapter 2

So glad to see another installment! :D Intriguing so far. And I love the way you write dialogue; it just sparkles!