2017.04.05 - 06:57AM
1: Chapter 1

Hello, Sarah... I'm back after a long three/four year gap and found this little gem while having a perusal... I have to tell you, it made me proper cry... I love your Nine and Rose's trip down memory lane... only just realised where it was headed when they got to that wall... then that opened up the flood gates and even when Eleven came out of hiding I felt bereft (and yes, I finally came round to him too) It was extremely well done and I hope you see this, another blast from the past stopping by to say hello XXX

2013.08.18 - 05:06AM
1: Chapter 1

Well done. I always like to think that the Doctor has reached closure on Rose, especially when say he says "I can help Rose Tyler with her homework." As much as Rose and The Doctor are my otp, Rose has her Doctor and the Doctor in the proper universe needs to move on and be happy. This shows that he will be ok. Bravo.

2013.02.01 - 09:48AM
1: Chapter 1

This brought tears to my eyes. This was really good. I'm a Doctor/Rose shipper til the end but I loved how you gave Eleven closure because it bothers me how he doesn't seem to remember all his past companions. Although I'm under the impression that he was thinking aout Rose in The Christmas Carol and that he really didn't marry river song or truly love her like a lover but more as a friend.

Again, I really enjoyed this. Bravo!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Writing this started out as a very loose idea and there was no intention whatsoever to include Eleven at the end, but it just felt so desolate and empty ending with the TARDIS doors closing - we all know what happened, it was sad enough. I like to think that Eleven saw it and that he is fine. He had his time with Rose and now it\'s over. He misses her and rightly so, but he\'s a new man with a new bow tie and he can begin to move on. I also like to believe that he was referencing Rose in the Christmas Carol. I think he finds River intriguing and loves her in his own way. I like to think that he\'ll always hold a special spot in his hearts for Rose but to me it would be even more tragic if he continued to love her as much as Ten did, because he can never have her. Oh Doctor Who puts our hearts through the ringer doesn\'t it? Thank you very, very much for the review!

2011.04.20 - 06:57AM
1: Chapter 1

that one got me thinking...thanks for writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading! I\'ve been feeling quite nostalgic lately. I miss Who from my life, period. I really miss Nine and Ten at the moment. That era and history. Can\'t wait until Saturday when it returns to us! :D

2011.03.05 - 03:24PM
1: Chapter 1

I forgot to mention that I loved your Author's Note. Brilliant introduction to your story. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I\'ve heard that series 6 is supposed to wallop us with drama so perhaps it is just the Doctor\'s fate that he can never be truly happy for long. I\'ll keep hoping though. It did make me think back, 9 was dark but there were so many wonderful moments with Rose. 10 was manic and wonderful until he lost Rose and then seemed to go off the rails more and more - but even saying that, he had some good ol laughs with Martha and Donna. I do think it\'s right that Eleven at least acknowledge what came before. Oh this reminded me of something else...oh dear it\'s going to become a rant of a response. I loved series 5 - absolutely loved it. The crack, brilliant and dramatic. But...I\'m sorry, I can\'t get over no one remembering Daleks or Cybermen. After everything the Doctor has done in every regeneration, but especially Ten where he literally lost who he was, lost his sanity and lost everyone close to him, we\'re going to forget that like it never happened? I don\'t know, I just don\'t know.

2011.02.19 - 03:08PM
1: Chapter 1

That was just beautiful Sarah. I love how you have woven them all together. Of course Eleven would have been there - quite right that he was. Sorry it took me so long to get to it - I have been without an internet connection for weeks having just moved house. So much to catch up on. Any updates for your other story as yet?

Author's Response: That\'s exciting that you\'ve moved! My sister just bought her first place with her fiance! It\'s exciting and busy times! Glad to see that you\'re back! I\'ve sadly been in and out with internet, houses, school work...etc. Hopefully back for a bit now...oh it\'s just shameful, I have to update my story!! *Sigh* it will happen eventually. Thanks so much for the review! The idea came suddenly and I feel like it is right for Eleven to be there, but I struggled with it as well. I think the need for Rose has faded for Eleven but no matter what he feels for her now her importance to his life could never be ignored. I also feel like the whole 2005 meet memory just works with all three of them. She met 9, 10 told her she\'d have a great year in sadness and then 11 watched with a slightly loneliness but I think relative peace. He is able to go off and be his glorious self and remember that she was fantastic, and so was he. Thanks so much for the review!

2011.01.20 - 09:57PM
1: Chapter 1

Great job of weaving the three Doctors timelines together.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I struggled with whether or not to bring Eleven in at the end because I do find comfort in the idea that when Ten regenerated he was in some way able to leave or dull some of the sorrows involving Rose behind him. I also think though, that even having moved on, we can\'t deny that Rose was someone special, if not to us as viewers (because I know some people dislike her), then to the Doctor as a person. I can understand how people thought she was selfish...she was, but I love her anyway, and I love her with her Doctors. I do think that it would be a nice piece of closure for Eleven, just once looking back, because he truly is, as fine as he can be. Thanks so much for the review, excuse my long winded response!

2011.01.20 - 06:10PM
1: Chapter 1


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I do like the idea that last minute in Ten\'s life he changed Rose\'s from before they even met. Who\'s to say that Eleven wasn\'t lurking in the shadows as well? I also love the idea that while some go with the Doctor because their lives are complicated or boring etc, the Doctor can step out anywhere, anywhen and be amazed and show someone how they aren\'t small and unimportant, and that living life and being who you are, mistakes and all, is the most wonderful, important thing in the world. I am glad that you enjoyed this, I didn\'t edit it and I wrote it spur of the moment before my fever reached a wonderful temperature. I am going to reread it myself now :P Thanks again!