2011.02.14 - 01:35PM
14: Chapter 14

Oh dearie me... the cracks are already beginning... the tension has finaly gotten to them... what will happen... don't let her out of your sight Doctor! I SAID "DON'T LET HER OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!"

Author's Response: So true! As the Doctor would say, many things about this are not good.

2011.02.14 - 10:52AM
14: Chapter 14

Yay update! Yay angst :) Yay not too angsty angst :) Boo Joron is probably right around the corner :( x

Author's Response: Correct on all accounts! The happy fluff was just too good to last - at least for now, anyway. ;)

2011.02.14 - 09:54AM
14: Chapter 14

Oh, I didn't want this to happen :( :( :( More complicated relationship than most, indeed.

Excellent piece of writing. I *know* you will find a way for them to work it out...soon, right? Pretty please? It's my Valentine's wish after all!

Author's Response: I almost hated to write this after the lovely romance of the previous chapter. But I promise everything will work out in the end! It struck me while posting this that it isn\'t exactly an appropriate chapter for Valentine\'s Day...lol! I suppose that\'s the Doctor and Rose for you...they never follow convention!