2014.07.15 - 06:32AM
6: Chapter 6

Oh dear. A major bump to come? Can they at least kiss first? Please?

Author's Response: You just might get that wish. ;)

2011.02.20 - 04:49AM
6: Chapter 6

But of course it can't be a smooth journey for them - in any kind of sense!

Author's Response: It seems nothing is ever easy for these two!

2011.01.29 - 09:17AM
6: Chapter 6

Lol! I love Jackie, she's such a delightful instrument of purely-in-fun torture!

Author's Response: Yes, she is! Especially for the Doctor! XD

2011.01.29 - 08:43AM
6: Chapter 6

Poor Doctor, poor Rose. Raging hormones. Chatty toddler. Too many people around...

Give them some SPACE people. Are you blind???

Author's Response: LOL! Soooo frustrating! But they\'ll finally get some alone time very soon. ;)

2011.01.29 - 05:25AM
6: Chapter 6

Stupid Jackie! Grr.. :P Great chapter (as always) x

Author's Response: The poor Doctor keeps getting foiled in his attempt to kiss Rose. But he\'ll be successful very soon! ;)

2011.01.28 - 08:25PM
6: Chapter 6

You have many challenges, planned, then?
I liked how they both came in for the kiss as equals. Hopefully they will both remember that.

Author's Response: Thank you! Ah, yes. There are a few bumps in the road (and one rather major) yet to come. ;)