Reviews For The Lonely Goddess

2012.01.10 - 03:59PM
1: Chapter 1

Marvelous. Beautiful. Amazing. Sad. Hopeful. Poetic... What a tale you have woven here, one of the few I've seen that seem worthy of her.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you! This was the first Doctor Who fanfic I ever wrote, so it\'s so nice to hear that people enjoy it.

2011.01.30 - 04:09AM
1: Chapter 1

I am staggered.

On the whole I regard fanfiction and pastiche as a self-indulgence which mostly degenerates into emotional fantasy or irreverence, projecting our rampant psyches over the characters on the screen or in the book, turning them into what we want to see -- lovers, jokers, the simplest explaination. And as that fanfiction serves its purpose. It is a needed catharsis, and doesn't take much intelligence or education to either write or read.

This story, however, was staggering in its originality, poetic meme, reverence and beauty; simple education aside -- and that's a rarity in this kind of venue, too, I might add.

The descriptive pattern in the names of the characters turns them from themselves into the heroic archetypes they are, and makes the mythological pattern quite clear. The alien speices is both original, and very well formed. Within a few sentances you gave us culture, background, social structure -- this is all but unheard of, particularly for a story of this length. The story ended with hope, and the continuity of existance. In short, this story was overwhelming.

Nothing in the world is perfect. If I HAD to give a critique, I would say that your opening was not overly clever and did not have enough of a hook to grab the jaded and harried readers of this venue. Fanfic readers do not have the time or patience to sit through something they don't instantly think they will like, and a tretis on the beauties of alliteration is not what most of them are looking for. To create a hook for this type of audience, you should have started with the punch: that Sarah Jane was dying. However, anyone without the patience to read through the beginning to find the true gem that is this story doesn't deserve the treasure. You humble me. When I write fanfiction I'm avoiding what I consider to be my real work (which is also writing, though of a more careful nature.) This story has taken the concept of fanfiction and elevated it to high art. It is a shame there is no way it will be recognized as such in this venue. But the beauty you have created should be cherished if only by yourself.

I just thought you should know this. Your education is obviously of a level that you don't need this praise to be sure of your self-worth (which is usually why I bother to review if I see even a single thing worthy of nodding at in anyone's fanfiction). There must be other venues in which these skills are utilized. But after handing watery praise around like potato chips to numerous aspiring fanfic writers, I felt it my duty to honor this story with the praise it deserves.

This is a work of art. I feel honored to have discovered it. Thank you.

Author's Response: Oh, wow, thanks for such a long and well-thought out review. I had misgivings about the slowness of the beginning as well, but in the end I was far too much of a linguistics nerd to resist. ;)

2010.12.29 - 09:48AM
1: Chapter 1

Oh - this was beautiful. She really is a legend, isn't she? I tend to melt with these sort of stories, and this was no exception. Thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you!