Reviews For Being Wenceslas

2011.01.09 - 03:54AM
1: Being Wenceslas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend Frin. What a lovely story to come home to. I have been away with my beloved and not had access to a computer until now. That story was so them - I could totally picture her trudging after him, giving everything she has to follow him. How lovely that he returned for her and helped her. They truly belong together - forever. Yay for happy ever after. xoxoxoxoxo

Author's Response: Same to you too... am sure you had a wonderful time and thanks for your lovely comments! X

2010.12.29 - 12:01PM
1: Being Wenceslas

Smiling? Yep, you bet I am... one of my favourite carols... and so very appropriate!!!! Loved that - fits them like.. well, like hand to glove! And a very Merry Christmas & brilliantly fantastic New Year to you!!! XXXXX

Author's Response: You made me smile too... glad to bring you a little festive whocheer, being as we\'ve been starved of it this year! Teehee, you\'ll be here this year and next!! Thanks, SOM XXXXX

2010.12.29 - 03:43AM
1: Being Wenceslas

Actually I thought it was just right. I also liked the poem at the end. Sometimes the Doctor forgets there is more than one person he should be helping.

Author's Response: The \'poem\' is a verse from the carol with the names switched, but thanks all the same! Yep, he certainly does and I would think that any one is liable to get left behind sometimes, aren\'t they? Thanks for reading it!

2010.12.29 - 02:20AM
1: Being Wenceslas

I really like it! I wish there was more!

Author's Response: repeat!

2010.12.29 - 02:19AM
1: Being Wenceslas

I really like it! I wish there was more!

Author's Response: There is always room for more, one way or another! Thanks for the lovely comment!

2010.12.28 - 10:46PM
1: Being Wenceslas

Its beautiful honey. Seems right that Doctor and Rose should be part of this. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, cheers love Marg.

Author's Response: Oh yes, every time!!! Thanks Marg, yeah, we had a nice time, hope you did too!! Thanks sweetie X

2010.12.28 - 09:24PM
1: Being Wenceslas

Merry Christmas my Frin! Hope we can catch up soon. This was lovely. I love good King Wenceslas, and loved when Sarah referred to him with the 4th Doctor, but this was better. :) I hope I can get caught up with my reading in 2011, and see all the other gems I missed. Love you lots honey!!! xoxoxo

Author's Response: Hello you... lovely to see you reading here and lovely to hear from you.. got your card and your email today... catch up with you next year!!! XXXX

Author's Response: Oh, and thanks for the lovely review too!!!!

2010.12.28 - 08:06PM
1: Being Wenceslas

Loved it! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, nine, hope you had a good one! X.

2010.12.28 - 07:45PM
1: Being Wenceslas

So very nice and sweet.

Author's Response: Sometimes that\'s alright, isn\'t it? Thanks for saying.

2010.12.28 - 07:12PM
1: Being Wenceslas

Lovely! Especially liked the poem at the end!

Author's Response: Well, I can\'t claim that last bit myself, but it fitted so well! Thanks for reading and reviewing!