Reviews For Of Life and Death

2014.05.30 - 01:56PM
9: Chapter 9

I've been re-reading your works the past few weeks. This series has always been a favorite for me. Your splendid characterizations are a big part of that. A shining example is here at the end, and the way you portray Rose's character is one of the best I've read. She's always had a distinct bravery and the way she faces her mortality here shows that. Even in the midst of near death she faces it with a level of calm assurance that really rings true to her. Yet you also recognize the character's limitations and don't try to make them into "superhero" versions of themselves that many others fall into the predictable scenario of. When Rose no longer has the strength, you allow the charcter the freedom to admit that. And as true partners in every way, Doctor helps bolster her, as she would do and has done for him. There's such beautiful poignancy here, so true to the characters and true to life.

Sorry to ramble! But all your work is exceptional and the very least I could do was thank you for the enjoyment it's given. I'm one who undertands that without positive responses from those reading, it's pointless for you to go to the trouble of allowing us to have your stories to enjoy. I hope you always continue! But I'll leave the when and how to you, of course. Because it would be pompous and presumptuous to tell you how your own imagination should work! I'm one who understands that, too. ;-)

Author's Response: \"I\'m one who understands that without positive responses from those reading, it\'s pointless for you to go to the trouble of allowing us to have your stories to enjoy.\" It\'s always so nice to hear from someone who \"gets it\" when it comes to my own reason for sharing. Thank you! Yes, that\'s the very reason I post my finished writing for others to read -- enjoyment of the story, As Is, plain and simple. Will everyone do so? Nope, and hopefully they\'ll kindly move on. :) I write for enjoyment and share for the same simple reason. Thank you for contributing to that enjoyment with your kind and encouraging words!

2014.05.21 - 05:25AM
9: Chapter 9

the only thing I didn't like was when Rose gave in at the end willing to die and leave the Doctor, that is just out of character and I could even see the Doctor feeling hurt, angry and clinging to her afterwards. Otherwise I adored this series, the Doctor and Rose Tyler in the TARDIS just as it should be. I love them together just like you wrote them

Author's Response: Thanks for the positive portion.

2013.05.04 - 08:57AM
9: Chapter 9

Soooo good! The story is thrilling and I loved reading it all night long!! Your stories are proving detrimental to my sleep cycle LOL

Author's Response: Who needs sleep when we could be indulging in DW fic instead, right?! ;) I\'m so glad to hear you enjoyed the story!

2013.05.04 - 08:19AM
6: Chapter 6

OMG the angst!!! You write it so well!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I think I have an unhealthy obsession with

2012.08.26 - 01:13AM
9: Chapter 9

Having so much fun reading all your stories. It's like finding another season of Rose and Ten together. Eleven can have his adventures separate from them.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! The series never gave us quite enough of Ten and Rose to satisfy me (not that I could EVER get enough;)) so I love that their story can continue through writing. :)

2011.10.10 - 08:42AM
9: Chapter 9

Lovely, really enjoyed this mini series and I hope there will be more to come. Would love to see Destiny grow up. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This was a fun series to write. I\'ll have to give some thought to possibly writing more. You never know, my muse just might decide this one isn\'t finished with me yet. ;)

2011.01.10 - 10:21AM
9: Chapter 9

This story is amazing!!! I love how you portrayed the closeness of rose and the doctor :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! I\'m so glad you enjoyed it! I LOVE writing for these two! XD

2011.01.09 - 01:20PM
9: Chapter 9


Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

2011.01.09 - 12:37PM
9: Chapter 9

Good, good. And I hope they make a habit of creating a blood storage unit in the TARDIS once Rose is feeling better. When you have a unique blood type, you need to be your own donor.

Author's Response: Yes! The Doctor needs to get on that right away. ;)

2011.01.06 - 09:33PM
8: Chapter 8

That's angsty! Whole in the Doctor and worries about a blue baby.

Author's Response: I\'ve certainly given myself a lot to fix in the next chapter!

2011.01.06 - 05:51PM
8: Chapter 8


Author's Response: I know...that was a nasty cliffhanger!

2011.01.03 - 10:50PM
7: Chapter 7

Very dramatic and angsty!

Author's Response: Thank you! I was hoping I didn\'t take it too far. I think poor Rose has already been through enough.

2011.01.03 - 05:14PM
7: Chapter 7

Oh no! I hope she can hide her labor somehow!

Author's Response: Her situation seems to have gone from bad to worse; but there are a few twists in store for the next chapter. ;)

2011.01.01 - 01:43PM
6: Chapter 6

Very cool, looking forward to seeing how he tracks her down further!

Author's Response: Thanks! Things will continue to intensify with the next chapter.

2011.01.01 - 01:15PM
6: Chapter 6

Cool chapter for writing style and the idea that everyone has limits and aknowledging those limits can help you get to a solution.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad the idea made sense and hopefully stayed within character for how the Doctor would react in a situation like this.