Reviews For Push and Pull

2016.10.25 - 09:25PM
1: Chapter 1

Well this was just lovely. I'm always looking for good past gitf five and I don't know how I possibly missed this one. I loved every bit of it.

2014.08.09 - 03:35PM
1: Chapter 1

This story is really wonderful! It makes sense out of the change in the relationship between this ep and the next. The ending...sweet and beautiful. (Found by rec from Kilodalton.)

2011.09.01 - 11:06AM
1: Chapter 1

I absolutely LOVE this story! In my head, this is canon. It's a great insight into how the Doctor thinks, which I really enjoyed. And you write these two so well together. I especially loved this line: "Rose was in his lap and he had no idea how that happened though he could think in six dimensions. He was sure Rose could explain it to him later." :)

The whole story was a beautiful desert that you created, and the last line is just the cherry on top. It ties it all together so well! My hat's off to you!

Author's Response: First off, I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to reply to your review! There is no excuse for that. Especially for such a wonderful review as this one! I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed this story so much that this is your head-canon now. I cannot think of a greater compliment. And the fact that you believed in my characterization? Oh, I am delighted. Your review really made my day. Thank you so much for reading and then taking the time to leave me this kind of feedback. It means a great deal to me! -Muse

2011.05.10 - 05:08AM
1: Chapter 1

Excellent character study! More honest than most, I think. Plus, gorgeous. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m thrilled that you liked my story. I\'m especially happy that you feel I did a good job with characterization and attempting to approach the post-episode consequences more honestly. That did cause me quite a bit of difficulty. I\'m glad it paid off. Thank you again for reading and taking the time to leave me feedback. -Muse

2010.11.24 - 07:27PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh SO very lovely. I could picture it all in my head so well. Love it!

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you liked it! Thanks so much for leaving me a review and letting me know! -Muse