Reviews For Specks of Blue

2006.01.05 - 01:44PM
1: Blue


Author's Response: Thankyou glad you liked it

2005.11.12 - 03:29PM
: None

Just a thought, you've done the eyes, maybe you could write something about hands now. (Well they were always holding hands.)

Author's Response: That is such a great idea thanks!

2005.11.11 - 06:35PM
1: Blue

Great story, can't wait for a bit more detail! As for No. Ten, from what I've heard of him, he does seem to have a slightly Scottish burr. (LOVE accents on cute Doctors! ;)

Author's Response: OMG I love your stories! Wow I am going to write some more just trying to think of a direction. Stay tuned

2005.11.11 - 09:42AM
1: Blue

Yeah, I think more on the story would be nice!

2005.08.29 - 06:32PM
1: Blue

Quite lovely! And awesome for a first fic! (So those baby blues _were_ contacts! Aha, I thought so! :D)

Author's Response: Thanx

2005.08.29 - 11:09AM
1: Blue

Very sweet - a nod to DT playing Casanova with blue contact lenses?

Author's Response: Yes indeed! Thankyou

2005.08.29 - 02:28AM
1: Blue

Awwwww!!! That is really good... the new Doctor is Scottish??? I did NOT know that!

Author's Response: I think he is from what I have heard