2011.03.18 - 09:00PM
1: Chapter 1


BANNED from ARGO just for havin' a little fun!

2011.01.01 - 12:24PM
1: Chapter 1

It all worked out in the end. We saved a planet and you got your end away.

Delivered in perfect form! This little gem had me giggling in what must have been unhealthy amounts for several long minutes. I'm only sorry that it was over so quickly. But you know what they say - quality over quantity! And yes, it was certainly good for me ;D

Added to faves, thanks for sharing! Can't wait for your next offering *hint hint* :)

2010.11.24 - 07:40PM
1: Chapter 1

(We saved a planet and you got your end away.)


I loved this. So cheerful!

2010.11.23 - 08:05PM
1: Chapter 1

"You're newlyweds. Married people have sex, at least to start with. You're ages away from the shouting and the nagging and your best friend shagging your wife because he wants you for himself and doesn't like when you pay attention to other people, and...." He stopped himself. "Forget I said any of that."

LOL. Forever. WIN.

2010.11.04 - 08:13PM
1: Chapter 1

'They called it Risa'

That was a great touch. And I am glad to see Rory and Amy got to kick alien butt.

2010.11.03 - 12:58AM
1: Chapter 1

There is something sublimley ridiculous about the Doctor saying "getting jiggy with it" lol. Great stuff. Cheers, James

2010.11.02 - 01:52AM
1: Chapter 1

I love your stories; they're always so funny! Your character voices are dead on. I could practically hear them in my head.

The "Rory Pond" bit still has me giggling.