Reviews For The Planted Past

2012.04.23 - 01:28AM
2: Chapter 2: The Secret Prisoner Program

Hehe...I KNEW ghobe sounded familiar...and now I know why. :) The Doctor speaks Klingon!!!!

I'm surprised he hasn't figured it out yet--I presume they're taking the life force and using it to live longer (makes me think of a more supernatural version of the movie 'In Time.'

Loving this story so far!!!

2012.03.16 - 05:00PM
1: Chapter 1: Men and Their Coats

It's ridiculous how many times I've read this fic. I have a long flight ahead of me, so I've opened up Planted Past and Loop, as they came to mind before anything else.
Also, I recently saw that you had favorited one of my stories, and I did a little happy jump in my chair. :)

Author's Response: It\'s ridiculous how much your review made me smile. I\'m so glad to hear someone rereads my stuff!

2011.05.07 - 10:33AM
2: Chapter 2: The Secret Prisoner Program

Yay, Klingon! Do I detect a fellow Trekkie? Great story can't wait to see how this all pans out.

Author's Response: I am not actually a Trekkie per se, but I know way more about it than I should considering all I\'ve seen is the movie that came out a few years ago. However, I do study linguistics and so Klingon is fascinating. =)

2011.02.10 - 01:57AM
6: Chapter 6: Jack Attack


The bit of ridiculousness in question starts at about four minutes in.

Author's Response: Yes, I found it. Pure gold! =D

2011.02.09 - 10:42PM
6: Chapter 6: Jack Attack

I dunno if it was on purpose, (I haven't read the chapter yet) but I saw the chapter title and immediately flashed back to David Tennant's Joruney's End video diary, the night vision segment in the car. If you've not seen it and the title of the chapter is entirely coincidental, I strongly urge you to go and look it up on YouTube right away. Hilarious.

Author's Response: It was in fact pure coincidence. Although now I shall have to go check out that clip. =)

2010.12.14 - 07:04PM
15: Chapter 15: Past and Future

Love it!
Jack Attack (Captain Jack Attack! Tennant video diaries)
Learning about Jack
Klingon. (lol)
And more.

Thanks for writing this! Made for a wonderful read! :)

Author's Response: You\'re very welcome. I love whump, fluff, Jack, and random languages, so....yeah. =)

2010.11.13 - 10:32PM
15: Chapter 15: Past and Future

Aww...this was great. Another one of your quality fics worthy of being published as one of the official books. You rock.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. =)

2010.11.13 - 10:26PM
14: Chapter 14: A Nasty Shock

Lol, the rewrite of the scene from S4 made me chuckle. Though the original was HILARIOUS.

Author's Response: The original is much more brilliant than mine, IMHO. But hey, I tried. ;)

2010.11.13 - 08:13PM
15: Chapter 15: Past and Future

I really enjoyed this story! It's so sweet how everything all came together.

Author's Response: Thank you. =)

2010.11.13 - 06:16PM
15: Chapter 15: Past and Future

I loved this! I enjoyed every single chapter, there was never a lag in the story. You crafted an incredible adventure. Thank you for writing this! I am in the camp that would love a sequel >_> Real life is overrated;)

Author's Response: Oh, if only it were. ;) Thanks very much.

2010.11.12 - 09:45PM
15: Chapter 15: Past and Future

Awww :) What a lovely finish! (I take it this is the final chapter, yeah?). Loved Jack leaving himself a message, and then accepting his own fate, and good for Rose for comforting him even if the Doctor was oblivious as usual :P Hang on in there, Jack - at least Rose loves you! *g*

I think I was even more excited than Rose at the prospect of a goodbye to Nine - and I suspect Jack would have been too *g* But now they're landing somewhere else - do I spy a third fic? Please say yes!

Author's Response: Yep, final chapter. As for a third fic....let\'s just say I have many, many scenes, none of which seem related to each other at the moment. On the other hand, I\'d also like to try an Eleven fic sometime. And on top of that, real life has recently gotten so hectic that it\'s hard to find time to write. They say at college, you can pick two out of good grades, good friends, and good sleep. Sometimes I feel like I have to pick two out of four: the previous three and good writing.......Basically yes, there may be a sequel. But I\'m not promising anything. :)

2010.11.12 - 07:41PM
15: Chapter 15: Past and Future

Ooh, lovely! The message in lipstick was a brilliant touch. Glad Jack figured out his memories.

Author's Response: It was going to be a normal black marker....but hot pink lipstick is just all that much better. Especially when it\'s Rose\'s. =)

2010.11.12 - 06:01PM
14: Chapter 14: A Nasty Shock

Wonderful once again. I am so glad that Rose and the Dcotor are both alright :)

Author's Response: Thanks. Next and final chapter is submitted, let\'s see how long it takes to get it up. =)

2010.11.11 - 02:58PM
14: Chapter 14: A Nasty Shock

Best adaptation of the detox scene from S4 I've seen yet :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much. Although as I told Allonym, go look at reddwarfaddict\'s version. The best one is with Jackie Tyler. ;) Thank you for all your many reviews for this story. I absolutely ate them up.

2010.11.11 - 02:53PM
13: Chapter 13: A Toast to the Future

I missed this chapter! How did I miss this chapter? I've been refreshing every day waiting for more of this fic!

And I was right - this is how Jack loses those two years. I'm not even surprised that he did it to himself. I just wonder if his older self realises ;)

Very tense and emotional chapter with respect to Rose, and I love that it's Jack who discovers that she's not dead, allowing the Doctor to find a way to save her. See, it is better with three! *g*

Author's Response: How did you miss the chapter? Bad luck, maybe? *shrugs* Glad you found it eventually. =)