2012.01.23 - 02:26PM
1: Chapter 1

I really liked this story. I especially liked how you ended it as the human Doctor, making it extremely clear it's the same man. It's stories like this that made me able to accept the human Doctor as the same man.

2011.02.26 - 03:08AM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, my god. I am left without words. This whole story was so heartwrenchingly beautiful. I could feel the emotions of Ten, I felt like my heart was breaking throughout, and the ending was perfect. Fantastic job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I just noticed that you just about reviewed all my fics, lol! You are awesome! :)

2011.01.11 - 12:19AM
1: Chapter 1

What I think is so appealing about the Doctor and Rose is that they literally and figuratively save each other over and over again - in every possible way. With the show, the viewer naturally identifies with Rose - the human along for the ride. Who wouldn't love for someone to suddenly come into your hum-drum life and whisk you off to a life filled with adventure, forever living in the moment, pushing you to be a better you than ever thought you had in you. AND they are totally amazed by you. AND they completely get you. AND they have really good hair. I digress ...

The funny thing about realizing that this ultimately 10.5's story is ... I *did* read Last Stop first, and I *knew* the bit about the zeppelins. I guess I was still able to be surprised because the Doctor who keeps coming back to Rose in his past/her present, right up until the very end, is the post-Doomsday-but-pre-metacrisis Doctor. What can I say - your story was so engrossing, I allowed myself to get lost in it, making the end a twist I didn't see coming. Good on you!

And you shouldn't cringe about your smut! I might say to the Doctor, though, "you Eskimo-kiss your mother with that nose?" LOL!

Ridiculous romantic? Yes, definitely. Swoony eyebrows? Most definitely. All the best eyebrows swoon, and all the best eyebrows live in Brooklyn! :)

Author's Response: LMAO! The funny thing about what you just wrote is that Nine...didn\'t have much hair, hee! And most of the time when I write a fic, unless I plan on doing some serious AU work, I try to stay within canon and DW\'s regular timeline. So I couldn\'t have a later version of Ten coming back for Rose mostly because I always felt like JE was a wrap up of most of those characters. I always figured once RTD and DT gave up their posts, we wouldn\'t be seeing characters like Rose or Donna in DW anymore (although characters from spin offs like TW or SJA would always be a part of that world and sometimes be guest stars). I felt like their storylines were finished and cleared up and that was it. So for it to be another future version of Ten rather than the one who does pop up in these fics, it would\'ve felt off to me. Just like I wouldn\'t be able to put 11 and Rose together because he\'s so obviously not a part of that love affair even if it\'s supposedly the same character. Does that make sense? It makes sense in my head, lol! ROFL and all the best eyebrows live in Brooklyn, huh? Girl, you haven\'t seen MY eyebrows. They need some help, LOLOL!

2010.12.30 - 02:36PM
1: Chapter 1

Yay - thanks for your reply! :)

The line about orbiting around a small, blond girl, in an unending loop ... when I read that, it completely spoke to me as the fulcrum of your story (of both stories). It's such a beautiful and romantic idea; no matter what transpires, the Doctor and Rose will always find one another - always come back to each other. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Don't knock your smut, flowery or otherwise - hee!

I like steam in my Ten/Rose stories as much as the next gal, and there certainly is the full range out there from which to choose (if you are specifically seeking that out). That being said, I think your decisions were just right for these particular stories ... whether or not it was your initial intention. Your imagery was so intense and, really, primal (pardon my repetition, but I think it's still the most appropriate descriptor here!). You really bring across their absolute need for each other. The Doctor knows he shouldn't be coming back to Rose, but he has to because he NEEDS her - they need each other - that badly. I like that he's terrified of damaging their timelines, and yet he STILL can't stop himself from coming to her. Who wouldn't like that? I think that if you had taken their lovemaking in a more graphic direction, description-wise, it might have been distracting. Your story IS very romantic - just with hot sex thrown in there, too - and I think that if it had gone a more porny route, it might have actually taken away from your narrative. Or is that just me? Sometimes I think, "modest is hottest." Although, I wouldn't exactly call your smutty scenes exactly "modest" ... plenty of steam there! My eyebrows were wilted from the steam after reading both stories - lol!

What other little bits can I mention? Well, speaking of steam ... a naughty, spiteful little part of me loved that you totally took the steam out of Reinette's letter, and its ultimate importance to the Doctor, by choosing for that to be the moment the Doctor picks up that something is amiss with his Miss.
You gave Rose a little bit of revenge there, and I'll totally admit that it made me snicker. More than a bit. ;)

For me, what is most important in a good story is that there IS a story - be it a one-shot or a longer piece. I want the voices and choices (ooh, rhymey!) of the Doctor and Rose to ring true to the characters. I want to believe that whatever crazy adventure or sultry scenario an author takes me along on, that they would be authentic choices the Doctor and Rose would make. I like smarts in my stories, sue me! I just want the writing to feel like "them" - to be "very them." :)

I guess that's why I've come to realize that while I prefer Ten/Rose stories above all, I'm just as happy to read 10.5 stories, and Nine/Rose stories. For me, it always comes back to just these two spirits clamoring to be together, regardless of the Universe they're in, no matter which incarnation of the Doctor it is, etc. Like two magnets, unable to resist the pull.

I think that's what hit home for me, in the end, with your writing here ... particularly that last paragraph in Stopping Time (btw - that it turned out to be the half-human Doctor's story/reminiscing, in the end, was a twist that was so sweet and beautiful - loved that):

"But I was going to try my damndest to make you understand everything I had done and everything I had chanced for you, for one more moment with you. Because a long time ago, in another world and another life, when Id still had two hearts, I promised that Id wait forever for you, until the end of time. And when you were reminded of that, of what had transpired between us when Id made that promise, I saw your walls begin to fall. I felt time slow, almost come to a stop as you remembered, as you looked at me with new eyes. Yes, I was still the same man."

Wilted eyebrows again! No, swooning eyebrows! My eyebrows are literally swooning. Sorry, now I'm just being silly.

Gush, gush, gush. If it isn't already apparent, you have a new fan in Brooklyn, lady! :D

Author's Response: ROFL! Seems you\'re a romantic too! LOL! I love it! I just reread a little bit of it and kinda grimaced, lmao! I tend to wince when I read my smut (or when I proofread, rather). There were some scenes there that I felt I had to put in for my beta to dig but some I wanted to put in just for me and while I really enjoyed writing it, I think if I knew someone irl who was reading my fics I\'d probably freak out, lol! I\'m so weird. Mostly the smut parts I mean, not the stories themselves. Yeah for real! Tell me you wouldn\'t love it if a Time Lord came and asked you to travel with him! Wouldn\'t you feel special? A simple human girl in the company of this great man/alien, exploring new worlds and all those things you never would have even dreamed of! I think any girl would give a lot to be in Rose\'s shoes. OMG I couldn\'t stand Reinette. Which is silly because I actually LOVE the actress. But it felt so out of character for Ten to suddenly stay behind with her and be so heartbroken over her, plus completely forgetting Rose. I couldn\'t stand the episode for that very reason although to be honest the episode was very good. And I always tell my beta, I NEED to have plot. I can\'t just write a fic without plot. I need there to be a story. Which is why it takes me so long to put out a fic. I need to think about a good plot and really work with it because if not, it won\'t go out at all. I think I\'ve managed to convince my beta to start to like PLOT. She\'s been cursing me a lot lately for that...plus the fact that they have to be in character. I do serious research (which would be AWESOME if I was getting paid for this! LOL!) when I write a fic. EoS has seriously taken me over two years to write, that\'s how much of an undertaking it is. I need there to be plot and for the characters to be in character for me to really enjoy a fic. It\'s funny that people think it\'s a twist that it was 10.5\'s story! I mention earlier that he\'s recalling the whole thing and that he mentions being in \"a world of zeppelins\" with her. I guess I just knew that it was him so I didn\'t think to write that it was, lol! I\'m such a mess sometimes. OMG eyebrows can SWOON?? AWESOME! LOL! Also, YAY BROOKLYN! I\'m from Brooklyn TOO!

2010.11.01 - 08:40AM
1: Chapter 1

I'm new to the whole Dr.Who verse but the story of Rose and Doctor 10 spoke to me, but never as beautifully as you've written it here.


Author's Response: Ooooh well ty very much for the kind words! I\'m thrilled you enjoyed it! :)

2010.11.01 - 06:09AM
1: Chapter 1

I'm new to the whole Dr.Who verse but the story of Rose and Doctor 10 spoke to me, but never as beautifully as you've written it here.


2010.09.30 - 11:11PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, I love this. I just read them both over again and the nuances are... oh, so gorgeous. Absolutely fantastic. I think this is my favorite series ever.

Author's Response: LOL awww ty! And thank my beta, she was the one who convinced me to do the fic from the Doctor\'s POV. Actually, she also convinced me to do The Last Stop. Bah! You might as well have left HER the review, hahahahahahaha! :)

2010.09.30 - 04:31PM
1: Chapter 1

That was amazing. I'm in awe, seriously. Just... wow. Its after taking me a few hours to read but once I started I couldn't stop. So now I have three hours of homework to do for tomorrow because you're brilliant story distracted me..... i still don't regret it though! :) x

Author's Response: Woohoo! Ok to be honest I kinda feel bad about the three hours of homework you had to make up. But I\'m really glad you liked the fic! If that helps at all... *wince* Lol!