Reviews For An Education

2021.10.17 - 03:29PM
18: Advanced Education (The "Who's That Girl?" Remix)

Rose's relationship with John is so cute. And her teaching him "modern" things was quite fun to read hehehe love it! ♡

2019.09.15 - 11:28PM
18: Advanced Education (The "Who's That Girl?" Remix)

Hi! I absolutely love this fic and couldn't stop reading, essentially binge-reading it in a day! You captured everything about Nine and Rose (their voice/speech, mannerisms, personality, etc.) and all the other characters so perfectly that I was helplessly enthralled by this story.
I am in awe of how you so seamlessly wove the story into Nine/Rose's story arc, and changed things just enough to still keep to the same plot, but still totally kept me on the edge of my seat! I love that I wasn't able to fully anticipate what the ending of it would be for the Doctor and Rose.
My jaw literally dropped when it turned out to be Matron instead of Latimer as the Doctor's 'guardian of the fob watch'! It was a truly brilliant twist to the story I didn't see coming.
I could go on and on about this fic, it was so fantastic! I am itching to read it again, and will definitely be recommending it!
Thank you so much for sharing this brilliant story! (and please forgive my long, fan-girling comments! :D)

2019.06.10 - 05:32PM
16: Chapter 16

You are one of the rare DW fic writers that understands how to make a canon-based story more than a wish-fulfilling retread. This is a sublime love story. Your characters are rich and insightful, and the story arc is paced exactly right. Your erotic passages are hot, but also emotionally powerful. I have genuine affection for the characters you've flushed out here.
And, of course, I appreciate anyone who sees the Matron as more than Rose's rival. She was worthy of loving John Smith, even if it was ultimately impossible. Her polite withdrawl here, after telling him about his true self, is just as powerful as her rejection of the Tenth Doctor on screen. Her love is big, like his, enveloping ideas of right and wrong and the value of all people.
I'm so glad I found this story. Thank the Doctor and Rose Awards for the recommendation.

2019.05.01 - 09:07PM
1: Chapter 1


2015.11.10 - 08:28PM
18: Advanced Education (The "Who's That Girl?" Remix)

This story is so incredibly, wonderfully FANTASTIC! After watching the Human Nature/Family of Blood episodes I found myself rather resentful that RTD didn't set that story during Rose's time as a companion. And then here you are, giving me exactly that with the lovely twist of setting it during the Nine/Rose era. Nine will always be my Doctor, and Rose my favorite companion, so reading this story was truly a gift. Thank you so much for sharing it.

2015.07.16 - 01:17AM
1: Chapter 1

This is an amazing story - I've come back to read it again and leave you overdue praises because I was at a loss for words the first time. I love so much your characterization of John and how much he's Nine with a limited human perspective. I love their relationship, the beautiful, inevitable development, the fierceness of Rose's devotion. I love the last stolen moments, then Nine coming back with the weight of the universe descending. This: "he would have dearly loved to show him the universe." And so much continuity between John and Nine. The bonus chapters are so much fun. This is a dear favorite - thank you!

2014.09.30 - 11:10AM
7: Chapter 7

Fans self.... nice chapter! I also like the beginning of it where the Doctor chewed out the little "ponce", but the ending was hot!

2014.09.30 - 11:03AM
6: Chapter 6

Great chapter. I enjoyed how the Doctor switched back to his northern accent. Sent a chill through me! But one housekeeping note: there are several paragraphs of duplicated text in there.

2014.09.30 - 10:44AM
3: Chapter 3

"Number four, and this is very important: do NOT let me wear a bow tie. Bow ties are NOT cool. A man should not tie things around his neck like he's a puppy left under the Christmas tree."
BWHAHAHHAHHA! That was superb! But as for the rest - Oh! Poor Rose!!

2014.09.30 - 10:37AM
2: Chapter 2

OOh! A new story for me to read and a really interesting rendition of this tale. I love how you've changed the main characters to 9 and Rose. I had forgotten all about the nurse though. Hope this has a good ending!

2013.09.14 - 01:18PM
16: Chapter 16

I've been rereading this amazing story again, admittedly out of chronology- seeking out certain scenes or pieces of dialog that I've carried in the back of my memory. One of the most powerful sentences I've ever read (not just in DWfanfic) is the Doctor's chapter 14 reply, "Everything"; the enormity of what he remembers and what it has done to him stuns and excites me as a reader and a writer every time I read it or even think about it.

There's not enough room to write my admiration for your description of their nonphysical union (and I think you'd have left Descartes speechless). I do very much like this: Soon she realized that she understood not only what the Doctor saw, but the immensity of what he felt about it, the responsibility he felt for her and every living thing. She suddenly saw what he was risking or likely to suffer by letting her in. She could appreciate it in a whole new way as she felt the Doctor's consciousness near her, as though mentally holding her hand, communing among the pulses of bliss, like heartbeats in the background. He's not simply thick. True, he has blinders; but given the enormity of his reality it's understandable. I like that you have given his decisions back their weight; often in fanfic we forget who and what he is.

2013.07.29 - 08:23PM
16: Chapter 16

Never have I ever read a fic and wished it were canon more than this one--what it would have been like if Rose hadn't been lost and Nine was still the Doctor. This is some of the most gorgeous romance I have ever, ever read. Not just the smut (which is perfect, both with Rose and John Smith AND Rose and Nine, because of their perfect in-character dialogue and actions) but the little touches and observations and stolen looks and inner thoughts. Oh my God, I wish I could write like this! I am so glad you do. Thanks.

2013.06.24 - 03:18PM
1: Chapter 1

I love this story. You made me remember how much I love Nine. You did a great job of capturing Rose, Nine, and NineJohnSmith's voices. The pacing was well done and kept interesting despite the fact that we knew where things were going. I think the first sex scene might be about the hottest I've ever read. And you were very, very nice to include all of the remixes at the end. Thank you for writing this!

One thing I thought about .. If Nurse Redfern kept the watch instead of Latimer, did Latimer just die when that bomb fell on him? Poor Latimer. Maybe Smith being nice to him and the school not taking up arms kept him from the front lines, though it is entirely possible that it was not an optional decision.

2013.05.27 - 05:56AM
16: Chapter 16

This was probably not only the best Human Nature story I've read, but it might also be the best NinexRose story I've read. Just absolutely flawless from start to finish.

2013.05.11 - 12:38AM
7: Chapter 7

This story is one of my all time favorites! I keep coming back to it. Amazing job!